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XxgAmErXX6655 Blog

Hello, Long lost people!


*cough* Im the one that has been lost, so for some odd strange reason i still remeber my log in info, scary!

So i guess its a sign to start becoming more active on GS again? :s

Hope your all having an awesome summer, and yeah hopefully you can all get me back into the speed of this!

take care guys :)

pz guys!

yeah well im done with GS. wont be on.. very rare u would.! so yeah see ya guys.enjoy your time here! :]

Man I cant wait for GTA IV!!!

OMG!!! just 2 more days you guys, until Game of the Year!!!!! GTA 4!!! Man i have been waiting so long for this game... AHHH!!! =O

lol!!!... who else is going to be getting their hands on the game this monday or tuesday!? alright you guys.. [XxgamerXX6655 OUT!]

see ya! ;)



lvl 28! yay!! =]

yay i finally made it to lvl 28! so whats up guys? well idk why i would write blogs if no one comments.. but w.e. it cuz im bored here at home =|

pz out guys ;)

-xxgamerxx6655 :D

What`s up & new iCon!! =D

Hey wats up guys.. well yeah its been a it seems like this place is soo outt and boring..well since no ones ON!! =|

well either created a new Icon for myself and soon a new banner!! =] and also a new icon for the DBZ Exp. Union [which if you havent joined, JOIN!!! lOl] alright you guys heres the icon:

New Icon Tell me what you guys think of it [honestly] =D

see ya guys later


Long A$$ Time!! my friends!!

yep its gamer back here on with the summer time coming ima be on more often [maybe] yeah well i havent been here since like dec. and that was alos the same day i wrote my last blog !!! =/ well yeah you guys now im back! Also i cant wait to get that new DBZ game for the 360 man its looks freaking awesome!! =] hopefully some of you guys get a 360 so that we can play!! :D alright then you guys see ya and pz out!!

P.S. [i got a sidekick!] =P

pzz out!! -xxgamerxx6655

Happy New Years!!! =]

Hey u guys. Whats up? Well, I know Im not on much but I just wanted to let you guys know that have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Years you guys.. Catch ya guys later see ya :D :) ;)


Sup GUys!!!

Well, yeah I know i have not been on at all!! So im sorry for that I've been busy as usual,Freshman year is tough! :D So yeah I just want to know how are all you guys!? So if you have the time just comment and I will comment back or message you guys!!! So alrighty then you guys see you all later and take care!!! :) Pz put you guys.. :Gets headphones and listens to Boys Like Girls!!!:

-Bye, XxgamerXX6655;)

Yayy Its my Birthday Today!!!! =][=

Yay you guys my b-day is today!! Im 15 yrs old!!!!:D:D:D:D Ahh man best b-day so far man I love today!!! Well, I just wanted to let you guys here in GS to know that my b-day is today!!:) I really hope you guys comment this blog!! Also sorry for not being on so much I've been having alot skool work. Alright you guys see you later!! Pz outiezzzz :]

Here take a piece of B-DAY Cake!!!:

Byeee!!!! :D