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Have you ever heard those people talk online. Have you ever watched a flashmovie made by a fanboy full of bad dialogue and omg and stfu. Well, I encountered them on a little game called Gunbound. They would rant and say stupid stuff and act as if they were smart. But they aren't. Their solution to everything is STFU or No, ur a (whatever you just called that person). These people should be kicked off the internet and some wise intelligent person should teach them stuff about not being a total idiot. I would just like to say that.

Gamer Garbage

Hello people. I'm originally from The Netherlands and that's where I got my first Game Boy. The brick one. I used to not care about what games I played. A game was a game. But the trend is to bring really crappy games out on the market. I'm talking mostly about licensed games, like Cat in the Hat and Ice Age, which are crappy movies to begin with, but they make even worse games. They are usually no longer than an hour and have no standards at all. Yet when I see people walking inside the Best Buy or Circuit City they buy this licensed crap. I realize I'm more of a gamer than they are. I research a game before I buy it; I go to review sites and check its features. I have a budget, so I want a game that lasts long and stays addicting. It just pains me to see a parent buy Mary-Kate and Ashley's little adventure for their 7-year-old girl who owns a pink game boy but only gets exposed to jeux-de-la-crap. So I just advise everybody to check out if they would like a game before they buy it, and parents too. The Internet is a magical place.