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I"m a Wii fan but I also care about graphics.  You see I own a 360 and a Wii.  


    We've heard numerous times about the "gamecube development kits."  Well this is 6 months after launch and the games still aren't even up to gamecube standards.  Why in the hell do 90% of games look better on the cube and xbox 1.  YOu could say lazy developers but is every developer really lazy?  I have not seen one game on the Wii beside Zelda: Tp that made me say WOW! 

  If graphics don't matter then you thats fine, keep yoru mouth shut.  They matter to me.  I expected a next generation machine and I want every aspect including graphics to be next generation.  I have kept quite on this but after the SpiderMan 3 garbage, enough is enough.  

   Either Nintendo gets off it's lazy azz and do some quality control or stop releasing these terrible down right ugly Wii games.   

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Superman Flopped... Now Spiderman 3 Flopped... looks like crackdown is still the #1 super hero game of this generation.  WOW@
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I've seen how the motion of the 2 wii motest do the moves and fatalities and just think it makes a totally new type of fighting gamel.   Add to that an insane amount of characters, create a character, story mode, makes this an awesome game with lots of potentinal
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I'm looking to start a little gang of musle riders.   I'll be riding in a 57 chevy hotrod, of course with a massive blower on the hood, and a sick flame paint job.  Looking for other racers who love the old muscle machines. 


  Funny how we are getting an AAA game next month and the sony fanboys keep bringing up GT HD without a reelase date or anything impressive but some screens. 

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  I want to point out that I am a wii60 owner and love my 360.  However, the Wii is going to dominate this market and may even make the ps2 look pathetic in comparision in the long run.  I believe the Wii to be the market leader by October of this year.


   Sure the WIi does not have super updated graphics but that does not matter.  The game market shows that people are hungry for new expierences.  Not the same old expierences with great graphics.  Do you want me to prove my point.  Lets look at new expierences and how they have come into the market:


Nintendo DS-  Insanely popular.  Its totally different and people just fall in love with it.  I personally don't like it due to it's lack of goood software in my opinion but tons of others do.  40,000,000 strong and growing at a phenominal rate.

Guitar Hero 1 and 2:  SOmething totally different and a phenominal success.  I own this on my 360 and play it to death.  Millions of copies old and counting at a constant high rate.

Nintendo Wii-  Sold out everywhere after being out on the market for 6 months.  Its a world-wide phenominon and everyone but the hardest of fanboys want one.  When you try the expierence it's totally different from reading it.  Close to 6 million sold and Nintendo still cant' meet user demand.

Xbox live- Introduced almost 6 years ago on the xbox its a mega hit.  Something different and unique.


AS you can see it's the point that the Wii is unique and Fun and not it's cheap price why its a massive success. 


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  I"m a Wii60 owner but I have to say there are more little kids on xbox live playing "M" rated gaems then E games by far.  I can't tell you how many little kids with thier balls still stuck in there throat yell insane crap and curse words every day on xbox live.   Where in the world are the parents at?  Not only do they let thier kids play these "M" rated games like Gears of War, they dont' supervise them and let them act retarded on live.

  Next thing you know we'll have another parent blaming videogames for thier lack of responsibility. 

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Some of you seem to have rocks for brains.  Take off the fanboy goggles and get real
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it needs more killer software. 


Graphics:  Fine for its price point.  Its not a high res machine yet it can pump out impressive visuals like Zelda: Tp, Super Paper Mario, Resident Evil 4, etc.  Graphics have always meant little to none in the console wars anyways.

 Controller:  The best most innovative controller ever built.   The D-Pad alone makes the others pale in comparison yet is simple in design.  The controller is a masterpiece and anyone who disagrees needs to take off thier fanboy brains and grow a real one.


Price:  $249.99 with built in memory!  Excellent.  I own the premium 360 and love it but it was a tad expensive.  Even the core 360 is $299.99 and the cheapest memory card is $49.99.  Thats $350 and doesn't come with a wireless controller or game.


Design:  It's just slick.  Very quite, sexy, small, cool front loader, SD Card slot, gamecube intake, controller points, wifi, what else could you ask for.  Especially at its price point.

Online:  Needs work.  Hopefully Nintendo will get servers up very soon.  June looks to kick off the online play and hopefully kill the friend codes.

 It just needs more killer games.  The VC rocks and I love it (bought 5 games so far) but we need some newer killer titles at a more constant rate.

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We are leaving out pre 16 bit systems.  Alot of the older games were hard because they had no save system, like Ninja Gaiden 1-3 on the nes for example.  16 bit and up only.


 MY hardest game ever is completing Goldeneye 007 on 007 difficuly.  The last few levels are insane.  Honorable mention would be Ninja Gaiden on xbox.

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First you don't know how people feel. and paying considerably less than the 360/ps3 should not have anyone expecting HD graphics.Taz-Bone


I love the Wii but its a new generation machine.  I'm not asking for HD visuals.  I'm asking for a leap ahead of technology just like every console in histroy has been.  Your a fanboy who lives in denial world.