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While I am still playing through Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS). I have been highly engrossed in the offerings the the 3DS eShop lately. After falling in love with Pushmo, I have been spending large amounts of time with Dillon's Rolling Western and Sakura Samurai. Anyone with a 3DS should certainly download these three games. Dillon's Rolling Western is very active game and its pure fun to control Dillon's rolling abouts with the touch screen. There is more action than tower defense here, so that was good for me. But those towers sure can help. Next was Sakura Samurai. I started off a little mixed on this one, but now I just want more. So, here is my Sakura Samurai Review.

Sakura Samurai

I picked up Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS. I had it for the PS2 but hadn't finished it, so I look forward to finally playing it all the way through on the 3DS. Also looking forward to getting my preorders for Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) and Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) when they come out in the next month or so. I also put in my preorder for The Last Story (Wii), so yay!

It has been awhile now since I finished the last Wheel of Time book, and the next and final one have been pushed back from November this year to January next year now. The anticipation is killing me, but my connection to the series has died down a little with being away from it. So, I'll probably have to hit a couple of the books up again between now and then. Anyways, I just read the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (who is the one finishing the Wheel of Time series for the late Robert Jordan). The Mistborn Trilogy was AWESOME! I ended up absolutely loving these books. The characters, unpredictable twists and turn, and good characters really drew me in kept me completely entranced. The changes and plot growth throughout the books is just amazing. So much intrigue and questions to get answered all come together for a wonderful ending. I'm not a big crier, but this series actually brought tears to my eyes on two occasions. With themes of slavery, revolutions, war, religion,c1ass, and fantasy, Brandon Sanderson has scripted a very unique world. Some characters are blessed with powers deriving from metals and as you progress you will learn of other types of powers too. I don't want to give anything away, so you will just have to read them for yourselves. And I highly recommend that you do. You will not regret following these characters and the story from beginning to end.


While the Mistborn Trilogy was superb, there is now a fouth book. This book takes place in the same world but 300 years later. So it is now a direct continution of the same characters, but it expands on the world in new ways. I am only a few chapters in and don't think it will captivate me like the first three books, but I am certainly looking forward to reading more.