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New Toys! Weeeeeeee!!

So, I had the 3DS XL all preorded and was excited about the big screen! But then...

I went and replaced myu 40" 720p HDTV and got a 55" 1080p Smart 3D TV (LG- Passive 3D). And OH! is it AWESOME!

And to go with that, I got a PS3. I could justify it now with the new TV and to use as a Blu Ray/3D Blu Ray player as well. Plus, 3D games!

OMG! I love it!

I already watched How to Train Your Dragon in 3D like 3 times this week. Haha, great movie!

Valkyria Chronicles

I got the Prince of Persia 3D Trilogy to check out the 3D game. But more exciting is that I have Valkyria Chonicles on its way in the mail, whoo hoo!! Also on its way is 3D Dot Heroes sicne I think it looks pretty cool.

Thus, cancelled my 3DS XL preorder and will live with my standard 3DS for now. But I did just get Pokemon Conquest (DS) finally and Mario Kart 7 (3DS), but really have only been playing some Mario Kart lately.

On other notes....

I finished reading Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings. Byt the end I was blown away with awesomness and certainly can not wait for the continuation of the series. Currently reading Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series - Book one - Furies of Calderon. It is really good too. I love me some good audiobooks!

I have been starting to watch some anime again. Specifically, Full Metal Panic.. slowly, but its enjoyable enough. But I need to get back to Bleach since it has been way to long... not sure where I left off...

Any ways, WHOO HOOO!! 3D TV!!!