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SAD and my brain Disorder

I guess I should tell you all about my SAD and my Brain Disorder that I have. I will first start with, SAD. SAD means: Seasonal Affection Disorder It is when during a certain season of the year. I go into a deep depression and it is very hard to get out of. :( My symptoms for it. Our not eating, over sleeping, and other things. It isn't a great thing to go through. :( My brain disorder, I don't know what it is called. But I go through deep illusions which I can't control on what I can do. I gotten this because my brain isn't in the place that it should be at. That is pretty much it for this blog. Thanks for reading.

Just to get to know me

Hey guys, since I have now friends following me. I guess I should make my blogs and reviews. My username is YoungFlitz. I am a 15 year old. High school student. I sing and play guitar. I have been through terrible things in my life. With girls. And my dad abonding me when I was young. And other stuff that I will make blogs for those later on in the future. It is nice to meet you all.
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