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April blog bring May....

Yeah, whatever.

So, happy easter. Getting ready to go to family for an easter dinner.. and some candy!

All holidays should be on weekdays (mon, thurs, fri) so they don't take up my precious weekend time, lol.

Samurai Warriors Chonicles Screen

So, I have been playing lots of Samurai Warriros: Chonicles for the 3DS. And I highly recommend this game, it is super great. Its taking up most of my gaming time. I got almost 40 hours into, and lots to go!!

I also managed to fit in Dante's Inferno on the Xbox 360. I really enjoyed it, it only took 8-10 hours to beat, but that is welcome with my limited gaming time. I had read Dante's The Divine Comedy Part 1: Inferno many many years ago, and so it was interesting to see this video game twist. I'm going to try to find time to write up a review soon, but we'll see. Hoping for some news an a sequel soon.

Dantes Inferno Screen

Now I got to get back to Batman: Arkham Asylum (360) and finish it, and then back to Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (PS2) and finish it.

Ok, off for easter time.

Day of the 3DS: Aftermath

Too much 3DS yesterday, lol.

I love the 3D so much. And am glad it doesn't give me any headaches or eye issues. I played a ton yesterday for long periods of time, and so no issues there. However, today my thumbs are sore playing and even my arms are sore from playing the Face Raiders game.

Face Raiders

So, I did my settings, set up wifi connection, made my Mii, and toyed around with the other preloaded software. Checked out the 3DS Sound App, but its pretty much the same form the DSi, and don't think I'll ever go into it again truthfully. I never did much with taking photos with my DSi either, but I thought the temptation of taking 3D photos would be greater. So, I took a few photos, and its cool enough, but nothing I'll spen much time doing. I made my Mii, used the camera option, so it took my photo and made the Mii, and then I made a few changes to it to make it better. I also checked out scanning the QR codes from others here on Gamespot to load in the Miis, and thats simple enough.

Then, in the Mii Plaza, there is a game where your Mii is kidnapped, and you have to find other hero Miis to save you. You do this with the Street Pass feature, so when you cross by others with a 3DS, you can pick up a hero that can then fight ghosts to save you. I don't think I'll be passing anyone though, so that's a shame. But you can also unlock a hero using the points your gain from the steps counted. The other mini game thing in the Mii Plaza is a puzzle thing. You can get puzzle pieces with Street Pass or by unlocking with the points. These seem to just unlock an image when you get all the pieces. They are nice additions, but not sure I'll get much use out of them as I don't typically take my handhelds many places.

Download Play option is there and it has two options, one for 3DS Download Play and one for DS Download Play. There is an activity logger that keeps track of your games played, time played, steps, etc. There is a note function, so when playing 3DS games, you can suspend and go to the note app to take notes if needed. There is a friends list and a notifications section. Also the web browser icon, which will be functional after the May update.

And then there is Face Raiders and the AR Games. These are big pluses. Face Raiders has you take photos of faces and then it plops then in helmets, etc and float around your room where you have to shoot them. The face get animated, and that just works so well, its crazy. Its awesome seeing your rooms walls get blown out and busted up while playing. There are different levels and bosses. Nothing too in depth, but just enough to keep you interested and going back for more. Then there are the AR Games which use the AR cards. The games are all activated with the question block card and you'll end up fighting lots of dragons throughout. The Target Shooting was fun and so was the Cue Ball game. I didn't;t care much for the Fishing game though. You'll also be able to unlock additional levels, etc with the points you earn on the system. The other cards are all just character models that you can rotate through different poses and sizes. They could be used for some fun photos.

Shadow Wars Samurai Warriors Super Monkey Ball

So, I got Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Was, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, and Super Monkey Ball 3D.

I played a couple stages in Shadow Wars and really look forward to rest of the game. This is a solid strategy game that stands on its own two feet. The setting is not my typical cup of tea, but I think it'll suck me in enough. I also really loved the 3D depth used with this game, its nothing flashy, but to me, this is how it should be done most of the time. It just makes the game look much nicer.

Samurai Warriors is the game that has occupied most of my time thus far. I'm not that familiar with the series but this game may make me a fan. Its a little hectic during battles with switching between warriors and different objectives with time limits, etc. But it keeps you on your toes. I usually prefer English dubbing, but its no biggie that its Japanese audio only with English text. I think the game looks great in 3D, and think this may be favorite of the games really.

I've played a bit of the Monkey Ball games here and there but they never really hold my interest. But I thought I'd give Super Monkey Ball 3D a shot anyways. I thought the 3D may be cool and the option to control it with the tilt controls may be good. Plus the other two game modes, a fighter and a cart racer were pluses. I've gotten pretty much what I expected out of it. The cart racer is good enough to last a little while, but not as polished as a Mario Kart game obviously. The fighter reminds me a simplified Smash Bros like fighting game. Very simplified. I'm not much for any fighters, but I'll go back to it for a little bit. For the main game of tilting levels and getting bananas, I tried both the slide pad control and the tilt controls. The 3D is no good with the tilt controls. But I think I prefer to play with the slide pad control and with 3D. But this game really won't hold me for too long and will probably get traded in quite soon.

Speaking of the slide pad, it is very nice. It feels great and works like a charm. The other slider on the system would be the 3D adjuster. I definitely want to play with 3D on as much as possible, but it is beneficial to mess around with the slider to find the best position for your eyes. Each game had me adjusting it a little for the best image for me. And this is usually about in the middle.

Well, here are my initial impression after the first day. And I am certainly glad I picked up the 3DS. It is a nifty piece of hardware and I highly recommend it. Highly recommend.

Nintendo 3DS!!

Yay! I finally get to pick up my 3DS in the morning!!! Wooo hooo!

I checked out the demo at Best Buy and was really happy with it. The 3D was nice, but the slide pad was REALLY nice.

I really want to see how the original DS games look on it, now that the internets make out to be not ideal. I'm sure it will be fine. But, if not, then I'll have an excuse to try and get a DSi XL some time... I love that large screen!

Anyways, after comtemplating whether or not to get Samurai Warriors Chronicles, I decided to get it and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. I'm really excited for Shadow Wars now, I ignored it before since I never played any Tom Clancy games and new the console Ghost Recon games were shooters, which I generally don't play. But its a strategy game, you know, like sRPG... my favorites!! So, yay for finding this game!

But now I think I'll pass ono Samurai Warriors and may actually get Super Monkey Ball 3D, lol.


Ok, moving on.

I just watched Cube, which I thought I saw, but now I'm not sure sure since I didn't really remember it much, just the general. So, no watching Cube 2 Hypercube. Not great movies, but fun enough.


3DS in the morning!!!!

waiting... waiting... waiting...

So, I finished Luminous Arc for the DS. I really enjoyed the game and put over 50 hours into it. Which is quite a bit for a handheld game.

Luminous Arc

Anyways, I have posted my Luminous Arc (DS) review. And now I take a break from the DS. Well, I guess it's probably my last time using a DS since I won't play another DS game now until after I get the Nintendo 3DS.

Woo! Just a little over a month now! My interest in the 3DS has gone back in forth a little. But its full steam excitement now! I'm a big fan of 3D. I find it just beautiful and can't wait until its more integrated in everyday life. And its not about the gimmick of things popping out at you. But how nice it looks to have the added depth.

I decided that I am going to get Samurai Warriors Chronicles as my launch title for the 3DS. I thought about not getting a launch game since the 3DS will be fun enough to mess around with without want with the features and AR cards, etc. Plus I still have tons of DS's games I need to play still, lol. But I'm really looking forward to playing the Samurai Warriors game now, so that settles it. I can't wait!

Samurai Warriors Chronicles

Plus, I am so stoked to get to mess around with the augmented reality stuff. It just think its sooo neat. I can't wait!

Outside of the 3DS excitement, I'm still playing Magna Carta for the PS2, but I also started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum and am absolutely loving it. Plus I got the GotY Edition, so I got the 3D glasses to play it with too!

Let the Lord of Chaos Rest

So, I just finished the 6th book, Lord of Chaos, of Robert Jordon's Wheel of Time series. These books are beyond amazing and Lord of Chaos was the best yet.

Lord of Chas

This series is extremely character driven with a very unique and excellent fantasy world crafted. The series is a heft undertaking, with 13 books out, plus a prequel, and the 14th and final book to be released early next year. So, if you've read any of the books, share your thoughts, but NO spoilers. And if you haven't, I really suggest you look into it, they are the best books I've ever read (or listened to via audiobook) and they just keep getting better and better!


Been watching the BBC show, Merlin. It's pretty good and gives me lots of nice laughs. The characters in it are a joy to watch interact with each other with fun magical story lines. I only have a couple episodes of season 3 left and so will have to wait for season four now. I hate waiting.

Also, since I started Netflix back up, I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning. I had really only saw it here and there when it was originally aired, but wished I would have watched it then. So, catching up on it now. I'm a big Joss Whedon fan, and I also really liked the spin-off show, Angel a whole lot. I'm in the middle season 2 of Buffy now, so still have plenty left to watch.

I've just about sold all the games I wanted to on I have a couple original xbox games listed still and then I have some original PS and SNES games up on eBay that'll be ending the weekend. So, this all has allowed me to weed out my game collection some, and to make some additions as well. I recently got Luminous Arc 2 (DS), Valkyria Chronicles II (PSP), Fable III (360), Dragon Quest IX (DS), Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (DS), Rock Band 3 (360), Hexyz Force (PSP), Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (PSP), Ys: The Oath in Felghana (PSP), Ys Seven (PSP), and Nier (360). Plus I did a few game trade-in's and my DSi to Gamestop to preorder the 3DS.


So, I'm pretty stoked for the 3DS. I love 3D, and this glasses free is very intriguing. I wish the launch line up was a bit better though. They were really touting this for the system, but I am certainly let down. There are some great games to come out soon after, but on launch day, bleh. I'm thinking of getting the Samurai Warriors Chronicles game. I've never really played the series, but it has interested me a little. But this title may be a nice taste of it for me at least. Still on the fence, and if I decided against it, I guess I'll go with the Monkey Ball game. But probably Samurai Warriors. And I already have The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS preordered for when it come out!

Until then (hurry up March 27th!), I'm still working on finishing Luminous Arc on the DS, which I now have to finish on my old original DS (phat as it's so commonly called now). I miss my nice bright and larger DSi screen, lol. I'm really enjoying Luminous Arc though. I think this turn-based, grid-styIe strategy RPG is my favorite genre. PS. Fire Emblem, FTW!

And with this, I will leave with a quick note to video games in general: Dear Video Games, There are too many of you and not enough time, arg!

Games for Sale

Since I have been on a kick selling games on, I decided to sell a few more games off. So, I listed a few Playstation and SNES games on eBay since I can't sell them on Glyde. So, just in case you may be interested, you can check them out here

Games for sale include:

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete (PS)

Grandia (PS)

Final Fantasy VII Greatest Hits (PS)

Final Fantasy VIII (PS)

Final Fantasy IX (PS)

Super Castlevania IV (SNES)

Secret of Evemore (SNES)

Illusion of Gaia (SNES)

The awesomeness that is Glyde!

So, added the Marketplace feature, which is simply a portal to Here are my impressions:

I have been using it for about a month now, selling some of my games that I've played or no longer plan to play. And I have been pretty satisfied with the prices I've been getting. Then, using my credit, picking up some games I really want!

Not to sound advertise-y, but it is such a simple website to use and totally hassle free. To sell a game you just select the title and choose the condition. The condition effect the price, and it suggests its calculated current market price for the game. But you can adjust the price as you may see fit. It will let you know if you are over market price or if there are others already listed at the same price that would sell first. You can always lower your price then to get yours to sell first for the lower price if you prefer. Or simply be patient to get the market price. A huge plus is that there is no listing fee. They simply deduct 12% of the sale price as there fee after it sells. Overall, it seems pretty fair and the amount you get when all is said and done is definitely better than trading into a store, and so much simpler than using ebay.

The greatest aspect of is the shipping aspect. When a buyer buys your game, they are charged half of the set shipping price, and the other half is deducted from the sale price. Then, all you do is wait until you get the mailer in the mail, usually in 2-4 days, and then you just put the game in and put it back in the mail. Once the buyer received the game, you are credited the amount due to you in your Glyde account.

You can then use your Glyde credit to purchase other games, or for a $2.00 fee you can transfer the credit to your bank account or have them send you a check. I've simply been using my credit earned to buy more games!

In the month that I have been using Glyde, I have already sold 14 games, and have a few sales pending right now too. I have also purchased a few games and have been quite happy with these results.

The interface is easy to use and simple to keep track of what you have for sale, what has sold, and what you have purchased. It also allows for simple USPS tracking of incoming and outgoing games.

Plus there is more! Haha, not only can you buy and sell video games (PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PS3, Xbox 260, Wii, PSP, and DS games that is), but you can also buy and sell books, CD's, and movies.

Also, when I have had any questions or anything, the customer support email has been quick and friendly.

I definitely recommend the service after using, and just thought I would share my experience for anyone who has seen it and wondered or for anyone that hasn't know about it yet. So, if you wanna check it out, just click on over to and get started.

I feel like a commercial, lol.

Game Spotlight

Elebits DS

I just wanted to say that I loved this game back when I played it. The original Elebits for the Wii was interesting, but this DS follow-up went in a different direction with Zelda-esque action adventure gameplay. It was a lot of fun to play and had tons of charm. I really hope Konami continues with the franchise in this direction. And after I started to post this, I diverted and ended up writing and posting my Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero review.

Science Fiction Fandom

So, one of my favorite shows of all time is Battlestar Galactica. Then they created the spin-off Caprica, and I really enjoyed the start of the new show. Then it got to the point were I could pretty much take it or leave it. Then it gets cancelled and I'm not really hurt. Then they ended up airing the last five episodes in a marathon the other night, so I tuned in hoping to get some closure. I must say, that I was very impressed. These episodes intrigued me more than the show had before, and I am certainly sad that it was cancelled now. At least I have Blood & Chrome to look forward to now.


The same night of the final 5 Caprica episodes also marked the return of V. I'm not super crazy for this show, but I definitely enjoy it.

Anyways, I hate when good shows I like get cancelled. Though, sometimes it may be for the best. Like with Caprica, it ended on a good note with me, thought at that point I would have liked to see more. But had it kept going, perhaps it would have just lost my interest again. And in the case of one of my other favorite shows, Dollhouse. The second season was so awesome since they shrunk the time line and jam packed it with everything since it had been cancelled, that it made for a really powerful second season. But I was still devastated to see if go. So yeah, poor Joss Whedon, they always try to put his shows on bad time slots and then cancel them. I still say Firefly being cancelled was completely wrong.

Dr. Horrible

PS. Dear Joss Whedon, please get cracking on the Dr. Horrible sequel. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is still my favorite thing in existence of all time.

Sakura Wars

And on a side note, I finally posted my Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love review. I really want to get a better format for my reviews that more consistently touch on rating different aspects, so we'll see how that goes at some point.

Tiny Rant on Skies of Arcadia Legends

Skies of Arcadia Legends

I have attmpted to play this game several times now. After finishing Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, I somehow found myself giving this game another shot. There is so much to like about this game, yet I find it to be completely unplayable. I can never find anything I need to find and with the ever to frequent random battles, its just impossible for me to make any progress. So, I am done waisting my time with this game. No more chances for it, I'm finally moving on. *sigh*