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YoBrandino's October Entertaiment Updates

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

First and foremost, we will discuss my current participation in the world of video games. Having come to end of my time with Pokemon Black (DS), I was once again able to return to the games it interrupted. And thus I attempted more of Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (PS2) and I tried harder and harder to really get into it. But alas, I decided it was wasting my time and I had many other games I would rather spend my time with. And so, after 60 or so hours in, I decided to just give up as it was not a good enough game to keep me playing. So, I moved on to play Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on the Wii. Now, Fire Emblem is probably my favorite video game series, and I'm not sure why it took me so long to get to playing Radiant Dawn, but I'm glad I finally did. So, in 58 hours that felt like a blink of the eye, I finished the game. It was Fire Emblem, so I loved it. While I felt it was one of the weaker games in the series, I really enjoyed the story and the further exploration of the world of Tellius from Path of Radiance on the GameCube. I certainly plan to replay both these games again and take advantage of transfering character data for stat bonuses next time. And thus, here is my Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn review.

And now I have just started with Shin Megami Tensai - Digital Devil Saga (PS2). I have been on the fence with SMT games. I played a good amount of Nocturn, but i honestly ended up boring me to death that I quit. I also gave up on the Devil Summoner series, though maybe too quickly. Thus far, I am really enjoying Digital Devil Saga and can't wait to play more.

On the handheld side, I have yet to get back into The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) since finishing Pokemon. But I play to get back into playing it tonight hopefully.


Moving on to the world of television and movies, Dexter has returned and it's a bit crazy this season. The preview for next week's episode looked absolutely over the top. I. Can't. Wait. It's not the strongest of season yet, but that can change. But next episode looks to be awesome incarnate. Other shows, hmm.. kinda watching that Terra Nova show on Fox, but I dunno. It's fun enough for now, so we'll see. Then Tuesday's are packed with the comedy of Glee, New Girl, and Raising Hope. And on top of the, the new Sarah Michelle Geller show, Ringer. I gave it a shot, just to see. But I am really enjoying it. The premise is a little odd, but it's working to make a great show.


Well, I watch a lot of movies, but there have been two stand-out movies recently that I will touch on. The first one is Stay. It is from 2005 and has Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling, Naomi Watts. This movie really resonated with me, I enjoyed everything throughout the movie and the ending came together beautifully. You should watch it, so I won't say much. But I thought it was excellently done. The other movie is one I just watched the other night and it is called Melancholia. It stars Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The synopsis is: two sisters find their already strained relationship challenged as a mysterious new planet threatens to collide into the Earth. The movie focuses on these sisters and one's fallings of deep depression and the others paranoid breaking the face of disaster. The end of the world is really a side aspect, which is a beautiful change. But this moving is powerful. You will walk away felling down, but I sure hope you'll enjoy the raw beauty that I did.

The Gathering Storm

And finally, we will end with books (or audio books as I prefer). As I have mentioned many times, I am reading the Wheel of Time series, and it is the best thing in the world. I am now on book 12, The Gathering Storm. And as I have said with almost every book in the series, this is my favorite one yet! But really I think this one will be my most favorite maybe. I have just a few chapters left. Then I will start on book 13, and then will have to wait until the final book is released. But they have just announced that it will come out in November 2012. However, I really need to figure out how I will fill this void in the meantime though...