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Finished Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale, and plans for my backlog

I've finished/platinumed Guardians of the Galaxy. It was enjoyable enough, but I must say it is my least favorite Telltale game. The game does feel rushed, because the story could have been fleshed out better (it's very short, each episode is only 1 hour long), and the story writing and dialogue could be better, it's like the writers went overboard in portraying the characters as being immature.

Now I can see what the former staff at Telltale meant when they said they felt they were being worked too hard,because it feels like this game was released to meet a deadline, rather than one they could put their heart into.

Next, I will beat Second Son and will try to platinum it, which will take a fair bit of time, since I think I'm only 30% into SS story, and then I will move onto FF Type 0, and I want to try to platinum it also, since I've heard it's plat is very obtainable. I think in mid December, I'll reactive PS Plus so I can beat Yakuza Kiwama and snag whatever games they have (I'm hoping they will be generous since it will be around Christmas).

Either way, it's not a bad backlog to have...