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The Kickstarter for this game is now at 530% funded and growing.  This is one to watch people.  It will probably be big news all over the net very soon.

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For those of you who haven't heard, there is a game in development by the indie dev team Gears for Breakfast called A Hat In Time.  The special nature of the game is that it is a 3D exploratory collect-a-thon type game much in the same vain as Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64.  What has me so excited and hopeful for this project however, is how far along the project appears already, before the dev team has received even a cent from their Kickstarter, which is currently 410% funded. 

Insane I know, but they have tons of awesome stretch goals that they're planning if they keep getting more money, and they are.  This is shaping up to be quite the popular indie title and I would personally love to see them reach all of their stretch goals.  This game has the potential to be like an asteroid impact to the world of indie games if it gets the attention it deserves.  Frankly, I've been hurting for the days of old when games were charming and genuinely fun to play and explore.  For all I know, this could be a major return to form, at least at the indie level.  Feel free to check the game out on their Kickstarter below and if you like it, come back here to gush about the nostalgia and whatnot.



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I certainly hope not.  Call me what you will, but I prefer to do most of my business on Steam.  I won't buy games on Origin because the service is clunky and unnecessary, and speaking with my wallet is important.  I realize EA is a huge corporation that wants to sell their products for pure profit and all, but their service is terrible and their prices follow suit; it would help their sales considerably if they just dealt through Steam as well.  I show my support by shopping on Steam, and I save lots of headache and money doing so.


Anyway, point is that unless Battlefront 3 comes out as an Origin exclusive, I won't struggle with the decision even a little of using that shoddy service.  If they do make their future Star Wars titles exclusive to Origin, they won't get half of the sales they could get since the general consensus appears to mirror my opinion.  Will they do it?  Hell yes.......

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@theexperience13 Your comment just goes to show how close-minded and petty people really are. Final Fantasy XII may have been more political and mature than other stories in FF, but it retained the magic and wonder which makes every FF game a treat while improving on the formula in many key aspects. Final Fantasy XII is my personal favorite because it was packed with content and had a worthy adventure. I must've played it over 3 times and enjoyed it every time. So there, you can go back to your cave while I give something people like you have made controversial a chance, because odds are it will be a great game to me since I'm not close-minded.

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It's more popular in Japan, but I wish it was as popular in America. BlazBlue truly is the best thingthat cameout of the fighting genre in years.

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It has a lot going for it, but it's also very linear and there isn't a lot of interesting things to do in the endgame. Even the strongest enemies in the endgame are pretty much just copies of normal enemies with different skins and colors.Like how Long Guis are the strongest enemies, but they're just blue Adamantoises.The best part ofFinal Fantasy for me has always been the crazy endgame bosses. Final Fantasy XII did a great job with this. Ithad Yiazmat, Omega Mk.XII, Gligamesh, Zodiark and other unique boss enemies that you could fight on the side after the main story was done. This was the one major disappointment in Final Fantasy XIII that I could not forgive. Even Atacus and Vercingetorix are just variations of normal Cie'th.

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You can do some research online to get caught up. It won't be a waste of effort eitherbecause the Mass Effect universe is very deep and rewarding. Trust me, Mass Effect is a great series and it deserves all of the accolades and praise it has garnered.

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It's pretty long. Longer if you count the ridiculous replayability. There are so many ways to tackle each situation and tons of cool unlockable items and weapons too. The game also has some exploration value. I remember one place in this wooded area (It's been awhile since I played the game) where you come upon a shed with a recorded tape calling out "Help!"replaying over and over again. If you investigate the cries and enter the small building a FROG team will ambush you from outside.

Lots of cool stuff in this game that keeps you coming back.

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Get better..........then beat Level 1.

Seriously, this game is great. You need to put in some realeffort because trading Demon's Souls in before you even start to really delve into the game would be a huge mistake. You'll miss out on a masterpiece. Part of the reason why the game is so great is because it doesn't hold your hand and you feel accomplished for everything you conquer.

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Jesus, Final Fantasy XIII was certainly disappointing, but it was by no means a horrible game that shouldgarner this much hate. I played it when it first came out, and sold it, but I found it cheap recentlyand replayed it and I can say that it isn't a bad game but it had some major design flaws. The music was great, the graphics are still phenomenal even today and the story is interesting, but the tubes cannot be forgiven. Either way, even with its flaws, it is still an enjoyable experience.

Now then, I do tons of research before buying a game so I don't spend hard-earned money on a crappy game, but I did make some mistakes in the rental department. The Star Wars: Unleashed series looked cool and promising, but both titles were huge letdowns. So much potential wasted. The storieswere lackluster as well, yet George Lucas feels the need to whore his property out and let crappy storywriters mess with the Star Wars canon.

Moving on.......The Darkness was a big mistake. It looked cool, and it got halfway decent reviews, but it had glitches that took the fun out of it, and of course, having lightbulbs as your primary enemy got tiring REAL quick.