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I'm back!

I've been pretty inactive here on GS for about 1 year now, but now I'm finally back! The reason for my former inactivity is that I've been learning Japanese at the university for about two years now, and it's very time-consuming (mostly due to the fact that there around 2000 Kanji characters, from which I've learned ~800 already - and memorizing some of these can be awesomely hard).

I've also been trying to improve my English, mostly by reading books or articles on the Internet. Since I'm working for an English website, my English needs to be somewhat decent since I don't want any users to laugh at my wording. :)

Anyway, my studies are about halfway finished already, but since I got accustomed to everything now, I guess I can squeeze in some time for GameSpot again. I'm planning to mostly write reviews for obscure SNES games I happen to own, because some of these don't deserve to be forgotten, if only for their sheer awfulness. So if you're as big of a SNES fan as I am, be sure to check them out!

About me

Hello to all of you,

I'm pretty inactive at the moment due to my studies (Nihongaku, for insiders) and my job as website admin. I'll occasionally review games here, though. So if you are a SNES fan, make sure to check out my reviews. I apologize for the bad English in the older ones. I wrote those 3 years ago when my English still sucked, hence I might rewrite them someday.

Well, that's all so far.