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Microsoft Conference Thoughts

Microsoft's new "Xbox One" has been revealed just weeks before E3 and I have a few thoughts on their presentation.

I personally did not enjoy the presentation as a gamer. It felt as if Microsoft left gamers in the cold and focused on simple afterthought features such as Apps, Social Networking, Media, and TV. The fact that MS did not focus next gen games did not nessisarily bother me because the whole idea of the event is to just to reveal what the Xbox One's next generation hardware abilities were. They barely revealed anything as far as next gen can do.

Only 3 games were shown that I can remember; 2 of which are sequels. Forza Motorsport 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and a new IP from the makers of Kane and Lynch. Now, these are all nice games and all, but Microsoft needed to really use a game that can fully express the capabilities of the new hardware.

Forza 5 had the best trailer as far as showing what this new shiny Xbox One can do. It seemed to show off higher resolution models and environmental/lighighting details, which is great. Call of Duty Ghosts is being developed to run on current generation games and it did not impress from a next gen standpoint. And finally, the new IP didn't display anything as it was a live action trailer with generally prerendered gameplay sequences.

I am very displeased about the name of the console. The leaked "Xbox Infinity" name was a much better name. It's as if MS didn't want people to be right about rumors and speculation so they changed it for no reason. Also, I did not like that they were using big numbers and seldom used terms in the specifications. They should have skipped that part completely and used a real time LIVE demo to showcase what next gen can do.

All that I can say is that I'm glad we know what the Nextbox is and what it looks like and I'm excited to see all the new next gen games at E3.

Binding of Isaac: Initial Thoughts

The Binding of Isaac is a game based on Genesis chapter 22 in the Bible, where Abraham is tested by God by commanding Abraham to offer his cherished, only son, Isaac , as a burnt sacrifice. What many people forget or ignore, is that later in the chapter, God saved Isaac by sending an angel commanding Abraham, knife in hand, not to lay a hand on the boy. This was test for Abraham to prove that he feared the Lord. God rewarded Abraham by blessing his descendants and making them "as numerous as the stars."

The art direction in this game is, in some ways, masterful. The character design and facial animations are phenomenal, but the color palette is bland and dirty. It seems like the only color in the game is either red, brown, or tan, which is somewhat dissapointing. Blood and gore is very plentiful, which sometimes makes it satisfying destroying a boss, but frankly (Who is Frankly? Huh, WHO!!!! *gets shoveled*), the gore and blood is just plain wrong looking for many of the numerous enemy designs. There comes a time when you wonder "how much blood could POSSIBLY be in a small, carnivorous flesh blob?" In a completely different area of art/graphical design, there is not 1080p support for fullscreen at this point in time, meaning that, if you have a 1080p monitor, the image will be altered infull screen. Hopefully this feature will make it into the game in a future update.

Control is a huge issue in this game. The problem isn't exactly the responsiveness, but the feel. Playing on the PC, the default controll scheme is ASDW for moving and the directional keys for projecting tears (Yes, Isaac fights with tears... like a man! :cry: ). The moving part is right, but the directional keys just do not feel right for several reasons, the first being, since the game is structured like the original Zelda's dungeon areas, you would expect a single fire button and the direction Isaac is facing chooses which of the four directions he will fire. For example, it should be natural to assume that pressing "D" would make you face right, and the fire button would shoot right, but with the directional key scheme, you could shoot left while looking right. Secondly, controls like that feel like they belong in an arcade game, not a console experience. In addition to 1080p support, cross your fingers for "traditional Zelda" controlls later on.

So, there are some initial thought and critique on the game. Thank you for reading another pointless blog.


My Birthday

Hello everyone, I recently had a birthday and turned 17, which means I can buy M-rated games. My friend gave me her Wii because she doesn't play it anymore, but she only had four games and they aren't very good besides Twilight Princess (which I am playing through on the Gamecube). Also Petz Horsez 2 is amazing!!! If features 13 frames per second and graphics that will give the Sega Saturn a run for it's money. To celebrate getting a Wii, I bought Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They are both really (REALLY) good although Smash Bros. is my favorite. I'm also on the lookout for a Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword bundle that comes with the gold Wii-mote. So, yeah, whatever...

I think I might download Bastion on XBLA because it looks pretty fun...

Gosh this was such a pointless blog... Thank you for reading it though; I promise I'm playing games (Super Crate Box-ipod Touch) and being cool (eating fajitas).


New Games

Hello people (probably person...), I have bought five new games in the past week. The first three games I bought were all Rock Band games because Gamestop had a buy one get two free sale. I chose RB 1, 2, and The Beatles. I am a veteran at plastic guitar gaming so getting 150+ new songs rock with is pretty sweet. For eight US dollars for all of them, it was totally worth it.

The other two games I bought were Pokemon White and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King two days ago. Pokemon is amazing. I have not played a recent Pokemon game since Diamond and the only reason I did not buy any up till this week was because my sister broke my DS Lite. White is fantastic because you do not have access to older generation Pokemon until way late in the game. So far, I have had a lot of fun with it and I'm just about to face the 3rd gym leader. As for Wrath of the Lich King; I have not even opened it, and with good reason too. I am giving it to my best friend (almost girlfriend) for a Christmas present. She loves WoW and that is about the only game she cares for.

As for Christmas being 4 days away, I'm very excited for the two games that I asked for. They're Super Mario 3D Land and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. I'm mostly excited for Mario because it looks freaking FANTASTIC and seems to integrate 3D for gameplay which should make for an awesome experience.

Thank you for reading this completely pointless blog that no one cares about at all, [size=8]Also I'm working on a top ten blog that you should see in less than two weeks[/size]


New Games and a New System

Hello Gamespot people, my last blog wasn't very popular because I picked a cruddy title. Anyways, I bought 3 new games: Super Mario Sunshine (GC), Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (GC), and Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (DS). I have played about 2 hours of Sunshine and 2 hours of Partners in Time. I have not played a good 3D platformer in a while so Sunshine is pretty awesome. Partners in time is looking to be a fantastic game like Superstar Saga.

Also, I bought an original purple Gamecube and some component cables for it. The Gamecube I have at the moment is platinum colored and does not have some inputs the original versions of the Gamecube had. With the cables I bought, I can play Gamecube games in their full glory (albeit 480p) Which is fantastic, improves textures, and supports widescreen on some games.

[color=cyan]Gamecube[/color] > [color=green]Xbox[/color] > [color=blue]PS2[/color]

All in all, I spent around $80 on the Gamecube and games.

I've still been playing The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim along with 39 hours of my life. It's incredible and blows Oblivion to oblivion. I love how the lighting in the game is very detailed and characters look really good. Also, you can chop peoples heads off... and also eat snacks.

Thanks for looking at this seemingly pointless blog and feel free to bite the shoulder of a Battletoad.

Xplode_77 [size=8]Also check out my last blog because it wasn't popular at all. Also snacks... again...mmmmm[/size]

Red MW3 Gamefuel Is Pretty Neat

Hello all of you people who read my blog. I have not been very social on Gamespot lately, although I'm very active still. I'm always posting comments on news reports and videos. It's pretty crazy how I long I've been going to this site. I found out about it eight years ago and even then I was on here a lot. It was not until 3 and a half years ago I actually became a member and saw how great most of the people were here.

So, there is my GS life story. I'm not sure if anyone wanted to hear that. Maybe you would want to listen to theLumberjack Song though...

I have been playing tons of video games lately. Batman Arkham City is fantastic. I can't get over how good it is; the combat is combat is better than Arkham Asylum, the world is bigger and better although some of the environments are not as good as AA's. Also, since I have have a good computer now, I have been playing Team Fortress 2 (via Steam) and World of Warcraft. I know right, World of Warcraft, WoW. [size=9]lol pun![/size] Believe it or not, I'm actually not an addict that will die if my subscription suddenly failed. I think it's fun playing it with my best friend [size=9](maybe girlfriend one day... still the same one I've been trying for since forever ago)[/size] who is addicted, but other than that, WoW isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's an INCREDIBLY beautiful game though.

Tomorrow, I will once again be freezing my butt off in a huge line for a midnight release, but this time it's for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I have been waiting for this game ever since I started playing Oblivion three years ago and it looks amazing. I'm getting it for my PC because I'm curious to see how my computer will handle it. Hopefully I'll be able to run everything fluently on high specs.

Well, thanks for reading the completely pointless blog

Xplode_77 [size=9]Also, snacks[/size]

@GoldenJiggies I'm still waiting for Banjo Threeie! Macaroni you!

Batman Arkham City at midnight

Tonight, I am driving to Gamestop and picking up my most anticipated title of 2011; Arkham City. I have no doubt it will be amazing if it plays half as good as what I see in all of these fantastic reviews. Strangly enough, I do not think Arkham City will be better than The Elder Scrolls V, even though it is my most anticipated title.

I am going to play it well into the night with my Xbox 360. I don't want to get it for my new PC because I want to be able to have the two Arkham games on the same console, thus having achievements. I will be getting Skyrim on my PC though because it looks amazing and I want to see how my PC will handle it.

Thanks for reading this seemingly pointless blog. Don't get your hopes up, but possibly expect a review of Arkham City within 2 weeks or so... from me obviously...

Xplode_77 [size=10]snacks[/size]

I Built My First Computer

As the title states, I have in fact built my own gaming computer. It's got a six core processor with 2.8GHz (easy to O.C. though), 8gb of RAM, a GTX 470 NVIDA graphics card, and Windows 7 Home Premium. It's nice to have this instead of my mom's netbook.

"I'm Taking out the Trash... At Night."

Hey everyone, I bought the 3DS about 4 days ago and it is amazing. I only have The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D for it, but I don't know when I'll buy another game. Believe it or not, I beat Ocarina of Time 3D today with no deaths, 100 Gold Skulltulas, all heart peices, and all upgrades, and I didn't even use a guide.

The 3DS is incredible. The 3D effect is great and the online functions and applications are awesome. The sound quality really surprised me on how good it is. Also, the graphic capability is great and I'd say it's better than the Gamecube in that aspect.

So yeah, it is cool and you should buy one... Thank you for reading this seemingly pointless blog,


Life is Getting Strange.

Hello anyone reading this blog. Today I bought The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, which is quite strange, due to the fact I don't own a 3DS. Once I buy the 3DS, I'll be playing it like it's 1998. Also, my Zelda temple blog thing isn't going too well, but I will try my best to make it before the year is over.

My gaming life at this time concists ofplaying Borderlands (Xbox 360), Paper Mario (N64), and Golden Sun (GBA). Borderlands is a type of game I get addicted to on a monthly basis. Paper Mario is awesome, I love all of the characters and how lifelike everything is. Golden Sun is truly unique in it's story telling and is also very good.

I have been super bored lately even though I started school this week and have a job. So far school is pretty easy, but I'll start c1asses at collage in 2 weeks even though I'm a junior in high school and homeschooled. Playing guitar is a great way to get me through the day. Also, my best friend stopped talking to me because I've been acting weird and trying to get her to like me like she once did. Love is hard, but I'm glad God is all I'll need to get past this life.

Also, I have learned about a thing Gamespot uses called "BB Code". It basically helps in letting you make your text a different [color=red]C[/color][color=purple]O[/color][color=green]L[/color][color=yellow]O[/color][color=blue]R[/color]. It also makes it very easy to upload pictures and a whole lot of other things. [color=cyan]Check it out[/color] if you are interested.

Well that is about all I have to say besides most Gamespot unions being dead. Thanks for reading this seemingly pointless blog,