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Hey guys,

This is going to be the last time I log onto Gamespot for good and I just had to come in here and say goodbye to everyone here, as this is one of the few bright spots left on this aging dinosaur. Due to just having less time lately, I haven't been around as much and with just how terribly the quality of this site has gone down, I'm leaving for greener pastures (or at least more entertaining ones). It's no fun being at this site anymore... besides here, the comminuty is completely dead. Plus, not adding half my prior game purchases sucks. It's been fun, but I'm out. I left contacts to a few people concerning the community on various matters. If you're at DigitPress or Neo-Geo, I'll see you around (look for Phyeir).

Cheers guys!

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Could be a cache issue. I'm also at 1008 for both months.Mathurin47

Crap... alright, I'll fix it tomorrow night... I'm hitting the hay now, tired as hell. Least we got good Nintendo E3 news, woo!

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Yeah I wondered if the numbers were right.  On both graphs my total says 1101.  Not a big deal but I'm not too sure about last months numbers.  Or this month's now that I think about it.  I just checked and I'm sitting at 1122 (that's with 5 added today so as of last month, should be 1117)

However if you pulled the numbers a day or two before the end of the month then that would make sense.

For the record, I think it's awesome that you take the time to put this together.  Just thought I'd make you aware that last months numbers may be off.  But who's counting?  Uh, wait...oh crap, we all do.  ;)

Maybe my browser DID pull the numbers weird... or knowing Gamespot, I could have pulled during an update and some games didn't get counted... -_-
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Something weird is going on with the CCU Collection Leaderboard chart.

I am at 919 games for 2 months in a row? And castlevaniap jumps from 1091 to Undergroundfrog 1371 in one month with only a 42 game increase?? :|


B) castlevania- did not know he switched names... quoted in last month's thrread he should have been 1371 in april

A) For some reason, my browser yesterday night showed you as 919... did you ad a bunch today or does my browser just suck? :P Either way, I can fix that if that's the case.

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Way to go UGF.  My games total won;t be updated until later this month (with my monthly shipment).

I'd love to hear from the top five which of their new games they are most happy with (or proud of), as a gaming or collecting pick-up. 


Easily the Neo Geo games that I've purchased... I tthink I've gotten 9 since the April update, so I'm up to 16 carts (2 with shocks, 3 full kits, couple with mini marquees and rest are cart only). I'm loving this Neo Geo.

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Told ya'll I'd have this in on time and I aim to please like a well paid hooker.

Here are some conditions for participation:

You must be a member of the Candid Collectors' Union.
You must ask to be included in this thread.
You must submit photos of your collection in this thread to be included.
Your game total is from your gamespot collection, except in my case, 'cause I make the chart.
Your gamespot list must contain only games that you presently own, not games that are emulations, games that you used to own, or games that you have played. if you are found to be padding your total you will be removed from the list and the union. 
If your total remains the same for four months running you will be removed from the list unless you otherwise communicate with me. Dormancy generally indicates that you are no longer active on gamespot.
You may ask to be removed from the list at any time.


Biggest Movers for the Month of March (by percentage)

Undergroundfrog - 3.06% (42 games)

Somenonsense -  3.06% (28 games)

Jollyroger78 -  2.83% (25 games)

Yagami-Iori -  1.67% (18 games)

duncanr2n -  1.00% (17 games)


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I think I'm going to stop caring about the PSP moreso now :P
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Adventure Island: The Beginning . 800 Wii Points
Clay Fighter . 800 Wii Points
Wave Race 64 . 1,000 Wii Points
Super Turrican 2 . 800 Wii Points
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons . 800 Wii Points
Super R-Type . 800 Wii Points


Isn't the Virtual Console cleared out by now? o_0

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Bought off a guy on Craigs, deal went flawlessly... received...

Savage Reign (Neo Geo MVS) - Complete Kit (Serial #2683)

Kizuna Encounter (Neo Geo MVS) - Cart Only (Seriall #750)


That's cool. The three times I have tried to buy games from a Craigslist ad it has fizzled out for one reason or another. I don't understand how there's a communication breakdown in this scenario:

"I have stuff for $5", Person A.

"I want your stuff. Tell me where to bring your $5", Person B.

There endeth the exchange.

There a thread on that over at Neo-Geo... guy trying to give away a couch and he was barely even able to get that done. The bulk of the people over on Craigs are just morons looking to dick people around.