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Finished Christmas Shopping for myself Kinda :D (10 games for 85.00)

I found out my store was doing the Buy 2 get one free deal again..

So I sent back Star Ocean IV, Armored Core 4, and Army Of Two and did it like this... :D

(Did the X-Mas Shopping for myself because that's how I role... When I'm gettin money.. I love to be independent and do my own thang ya digg ? ;) )

  • Star Ocean IV
  • Armored Core 4 (Got It For Free)
  • Army Of Two
  • Disgaea 3 (Got it For Free)
  • 3D DOT GAME HEROES (Got it fore free)
  • Metal Gear Solid 4
  • Valkyria Chronic (lol u get it?) (Got It For Free)
  • Yakuza 3
  • White Knight Chronic (lol u get it?)
  • =78.00 :D

Ok So I Just Finished Death Note (Spoilers) (New Blog 2)

I am not to happy with the Ending :x (got sad a little).... I was so pissed when Light got caught and at the end of the anime he was killed by the Shinigami, Ryukk.. It felt so lame.. For all that the anime should've ended with L in the very beginning with season 1..

I didn't like how they made him look so cool and did everything so perfect, but then when Near goes "Ahah!! You're wrong!" Light ends up freaking out and looking like a complete wimp in front of everybody and then escapes to his death.. I thought about many Solutions on how the anime could've ended with a bang.. For an example, The Shinigami decides to write everyone's name in the Death Note, and then kills everyone and has Light take over the world forever.. Or, The Shinigami grabs light and then flies away with him.. but there was one sentence in the anime that proved kind of that the anime was going to end that way... It was....

Those who use the Death Note will Never be Happy......

That actually proved that Yagami Light was going to have his downfall because he was using the Death Note to make the world peaceful and bring goodness by ending crime with all criminals.. That was his happiness.. Same thing with Mikami.. He wanted to do the same and serve Kira (Light) and that was his happiness.. And of course with Takanda (the news reporter girl) she wanted to be with Yagami Light and serve him has the goddess of Kira and that was her happiness... and of course the same thing also for Misa...

The only person who gotten some kind of happiness from the Death Note was Light's father, Yagami Sochiro. He said before he died was that he was pround that Light wasn't Kira... but was his happiness a lie so that others would believe that Light wasn't Kira so people could back off of him ? I still question that, but even so, he was the only one that became happy..

But even though this Heavy Rain (the PS3 game) like Anime was hot and everything till the end with our Main Character (Yagami Light's character made me feel like the sh`t when I was trying to be all smart guy and things go my way lol) Yagami Light, killing, manipulating, and solving tricks and puzzles... The end result was one thing only and it's the truth..

Crime Doesn't Pay. . . . . . (No matter what you do.. It'll always be a chase till the end...)

but I have to say this.. When Light died on the step.. The first song I thought was...This Song...

My Day Of Game Shopping n Selling (New Blog 1)

I went to the City today to look up my schedule at one of my jobs.. I was pissed at the fact I went allthe way out there just to see that I had only few days (due to less holiday sales since it's a retail store)so I decided to go check out my other job, Gamestop (go ahead, judge me..!! I get discounts!! lol :twisted)and see what was going on in there since I had a few games to trade...(Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, and Naruto Clash Of Ninja for Game Cube)

So I was thinking I was only going to get about 5.00 for all three of these but instead I got up for 17.00 due tomy 10% card and a employee special for our sales. I was happy as a mutha fugga (lol) I already knew what I wantedso I picked up "The Orange Box" and "Army Of Two" (Eazy and I needed a new Co-Op Game similar to RE5) and they bothcame up to 12.62 together due to another discount lol :P.. I was even more happy :)

I was chilling for a little while and Eazy (for those who don't know, he is a gamespot friend I know in real life)called me on the phone, requesting if I could look up and see what's on the PS3 used shelf. I didn't mind, of coursefor the fact I usually only shop for PS3 games there anyway. So, as I was shopping around for em, I saw Star Ocean IVfor 17.99, Front Mission Evolved for 19.99, and Armored Core 4(I was requested to get this due to hearing its better than Front Mission Evolved) for 12.99.. I was like Whoa!!

It was a must that I needed to get Armored Core 4 and Star Ocean IV.. For the simple fact that we had to wait so long forit to come to PS3 and it was 60.00 all over again !! but thanks to being patient, I finally got the game for 13.94, and Armored Core 4 for 9.74 (something around that due to discount) and I felt completely satisfied and felt that I got agood deal from Gamestop for the first time in awhile.

So later on that day I got home...

Decided to check up on my email and I saw that I sold Grand Theft Auto San Andreas(xbox) for 10.95, Pokemon Yellow Version for 15.95, and Zelda: The Oracle of Seasons for 20.95 !!. It felt to good to be true that I sold these old games aka not worth a dime at gamestop for so much! I never felt a great saturday come upon me with so much benefits lol and I'm even more happy because on the 7th I get 16.95 from a Game Boy Color I sold :D.. Plus the 10th is pay day !!... I never felt as if I spoiled my own self so much and had a Good Game Sales/Shopping day :D..

So whaddaya'll think ??

Scott Pilgrim VS The World was AWESOME 5/5

This movie was to damn goood... I knew it was going to be good, but not THAT GOOOD..!!

watching something with him because some how he could mellowin and fit in just right

(The only movie I hated was juno.. It was pointless....) When I saw this movie,

everything changed... the actors , the script, the comedy itself was awesome... Who'd ever thought I

The script writer deserves a huge pat on the back for that one and a hand clap...I wish they would make an anime or a deep series into this movie.. I'm suprised that a comic book that had six chapters made it into a movie... That is wassup.. I am not going to spoil anything at all.. All I am going to say is.. is that you guys need to watch Scott Pilgrim VS The World asap... It's great..!!

Michael Cera should be pretty damn proud and also lucky that he has gotten this role, if you personally ask me, Michael Cera always won the role in acting like a geek. IMO, he isn't one of your best actors, but I've always enjoyed would laugh at so many things from this movie when it didn't involve sex, drugs, and guns ?!?!? :P

My Top Four Threads !!

Stop by and show some love to these threads and support them :D

The Anime Discussion Thread

All Anime talk goes down in there :D

FF Versus XIII Thread

(Of course FF V XIII is for the Fans who are anticipating this game... Come on over if u wanna share how much you want it and etc lol :D)

Fallout New Vegas Thread

(Fallout NV will be here for awhile.. So Come on by if u need help or have silly questions about the game.. Even glitches lol)

COD Black Ops Thread

(It's Black Ops.... Enough said llol)

People... I am finally back :P

It'ls been only about a week and a few days, but I am just letting you guys know I am back on gamespot and chillin as usual :).. I'd like to thank those who shown my Versus and F NV thread some love (Melpoe, Hxczuner, Texas2069, Jak-25, Firefox67, chickane, and commonfate) and support while I was gone. Thanks guys ;)

May not be on for perhaps a while...

I may not be online do to some goals I have to attend to in life.. Everyone, please help keep my Versus XIII thread alive and my Fallout New Vegas thread :) Idk how long I'll be MIA, but please, all the homies that has been supporting me for awhile.. Help keep those two threads alive and I'll be on everynow and then :D

Anime that I Finished and loved in result.

So far it's...

Black Lagoon: (10/10) It's the BEST! I love it and I know it's just the tip if the

Iceberg for the series.. They've shown so much to it for the first two seasons,

and I am expecting so much more.. Perhaps after Roberta's Blood Traild (season 3)

We'll get to know more about Dutch and Benny and Revy & Rock would become even more Closer.

High School Of The Dead:(9/10)The series was hilarious, addicting, and fun. I love it because I have this

thing for Survival Horror games and just watching this series makes me think of it as Left 4 Dead in

Japan lol :P. So this series is the sh!t in my eyes.. I heard rumors that Season 1 was the only season

they were making, but IMO I think it's false because they have such a huge fanbase on it already from

both the Manga and the Anime.. I look forward to it though.

Angel Beats(9/10): Key loves to make their fans sniffle and cry their hearts out when anime's like this come around, but

THIS one was too funny so you suck back up in instance :P the last episode was pretty good, but for those who wants

good laugh and story, Angel Beats is for them.. It also kinda has a plot twist for you but everything would make sense

if you pay attention and watch it all the way to the last episode (since the last one reveals all) this one was great :D.

Wolf's Rain(8/10): I love this anime since the 6th grade, but I never was able to finish it. All I ever got to watch was about 8 episodes because I'll have to stay up till 12AM to see it on Adult Swim (lol those were the days) I'm currently still watching it now... but this Anime and it's 4 man wolf pack looking for paradise and having to transform (well illusion humans) into humans says it all in this one.

Clannad~After Story(7.5/10): As few of you notice (who've seen it) I only stated that the "After Story, aka 2nd season" was the best because of the plot it reveals and what goes down in the story.. I kinda got upset with this series because they would say a few sexual things but never even kissed lol just held hands.. What kind of anime talks about breasts or says a few curse words but doesn't even have a couple kiss or anything haha :P I think that is what fans wanted the most.. The series could've done better.. and I loved the last episode, but didn't like how it ended with such a hanger kinda.. It reminded me of the ICO (PS2 game) ending when ICO you know, saw that in the same position (can't spoil it for those who haven't beaten the game)..but Clannad ended more mystical and special kinda.. The series could honestly have a Season 3 about that certain character you last see in the end, but who knows ? All I could say is.. After watching this anime "It's funny how love is and how love meets" (if you saw the special episode of when the boy was a junior and girl was a senior but never met and what happens)

So far that's it :D I have more to watch.. Im planning on checking out Trigun or Toradora next... That's all folks!

*-YC: Xenogears is AMAZING-*

This bad boy gets 5/5.. Whoever thought a game that shows age (graphics) still shows hotness ?

I wish the guy who made this game decided to make a remake of Xenogears or a sequel... but

who am I to talk when Im only on Disc 1 still :P

I'll update this when I get further.... I just felt I had to blog this :D lol

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