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Do you find the Simpsons addictive?

I could watch the show all day,there is good variety in the episodes and characters and the town is so colorful.One thing I love about the Simpsons is it reminds me of JRPG's,one episode they can be in town,then the next they are at the beach,next to the seaside or in the forest.

More Japanese Xbox 360 promotions

Sorry I just love the Japanese creativity!

I found pictures of a commercial where all the kids in the c l a s s room are happy because their parents bought them an Xbox 360 but one little girl is sad because her parents did not(and the picture says ''You can tell which kid's parents did not buy her an Xbox 360'' I thought it was funny but Gamespot won't let me add the image :(

I found some other cool Japanese cartoon pictures where characters are dressed in the Xbox 360 colors with green hair and white clothes but Gamespot won't let me add them either!

Anyways I also found these;

A Japanese Xbox 360 lounge!

Japanese Xbox 360 games

She presented the Xbox 360 to Japan by appearing on TV commercials and magazines dressed like this!(I hope I don't get in trouble from Gamespot for this!)

Some Japanese Xbox 360 designs.

I always knew Japan has the coolest stuff,but I love how efficient and creative they can be.

(I know this isn't real but I think it's a typically cute and imaginative Japanese art)

And these are not just designs,people in Japan can actually buy these!

Which anime series have you watched through?

When I say watched through I mean from start to finish.I have watched the entire series of:

Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball Z
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Monster Rancher(1st and 2nd series)
Samurai X(Rurouni Kenshin)
Samurai X OVA collection

I still want to watch through the series of Gundam SEED,Gundam 0083 Stardust,Zeta Gundam,and I still want to see every Simpsons episode :P

What type of games do you like most?

I like Japanese RPG's the most,because they are the most imaginative when it comes to storyline and artisically.

I also love the grind of travelling from town to town and fighting off random monster attacks(many people hate it but I love the realism of random monster attacks)and levelling up(making my characters stronger)on the way.

I also like fighting games because of my Thai background and Boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing boxing are sports that Thais can do well because we aren't as disadvantage from having less size and muscle mass compared with other sports.Same with martial arts the Chinese,Koreans and Japanese have their forms of martial arts and to become very good at it technically is all about the mind and discipline and not about genetics.

I love the technical depth and intricate timing required for fightng games such as Street Fighter,Virtua Fighter,King of Fighters,Marvel vs Capcom,etc. I like anime based games and colorful and imaginative Japanese games and Japanese robot fighting games(I just think Japanese robots look so cool)

What about everyone else?

Mixed reactions with the Samurai X series ending.

I really was hoping Kenshin would marry Kori,I'm glad he decided to stay with her,but there was no clear indication they were a true romantic couple.Sanosuke and Miss Megumi got together as expected,and Yoshi was now working at the resturant which was an interesting change from him being a swordsmen student at the dojo.The scenery on the final episode was beautiful though,you saw anime versions of Kenshin and Kori walking together on real cinematic footages of the beach,as the waves hit the shore,it left you with an empty feeling as it wasn't quite romantic imtimacy as Kenshin never even told Kori he loved her or wanted to be with her,but he gave her a shell the shape of a heart(but it could have been a random shell he found and gave it to her because he cares about her as a friend,or it could have been a hint he has romantic feelings for her,you couldn't be quite sure) It was sad it ended that way as I wanted to see Kenshin marry Kori or at least tell her he loved her and have them become a couple offically.

Real cinematic footage of the forest and traditional Japanese homes made you feel like you were actually in Japan,and combined amazingly well with the animation.

Heart breaking Samurai X episode that has a great message

My favorite Samurai X episode is one not based purely on violence and gore and war,it's about an elderly man who when he was young was so determined to prove he was the best swordsman he left the woman he loved to travel Japan and fight anyone who dared oppose his claim as the best samurai (and they would fight to the death too) Anyways before he knew it 20 years had passed and he was a middle aged man,he had finally defeated everyone he wanted to,and proven he was the best.He felt as if his life was empty and meaningless and still had not felt inner peace,all he could think of was that woman he still loved so he went to find her,but her brother told him she died 7 years ago but she NEVER gave up hope he would come back for her and said he was the only man she could ever love and everyday for 21 years she wished to the fireflies above the lake he would come back(they believed if you wished to the fireflies above the lake for a whole year without missing a day your wish would come true)and she did this everyday for 21 years!

The man was devestated,he realised he wasted his life on a meaningless path of destruction only to lose the best thing that ever happened to him,the woman who never stopped loving him :( The woman told her brother to tell the man after she died her spirit would become part of the land and they would be togethe forever.The man could have married the woman he loved,and had kids with her and a loving family and lived happily ever after but he turned it down for something empty.The elderly man who was telling the story said to appreciate the people you love while you still love them and he regrets what he did so much but there is nothing he can do now,but share the story of the woman he loved with others and teach others not to make the same mistakes he did.

Beautiful moments in Final Fantasy X

My heart was swimming
in words gathered by the wind.
My voice bounded
into a cloud-carried tomorrow.

My heart trembled
in the moon-swayed mirror.
Soft tears,
spilled with a stream of stars.

Isn't it beautiful?
If we could walk, hand in hand,
I'd want to go
to your town, your home, in your arms.

I dream of being
against your chest,
my body in your keeping
disappearing into the evening.

Words halted by wind are
a gentle illusion.
A tomorrow torn by clouds is
the voice of a distant place.

My heart that had been
in a moon-blurred mirror that flowed,
Those stars that trembled and spilled
cannot hide my tears.

Isn't it beautiful?
If we could walk, hand in hand,
I'd want to go
to your town, your home, in your arms.

My dream of your face,
that I softly touch,
melts in the morning.

I wish I could put some video footage of some of the beautiful moments in Final Fantasy X but I don't know how.

Best game to never have a sequel?

I'd say Okami,the beautiful Japanese artwork s t y l e graphics,ancient Japanese culture,environment and mythology combined with original gameplay elements such as being a Sun God who can modify the environment and slice through objects with a paint brush is just amazing.

What does everyone else think?