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The Playstation 3.


  Sony had 2 legends the psx, followed by the ps2.  Now here comes this $600 box thats and all in one system that only the hardcore fanboys want.  On top of that add in only 2-3 games worth buying, a free but unimpressive online network, and a massive price tag and you have failure.


The PlayStation 3 may go down as the biggest flop in Videogame history.


For the Record:  I own a Wii and a 360.  I also liked the PS 2. 

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First its the total imbreds who pick on WIi for having bad graphics yet deliver in the gameplay department.


Now it's Forza 2.  People nitpick about the graphics but fail to see the gamepaly aspect.  over 8 cars on screen, track environment, customizable parts, online auction, 60fps, etc etc.  "Oh no but the Graphics aren't top notch" 


Its a damn shame when graphics make fantastic titles like Super Paper Mario, soon to release Forza 2, and numerous other games obsolete.  That is a casuals way of thinking. 

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Most if not all of it is free

From Team Xbox:

Here is some of the important stuff:


The new content brings with it seven new achievements (taking the overall total to a nice round 50). Let's get one thing straight, nobody's paying for the 100 points that were missing from the original game - and in fact we're repaying that debt with some serious interest! In total the download pack unlocks a whopping 350 gamerscore!

Title Update Items:

Reset Gangs: In place of the current option to reset the city's crime (unlocked by defeating all 21 bosses), the gangs can now be completely reset in the main campaign.

Easier Orb Hunting: Imagine how great it would be if when searching for the last remaining hidden agility orbs the audio range on each of them got wider as fewer remained; well imagine no longer. Audio "ping" range is now gradually increased when searching for the last 50 percent of hidden orbs, and 20 percent of agility orbs.

Ground Strike: Available to a four star strength agent only, it is now possible to slam downwards while airborne by holding the attack button. The resulting strike is deadly to anything it hits, with an additional shockwave stunning nearby enemies.

Improved firing over low walls: Agents can now fire downwards at a greater angle while taking partial cover behind a low wall.

Targeting enhancements: Improved target lock prioritization of enemies behind vehicles as well as live enemies over corpses.

Those damn fire hydrants!: The fire hydrants were near indestructible but were also hard to spot. Now, though still best avoided, they can be smashed over for a far less unreasonable penalty.

Stunt Ring Visibility: Stunt Rings are now much easier to locate.

No "Lefty Flip" on vehicle control: Removal of the lefty flip on vehicle control so that left-handed players can aim with the left stick, but still steer with the right stick.

Persisting Charges & Mines: Limpet Charges (and the new Proximity Mines) will persist at all times within the game world and not just when within a certain range of the player.

Distant Explosions: No matter where the explosion(s), players will be able to see them provided they have a line of sight... it's always a clear day in Pacific City!

Ramp Truck Issues: Some vehicles didn't seem to get on well with the ramp truck, but we never intended this to be a SUV-only toy. Now none of them can get enough of it!

Camera Enhancements: Better camera for performing vehicle stunts or driving on near vertical surfaces (particularly with Top Level Agency SUV or new Peacekeeper Buggy). Also vertigo-inducing tweaks for those long leaps of faith.

Player to player precision shots: We've dropped the PvP lock-on but now another agent can be hit with a head or leg shot using normal targeting.

Keys to the City: The ultimate Cheat Mode! Enter this mirror of the main Campaign for a clean-slate game that can be fully exploited and customized for a single play session.

(Note: Achievements and leaderboards will be disabled in this mode)

            Build a pile of 100 explosive drums at the top of the Agency Tower - then let it rip!

  • Spawn a ramp truck anywhere, and it'll stay there
  • Create an agency vehicle or one of the new Peacekeeper vehicles any time, any place
  • Players can set character skills however they want them, or just activate the accelerated skill leveling feature ("Crackdown" demo anyone?)
  • Check out "Super Agent Agility" to jump ridiculous distances, swim faster than a torpedo and sprint faster than a speeding bullet (almost)
  • Try the "Super Agent Strength" to toss a truck with deadly accuracy further than ever dreamt. Boot enemies into the stratosphere!
  • Get the most out of the exciting selection of new weaponry by activating infinite ammo. Max out the selection at each supply point too!
  • Do all of this without skipping a beat of the action - the pop-up cheat menu is always available during play without pausing the game

New Vehicles:
Agency Patrol Buggy:

  • Double wishbone suspension absorbs the bumps in spectacular fashion
  • Rides over anything - even when scaling near vertical surfaces
  • Insane air control
  • Roof mounted, independently aiming mini-gun activated with either "B" or "Left Bumper"

Agency Pursuit Vehicle:

  • Ridiculously powerful mono-cockpit race car
  • Acceleration that blows away everything else in the city
  • Incredible grip and top speed
  • Those road race leaderboard times are set to tumble!

Agency Armored Vehicle:

  • Like the Agency Truck, the AAV can smash through barricades with ease
  • Tank-like in design, occupants are completely protected from assault
  • Surprisingly fast and agile for its size
  • Rockets fired from independently aiming main turret with either "B" or "Left Bumper"

New Equipment

MSK Lobber

  • Mini rockets are thrown out from the rotating muzzle section before their boosters ignite and swarm towards their target.
  • The homing mini-rockets are incredibly agile making this the ultimate fire-and-forget weapon

EX1 "Proximity Charge"

  • Similar to the standard issue "Limpet Charge," these can be attached to any surface.
  • A visible local field is generated when the charge is set. Enemy penetration of this field will result in detonation
  • In a bid to reduce the extensive civilian casualties lying in the wake of any crime fighting Agent, intelligent threat-sensing technology prevents the charge from detonating when a firearm is not detected
  • Unfortunately the technology isn't quite intelligent enough to prevent detonation due to field penetration by another Agent

HRX "Harpoon"

  • A powerful gas powered mechanism capable of launching a deadly, razor-sharp spear over large distances with incredible accuracy
  • Can be used to ensure enemies "stick around" when players need them to, or to attach perps to their vehicle if they need to take them downtown...or around town

MZ360 "Mini-Gun"

  • The ultimate fast-firing projectile weapon
  • "Spin-up" to full fire rate takes some time, but the devastation is incredible
  • Comes with a bountiful supply of high-caliber ammunition

VS1 "Cloaking Device"

  • The perfect device for the Agent that likes his action served psychotic, or for anyone that just needs to get under the radar from time to time
  • Renders the player barely visible and off radar
  • The VS1 is fuelled by Agency suit armor; when depleted an Agent can find themselves distressingly vulnerable


Cool thing is the key to the city mode is free. Can you imagine more agility? Wow. Looks to be a great pack or two! See you all on Crackdown soon!

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Wii also has some games coming out that you hardly hear about.
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I actually feel sorry for developers forced to develop for the Wii. I mean there are so many game concepts you can tailor to making hand motions and using hardware restricted to weak technology.shsonline


That is just ridiculous.  You don't have to make a game just for hand movements.  Its laziness and pure greed on most publishers to push these trashy ports. 

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  I love my WIi and play Super Paper mario every day.  However, the software lineup right now is down right pathetic.  Aside from Capcom, Nintendo is the only company who actually puts in effort in Wii games and actually makes them feel next generation.  The other 99% of developers seem to only care about the fast buck and bringing the quirky ps2 port with Wii controls tacked on.


  Clearly there are developers out there that care about quality and try to bring a good product to Wii.  The problem is that we have seen very little of this and mostly junk.   

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I would like to see a site asking and pressing developers about releasing crappy games.  I wanna hear developers takes on games like superman 64, spiderman 3, red steel, etc.  I wanna hear why the games came out like crap.  Most will probably say "the publisher pushed us into it"
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How times have changed... it's been one year since the last, and final E3 took place in California; what with it's big blockbusters, new I.P. announcements, in-depth looks and the holiday season's biggest games... and even the fruits of love and labour that were the displays in Kentei(?) Hall. But now what are we doing? Xbox 360 fanboys are waiting for a Dashboard Update, Sony fanboys are waiting for games, and Nintendo fanboys... well, they're probobly playing the latest Mario spin-off title.

So as fanboys, let's gather together in rememberance of E3. What do you miss the most?


This use to be such an eventful week.  R.I.P.  e3 as we know it. 

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Here is mine:


Crackdown (360)

Super Paper Mario (Wii)

Dead Rising (360) 

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I still disagree with everyone about it not lasting 10 years.  Horsepower has very little to do with the life of the console. Hell the psx 1 was still successful years after the gamecube/ps2/xbox generation had launched.  People just cared about the quality games and not the power behind them.   I

  It all is gonna depend on if each console maker plays by the rules.   If all are willing to wait to release a new console then they will last 10 years.  However, if one jumps the gun then it puts pressure on the other 2.