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Years Away From a New Console, Why the Rush?

So the PS5 was recently re-announced, even though there's nowhere near what can be called a final spec for the machine. We're probably another year from even having a real, concrete idea of what the PS5 will offer, let alone a set-in-stone specification or a price point. The promises are being thrown out there, though, with 8K being bandied about as a talking point (For all you guys playing your games on actual movie theater screens), but there's little on specifics.

Sony's reason for talking about the system SO early is sound. They're sending early dev kits to third parties, and don't want leaks to overshadow the next few years of marketing, so they're getting the initial announcement out of the way. However, why is it so important to get all the information on the new system NOW? Yes, the PS4 is approaching its sixth anniversary, but the system will likely see the 7th before the PS5 has been finalized. Hell, it might see the 8th, depending on now fast Sony wants to go.

There's still plenty of awesome coming in the coming years for the PS4, so let's all slow down and appreciate it. At the end of the day, it's not systems we play, but games. I still gotta pick up Days Gone, and Death Stranding is still on the horizon. Let's enjoy the games, and let the PS5 come when it comes. Hell, slowing our roll also helps Sony take their time on the system, make sure all the bugs are ironed out and all that.