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I haven't been on here for a while/What I'm playing/Relaxing Summer/Gamertags

So it has been a few weeks. Since the last time I have been on here and I do apologize for that. But now I am here to stay for a long while.

So this week I'm going to tell you all what I'm playing this week.

Fallout 3

So I gotten this game at Target for $20 and I am loving it. This isn't my first time playing it but I have got to say. That I am really enjoying the game. I am a huge fan of the RPG's and the first person shooters. So this game has it all pretty much. The Wasteland is actually a wasteland, that is all radiation. So you feel like you actually have gotten hit by nukes.

Wipeout Fury HD

So this was one of the games that I have gotten from the Welcome back PSN. And this game is really fun. I should have gotten this game before. Racing, destroying, seeing if you can beat your best time, and a lot more. This game takes racing games to the next level.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City

I gotten Grand Theft Auto IV the complete edition for the Xbox 360. And I have already beaten GTA IV and I am now playing the DLC for it, I am first starting off with The Lost and Damned since that one was the first DLC to come out for the game. Then I am going to play The Ballad of Gay Tony. So far Lost and Damned is pretty fun.

Well I have decided that I don't want any goals for this summer. I just want to have a relaxing summer and just enjoy playing games. So there will be no goals from me this summer.

Xbox Live: AveryN1
PSN: AveryN

Thats all for this blog thank you for reading.

Whats going down with this summer

So I will be out of school by tomorrow. And for this summer. I will be making a goal sheet for me to complete for this summer so it can be more interesting. And here are my goals:

Beat Borderlands
Beat LA Noire
Replay Super Mario Bros. Wii
Replay Pikachu's Great Adventure
Beat Bulletstorm
Beat Killzone 3
Beat HomeFront
Beat Fable 3
Make 100 reviews
Get on level 15
Make 2000 posts

Thats all my goals for this summer. And I am also thinking about starting a union. If you are interested please tell me. And if I get enough users then I will create it.

Thats it with this blog thanks for reading everyone.

I'm back

I was going for a while because I had some anxiety and depression issues that I had to get off of my chest but now I have recovered and I am back. And this summer is going to be fun. I hope you all can read my blogs that I will do almost every single day for the rest of summer.

Well that is pretty much it for this blog thanks for reading. :D

Yesterday I had an Anxiety Attack at school

So yesterday at my school. I was twitching before yesterday. But yesterday was bad I twitched through out 1-3 hours of the school. And before I went to lunch my girlfriend took me to the office. And all of sudden I was twitching like crazy and it began. I couldn't breathe and I was sweating like crazy, and receptionists, councellors, teachers, and our school officer. Was trying to calm me down. But they called the ambulance and I had to go to the ER room.

I figured it was stress and everything. But I am fine now but I still have a twitch and I have to do more tests at the hospital, on Monday.

That is pretty much for this blog. Thanks for reading everyone.

Games of this Spring

Well while I am snowed in my house. I downloaded some demos and betas of some games to try them out, and please what I say about these game is just an opinion. I will explain what was in the demo, then I will say if I am getting the game or not. I don't think these would be spoiler alerts in this game. But just in case. I will just tell you all, spoiler alert.

In this demo, of Dead Space 2. You have to go and get intel of how to get back to your partner. So at first you go through rooms where I guess they kept people, and they were turned into alien monsters or something. Butthey do pop out and start to attack you. Of course you use your pistol and your dart gun to kill them. After I killed most of them I went into this circular room and with my health low and everything, I tried to solve this puzzle by taking out the wires. But that didn't go so well so I ended up dieing. So honestly I just gived up on the game.

Getting: No

The second demo that I played is of course, LittleBigPlanet 2. If you have played through the first one then you know how everything is like. If you haven't don't worry they explain what to do in this demo. I played until the part where you use the monkey to jump over electrical obstacles but for some reason, the monkey kept sliding a bit into the electrical obstacle. So I kept dieing on that part so I just gave up on the demo.

Getting: No

The third demo that I played through was Bulletstorm, and my god that game was a blast!! Honestly it is just like MadWorld but in first person shooter and for PS3 and Xbox 360. You can hit enimies and as they are flying through the air, you can shoot at them. And as you kill enimies and make them loose health you gain points. Which is adds more content to the game. I wish there were more levels to this demo but sadly there was only one.

Getting: Yes

I played the Crysis 2 beta and that was a really fun beta. The only problem is when you punch an enemy or when they punch you, it is just one hit and then they are dead, or if they hit you then you are dead. Which can be a really huge problem. But the guns in the game are really good. You can use a shotgun, sniper, assualt rifle, and of course pistols. There are also clan tags and dog tags. (just like in Battlefield Bad Company 2, if you have played that game) And you can train up your armor, stealth, and power. But only up to level 3, since it is just a beta. Just by playing the multiplayer I can tell that this game is going to be a really good game.

Getting: Yes

That pretty much wraps up my previews of good games coming out this spring. Thank you for reading and if there is a game that you want me to play just tell me and I will try my very best to get it. Also check out my reviews. :)

Thanks again for reading. :D

I've been tagged

I have been tagged so I will make a list of my top 5 mistakes in a video game. Here is the list.

5. Grenading myself in CoD. Just throwing a grenade up a hill and running towards it. Not the best smarteset idea in the world.

4. Running off of a synchronization tower in Assassin's Creed series. I have been done this plenty of times and I must say that it is very very annoying.

3. During Hardcore matches. I kill my own teammates thinking it is the enemy.

2. When I was 6 years old I used a master ball, in Pokemon Gold on a water type pokemon that I can find over and over again and again.

1. The number one mistake that I have made about a video game. Isn't in the video game. But it is purchasing a game that I have already owned, but I couldn't find it.

So that is my top 5 mistakes that I have made in video games. Thanks for reading. :)

My reviews are up

I just want to inform you all that my reviews are starting to be posted. I hope you all can read them.

Thanks for reading. :D

Can anyone make me an avatar?

I was wondering if anyone can make me an avatar.

I want L from DeathNote to be my avatar. Cause everywhere I look I can't find one with the right size or link. So if anyone can find me one that would be appreciated thanks. :D

My songs

I want to tell you all that I write songs and pratice them on the guitar. So I will share with you one song. That I made today. I hope you all like it.

No this isn't a suicide

How would I do that

When your on my side

The old me needs to be find

I spent my whole life

Just looking for myself

The only things,

I have is you and a knife

Just down a spiral path

All the things I told

Starts to unfold,

Into small pieces

Is it all true?

Do I have you?

Am I back in the blue?

Did all that love love rush through?

So sick of the past

The happiness doesn't last

The future is already foreseen

Soon I won't be

All the love was a lie

I thought you were my baby,

Forever and Always

Maybe I should die

Everything is cold

Hate only makes the pieces,

All toghether into a whole

By all your friends

THey weren't all condemned

They had no love,

To attend

Like you and I did!!!

Is it all true?

Do I have you?

Am I back in the blue?

Did all that love rush through?

So sick of the past

The happiness doesn't last

The future is already foreseen

Soon I won't be

And that is it. I hope you all like it. And thanks for reading.

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