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I beat Second Son

I beat Second Son. The game does give you some awesome abilities such as video (lets you summon demons and glide), neon (exhilarating speed with a gorgeous effect), and the cencrete power was fun for a bit. However, Delsin and his brother are the 2 stupidest characters I've seen. Fetch is a likable character though, and I didn't mind Eugene.

Now I'm working towards the plat, and many of the requirements have a criteria that borders into being annoying, rather than a good kind of challenge. Especially since if you save your progress on the tallest building incase you mess up the trophies for staying in the air 45 seconds and comet drop 170 meters, you will not respawn on that building, but somewher else, which means you need to do a few minutes of work to get to the top of the building, since it's surrounded by electrical currents hence you can't just sprint along the side of the building. The trophy for using 3 powers to kill an enemy was a pain to get in post story mode since there's not much enemies around and it's always difficult to find a video power recharge, and same goes for the 2 air vent one.

And then there's trophies that involve killing sign twirlers or street musicians whom can appear randomly anywhere, hence I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to find them

Still need to do another playthrough on the expert difficulty and need to get good karma, as well as obtaining all the blast shards and doing a whole bunch of side missions. I wouldn't mind it so much if I wasn't eager to move onto Final Fantasy Type 0. If I played this game when it was released early during the PS4's life cycle then the plat requirements wouldn't feel so tedious.