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Hellooo... mailbox!

Today's a fun day for the mail. My Xenoblade Chronicels (Wii) arrived... hooray! Plus in came Catherine (360) and Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 (DS). Very exciting! I can't wait to get home and try them out.

Well, first I will have to play Devil Survivor: Overclocked (3DS) before Devil Survivor 2, but I really liked what I had played so far of the first one so it justified to go ahead and get the second one. Though I did break my rule of not getting sequels until I finish the previous game. But I figured it would probably be my last DS game, so said why not.

Pokemon Conquest

But that was wrong, because I will certainly be getting Pokemon Conquest! This game just seems so beyond awesome to me! I have a light love of Pokemon and a growing love of historical figures thanks to Samurai Warriors Chronicles (3DS).

I have also just downloaded Nobunaga's Ambition on my iPhone. The game is enjoyable, but I don't really know what to do yet. I fail miserably. Though its still fun, it will take me time to figure it out I think. Anyways, if you want iPhone game suggestions, there really are some great ones. First off is the free version of Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino. Its a great version of the deck building card game. Its one of my new favorite games and you can't go wrong with this iPhone version since it is free. I also recommend Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride Pocket if you like those games. But the game I have been having alot of fun with lately on the iPhone is called Squids. There are four different cIassed of squids which you increase there stats and play through stages shooting your Squids into enemies to damage them and maneuvering your way to the goal. Check it out.

Dynasty Warriors 7

And to continue on the Warriors route, I have been playing Dynasty Warriors 7 (360) and am surprised at how good the story telling in it is. Really strikes hard with the emotion. Plus I just really enjoy the game play. Can't wait for an Empires version though. I really liked what I saw in DW 5 Empires, but want something more modern to sink into. But now I am trying to decide which Samurai Warriors games to get - I played Chronicles on the 3DS, but am torn between SW 3 on the Wii or SW 2 on the 360 (which I would also get SW 2 Empires too), I'm just not sure how dated 2 will feel on the 360 or how well 3 plays on the Wii.

Other games I'm playing include Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS). This game has charm, but its not drawing me in. The one word I would use to describe the game is chaotic. The game play is just a little much for me with the controls and controlling Pit on the ground. Then the story elements take place on the bottom screen while I'm trying to keep up the game on the top screen. So, I'm personally a little let down but I can't deny it is fun. Just don't know if I will stick it out or give up... my gaming time is very precious after all - so many games, so little time. I did finish The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and while it didn't spark me like Windwaker had, it was certainly great! I may or may not pump out a review; eh, most likely not at this point.

Mistborn Birthright

In other news, I finished the (audio)books Mistborn: Alloy of Law and Elantris both by Brandon Sanderson. I loved the original Mistborn Trilogy so much, and this follow-up book was just ok. Elantis was really really good though. And I am currently listening to another of his books, Warbreaker. It is interesting but not as good as Mistborn Trilogy or Elantris, at least not yet. And I am certainly looking forward to the upcoming Mistborn video game, Mistborn: Birthright.

I am also attending my fisr convention(s) this year. First off, on my way down to Florida for a Carribean Cruise Vacation ina couple weeks, I will be stopping by JordanCon in Atlanta, GA (The Wheel of Time convention). Then in August it looks like I'll be heading to GenCon in Indianapolis for a day, to check it out finally and at least get Brandon Sanderson's autograph on a book. Then later in August, I'll be headed back to Atlanta, GA with a friend for Dragon*Con. So, looking forward to checking out these conventions finally. And think I may do a day in cos-play at Dragon*Con as Dr. Horrible. So, that should be fun.