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Pretty Soon Gaming Will Be Like Exersising/ My Friend Came Home From Brazil

Why do I say gaming will be like exersising? Because Microsoft and Sony are copying the Wii; having the motion sensors and stuff. I know this is old news, but I was just recently thinking about it. The whole point of gaming is to just zone out, and have fun with it, in my opinion. Not exersize. If I wanted to get all physical with it, I could take a jog or go to the gym. I have a Wii, and I will admit, it's fun sometimes to swing your Wii remote to slash someone with a lightsaber, or swing your nunchuck up to give your openent in boxing a nice upercut, but sometimes, when gaming, you just want to sit on your bed/couch and have fun. I mean can you imagine what it would be like to play Modern Warfare 2 multi-player on the Wii? That would be a disaster. When the motion sensors come out from Sony and Microsoft, I hope only some of the games are like that. So what's your opinion? Okay, so to the second part of my blog. Obviously my friend came back from a two-week vacation to Brazil. (Lucky) He went to the city, Rio de Janerio. There's some kind of famous martial arts there that they teach, so he said that he would at least become a gold belt or something. Well, he got nothing of that manner acomplished. I guess he was having so much fun on the beach and stuff, he forgot all about it. :lol: He said that he met this girl that he really liked, but I said "Pics or it didn't happen" and he said he forgot his camera. I doubt he met a hot girl that speaks English, because he doesn't speak Porteguese. That trip was so wasted on him. I actually speak more Porteguese that HE does. :evil: I gave him enough Porteguese words to get by on his trip... :evil: [spoiler] I REALLY wanna go to Brazil!!!!!!!!!!! [/spoiler]