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My game of the year awards dating back to 2013.

Before the mass exodus on Gamespot,I used to do an annual game of the year award blog,where I'd mention my overall favorite game,plus my favorite game from each genre.Anyways,I thought I'd catch up a bit,and I'm only going to count games that I've played.


The Eden of Grisaia

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I'm going to cheat with this award,because the localized version of this game came out early in 2017,but it won't stand a chance against Persona 5,and since I didn't play many other titles in 2016,I thought I'd count this as being close enough to a 2016 game.

The grisaia series is about troubled people,who are sent to an academy,that's really a prison,so they can get educated,and put on the right path.Skip forward to the 4th game in the series,the main character(Yuuji) is suspected of terrorism,but at the same time,you see how him and Yumiko have created a romance,and want to live a relaxing life together. It's hard to talk about the plot without giving away spoilers,but I love this game because of the artwork and peaceful feeling it gives.Here is an example

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Honorable mentions No Man's Sky and World of Final Fantasy.Incase you're wondering,I don't own a PS4,hence I haven't played Uncharted 4.


Witcher 3

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Memorable quests/characters,romance,and a huge world to explore make this game my favorite game from 2015.I like how you see the world affected by the decisions you make.It's combat is fluid and requires various strategies with various weapons on the harder difficulties.You can spend 100 hours exploring it's world and discovering many interesting stories within it's world.

Honorable mentions Metal Gear Solid 5 and Life is Strange,


Ar Nosurge

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A creative and unique story,in which 2 pairs of characters begin on separate adventures,so you will see 2 separate stories viewpoints for a while,and 1 of the character pairs have a friend who is in possession of an ancient song magic that could be used to defeat aliens who have oppressed the human race,but she has gone missing.

The story has some interesting plot twists,and is quite funny,and has an adult feel,despite being anime style.The game has romance choices as well.It's combat system isn't great,but at least it's different.

Honorable mentions Akibastrip and Wolfenstein NWO.


Fire Emblem Awakening

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A lot of likable characters,lets you create romance and make children with your partner,and the permadeath will make the story emotional when a character dies,and can be tactically crippling for your party.The battle system has a lot of tactical depth,with many different unit types with various strengths and weaknesses,and it takes place on a grid style system.I like how the story has numerous things the characters need to deal with at once.

Honorable mentions Beyond Two Souls and Ni No Kuni.

Incase any of my old friends are reading this.

It's been years since me and many others left this site.

I met many great people on here during that time,but during the fast exodus,I lost touch with many of those people.

If anyone who talked to me all those years ago on here is reading this,I'm still active on these sites and

Hello sad,dear old site.

Just incase any of my old Gamespot friends still lurk around here and haven't added me to PSN or gone to gameinformer,I'll just give an update.Last year Ar Nosurge was my game of the year,it's story was quite captivating and creative.I'm excited about Final Fantasy Type 0 and FFXV but I still don't have a PS4.Another Tales JRPG named Tales of Zestiria is due out soon for PS3 so that's something I can play.Persona 5 isn't too far away either.Anyways bye.

Back for a bit

I want to say Ar Nosurge was a wonderful story experience,with heartfelt romances and emotional plot twists and with sex haha.As an actual JRPG it's gameplay it's battle system is kinda similar to Ar Tonelico 2's and can be quite intense if you don't over-power your characters because you need to press the circle button at the right time during defensive phases in the battle system to protect your song magic user.It's story does a good job of explaining how the world in the Ar Tonelico series named Ar Ciel came into existence.

I also platinumed Ar Nosurge.I've also platinumed Final Fantasy X HD.

Bayonetta 2 is spectacular and one of the best action games ever and Valiant Hearts is a hidden gem and has quite a heartfelt story and lovely artstyle.

I want to review these games but I don't spend much time on Gamespot anymore.Most of my former Gamespot friends now hang out at Gameinformer.Some of my former Gamespot friends are still here but not very active.I miss the old Gamespot.Anyways that;s all for now.

Its been so long

It's been nearly a year since I last blogged.In the past year I've visited Gamespot occasionally,maybe once or twice a month just to check if I got messages from old friends.I loved the old Gamespot so much but this new version of Gamespot is so cold and lifeless,many people who used to get lots of blog comments on Gamespot in the past don't get blog comments anymore because nobody see's their blogs.

A lot has happened in the last year.I was living in the Philippines for a while and a lot of things happened when I was there(I won't say what).

The only reason I'm back here is because I miss the old Gamespot and I wanted to see if Gamespot had changed back but it's still the horrible new site and still very glitchy.

I did miss the fun things Gamespot offered for all those years such as the leveling up system and emblems and the way it put our latest reviews on your profile page and same goes for the ratings we give to games.

Now I hang around Gameinformer a lot,lately I got a mention on it's news about a review I did for 'To The Moon' so it didn't take long for me to get noticed there.I even copied and pasted an image of my emblems onto my gameinformer profile.But still gameinformer still isn't quite what old gamespot used to be,especially since gameinformer doesn't put our game ratings or latest reviews on our front page.

Lately as far as gaming goes I've platinumed Final Fantasy X HD and I've beaten Tales of Xillia with both Jude and Xillia.To go further back,I gave Beyond Two Souls my game of the year for 2013.

I had so many fun years on this site and with this profile since 2007,it makes me sad to post here but I thought maybe old friends will read this and who knows,maybe gamespot can go back to how it once was,many people have said if gamespot changed back to the good old gamespot they will come back,because while gameinformer is great for chatting and interacting with other people,I think the old gamespot was the best ever gamesite for allowing us to display our personal gaming scores and reviews and for allowing us to earn emblems for good game reviews as well as other things.

Anyways,that's all for now I guess,maybe I will post here again one day.Bye!

Looks like this could be my last ever blog on Gamespot

A few months ago I said I wasn't going to blog again until if and after certain problems in my personal life were fixed.Well those problems have gotten better(too complicated to explain what they are)but Gamespot deteriorated and is nothing like the site it once was.

1.I can't see which of my friends are online

2.It's hard to find my friends profiles or see their new blogs

3.I don't see the point in blogging anymore since most of my friends probably won't see my blogs and have left Gamespot.

To all the idiots who said people were ''complaining about nothing'' or ''people who were threatening to leave Gamespot were never really going to leave'' they are just as foolish as the staff who made all these changes.

It's like the changes to Gamespot discourage blogging and try to encourage people to post in forums but that takes away much of the fun of Gamespot.

I have found a new and better game site now,it's called Gameinformer and here is my profile

and many people who were very active on Gamespot for years have left Gamespot and post on there now,it's a better site because it makes it easy to find our friends profiles,see their updates,see which friends are online and we can delete comments that get posted by other users on our profiles which discourages the bad trolls from trolling our profiles and friends profiles.

I really didn't want to leave Gamespot,I was a very active user since 2007,I made lots of friends,posted over 300 reviews,rated thousands of games,became a well known user and earned emblems for good game reviews and blogs but now it's time to leave and it makes me sad by saying that.Anyone who wants to stay in touch with me,you can email me or add me to PSN TidusandYuna1983 but my PS3 is in another country and I won't be able to use it for a long time.

Anyways,goodbye.Well done all the Genius Gamespot staff who brought these changes and members who encouraged these changes,this site is shit now but you guys should stay here and eat your words because you guys wanted these changes.

I guess I should say goodbye while I still have the chance.

Yeah it's been a while since I last posted a blog,it's because I've had a lot of things happening in my personal life but I was planning to start blogging again once the problems in my personal life got fixed and even though they haven't,since I may never have the chance to say goodbye or speak my mind one final time I might as well do it now.I love games and talking about games but it seems many of Gamespot's staff are trying their best to destroy Gamespot by removing/stopping unions,emblems,resetting our levels and I've heard blogs might/will be removed?.Once and if the blogging feature is removed,this site will be dead to me because what's the point of only communicating by PMs? So I guess I will say goodbye while I still have the chance.

I'd like to mention many people spent 10+ years getting to level 60+ or even level 70+ People spent years trying to earn a top reviewer emblem or soapbox emblem and got one after years of trying.When people made the effort to write detailed and helpful and entertaining reviews hoping to earn a top reviewer emblem it made the site better because when people are deciding whether to buy a certain a game or not,these reviews will be helpful,unlike many of the troll,fanboy or vague reviews.When people wrote editorial blogs about interesting topics it made the site better and the soapbox emblem was an incentive to write editorial blogs.

It's annoying when I see people being cold and saying things such as ''people should stop crying about losing their emblems'' perhaps those people know they suck at writing game reviews or can't write an interesting blog so they know they could never get a top reviewer emblem or soapbox emblem and they're just being bitter. Even though most unions aren't active,some of them are still active and they're a way people can have a private forum with their friends and can socialize without having to worry about trolls and blogs have been a great way to make friends and have enjoyable conversations with people who we know but it feels like Gamespot are making it so if we wanna socialize we have to talk in front of everyone and can't have private conversations with a smaller group of people who we feel comfortable around(before nit picky people say nothing on the internet is private,I'm sure they can get the jist of what I'm saying).

I also want to mention I haven't complained about Gamespot's constant glitchiness and bugs,I adapted to the changes Gamespot made in regards to allowing trolling even though I didn't agree with it,I haven't complained about Gamespot not giving me a reviewer of the month emblem like they promised they would to people who were choosen as one of the reviewers of the month so I'm not complaining for the reason of not having anything better to do,it's just sad to see a site which was once so great and which helped me meet many great members will soon give me no reason to use it anymore and I've been a member of Gamespot since 2007. It's also sad to see many other long time members saying they're done with Gamespot after Gamespot announced these changes because it's Gamespot's community which made it a great place to be,not it's reviews nor it's game info(which it often gets late).


Anyways,as for my personal life,I don't want to say what the problems are,but they're related to my love life.Otherwise I'm saving up money for a house in Bangkok,I have enough money now for an apartment near the beach (Pattaya)in Thailand or for a house in smaller cities such as Chaing Mai or in nice rural towns but I wanna live in Bangkok which means I need to spend more time in Australia earning money which I don't like having to do but I have to.

Anyways,I guess this is it,after 6 years,this could be my last blog,I might start blogging again later if the certain problem in my personal life gets better and if I'm still able to blog around that time,I do want to do my game of the year awards because I've done it every year since 2009 and I think it's kinda fun to do.I will still write game reviews because I want people to know about many of the great Japanese games that not many people know or or have played and to know about great classic/lesser known games.

It's kinda strange because for years in many of my blogs I said I'd be happy once I had Thai citizenship because I could buy a house quickly there and I can buy multiple houses there quickly and have a secure future financially which means I can buy all the games,game consoles,gaming laptops,manga,action figures,books etc. that I want and I do have good friends in real life and online but I'm still not happy,and it's because money can't buy happiness,without love I am not happy and like I've told many people I'd rather be poor but with a woman who really loves me and who would do anything to make me happy rather than be rich/financially strong but not having a special person to share it all with. Anyways,I'm outta here for now,maybe for good.Goodbye/Sawadee Kup.

Anyone who wants to stay in touch with me,they can add me to facebook(PM me for the link)or they can add me to PSN TidusandYuna1983 or can add me to MSN(