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Gaming and life updates

Recently I've platinumed Final Fantasy 7 and Valkyria Chronicles. 2 of the best RPGs ever made. The PS4 version of FF7 has more polished visuals, and the buildings have nice textures. Honestly, I think those were the only modifications FF7 needed, not a full-on remake. I keep asking, why tinker with one of the best games ever made? It was nice playing through Valkyria Chronicles, one of the most innovative e RPGs ever, with a great mix of turn-based strategy and real-time gameplay. It has a good story too.

I've also played through and platinumed Hellblade. A very powerful experience about mental illness. Truthfully, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia just recently, and Hellblade nails what I go through. It actually has a love story within it too... And some of the dark atmospheres on the beach are beautiful but sad at the same time.

I started a game named ''Drowning'' which is also about depression, and it's artistic and beautiful but sad. Just like with Hellblade, it hurt to witness the content despite it having much meaning.

I tried getting into Final Fantasy Type 0, and while it's story is dark and emotional at times, it's gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.

I played through at platinumed Far Cry Primal. It is a fun game. It's kinda like a caveman Zelda game.

Truthfully, I haven't played games much over the past few years, depression and being with schizophrenia makes it hard for me to feel motivated.