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Oh Mai, the sexy woman who swindled me in Yakuza Kiwami

What I love about Yakuza games is they don't beat around the bush. They show things such as prostitution, and show a male's perspective of how we view women, such as how the camera will often focus on a woman's body and breasts and move it's way up to her face.

Anyways, a woman wearing a revealing, low-cut dress asked Kazuma to come with her for a drink, and the camera focused much on her breasts, as if it's trying to let you know what Kazuma would be thinking in that situation, and after some sexual flirting by her and a few drinks, Kazuma wakes up hung over, and with 1 million yen missing!

So me/Kazuma got conned by this woman, but this happens in real life and can be a life lesson, but SJWs will think of some way to make a negative spin about this.

This is the woman who conned me.

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