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I'm Back!

First I would like to again apologize for my absence, if you do not
know already my computers hard-drive burned out among other problems and I have just finished fixing it, by saturday I will be running at 12 megapixels with a radeon x1600 crossfire and 4 drives of 500 gb each.

p.s hows everybody been?

The Lost Journal 2: The Late Edition

Here we are again upon another page of updates this one promises to be alot more interesting than your usual order for day;

Bad Luck Electronics
On Tuesday Jan, 2 my mom asked me to clean are computers keyboard and so like an idiot I dismantled it and made it spot less than put it back togethor. After I put it back with the computer, me and a friend went to the mall, well we were there he dropped his moms (new)phone and broke the screen. We decided he should go home and tell his parents, I haven't heard from him since and I don't plan on calling for a week but anyways when my mom was driving us home she said the keyboard wasn't working because I burned out one of the drives or what ever it is you call them and so I had to use an old keyboard from 6 years ago. Luckly yesterday I got to pick out a new keyboard and I do love it, let me just get the description for all of you;

BenQ Wireless Desktop Companion Pro (X805)

The BenQ X805 features a 27MHz RF wireless technology that can be operated up to 7' away. It incorporates X-Structure Key Technology for an ultra-slim profile that provides enhanced stability and reduced typing noise. It also offers enhanced function keys and Internet hot keys to increase productivity.
  • X-Structure Key Technology utilizes scissors plunger key module structure to ensure a consistent, smooth and joful typing experience.
  • Enhanced 12 function keys, hotkeys and multimedia keys to blend art and technology into your daily life.
  • Unique sliding angle adjustment provides even support to all 4-corners.
  • 800dpi Optical Mouse Sensor for precision movement tracking.
  • Included In Box: Keyboard, Mouse, Receiver, 4 x "AA" Batteries, Quick Setup Guide, USB To PS2 Adapter
(in short: wireless, silenced and stylish)

The original price of it was 128.99 but I got it for 29.99 in perfect condition not used at all.

Off-Topic News:

My union is going great and keeps rising each day, take a look at it if you would like, The Japan Union
(The culture, music, history, anime and games of japan all in one)


- A Night At The Musuem (5 out of 5 stars)
- Accepted(5 out of 5 stars)


- Scarface: The World Is Yours (60%, pending)
- Still Life (unknown, very challenging)
- Silent Hill 4: The Room (I haven't started this yet)


- Half way through level 21
- Union is level 2
- Union has 170 members

Future Ambitions:

- Complete all of my games
- Complete Basilisk series
- Reach level 22 & level 3 in union
- Reach 5000 post count

extra content:
B.L.A.C.K 2 - free shooter, it's fun try it - click here
Icons Unseen - this is hilarious - click here
Dr.Tran (worlds funniest video) - click here

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We're Back In Business

As many of you may know I use to design banners, and retired for a while recently well im back with a new name and my first but 992th request complete. I was once GraphixBoy, GraphixMage, and may other alias but I have changed my last name for the last time, it's "The Guru" now. I will begin taking requests today, anybody feel free with details?

Halo Data - This Is Real

The Skulls
Yesterday I was trying to get all the skulls, so first ill make a list of all of them that I completed:

No Name Skull - yes
Thurderstorm Skull - yes
Blind Skull - yes
IWHBYD Skull - yes
Catch Skull - yes
Famine Skull - yes
GBP Skull - yes
Envy Skull - yes
Assassins Skull - no
Mythic Skull - no
Sputnik Skull - yes
Anger Skull - yes
Ghost Skull - yes
Iron Skull - no
Blackeye Skull - no

Creepy Glitches
next on the chart, this is were it gets wierd after I got my first skull " no name, " I gave up for about 20 minutes and 2 wierd things happened and I marked them down about 5 seconds after they each happened. They might be totally un-believable but all I can give you is my word that I am not lying, i'm going to get bashed in about 5 minutes after I post this.

8:29 - Tuesday 26, December 2006 - Legendary - Cairo Station - Stair case to platform in room were you enter on the second floor that has a turret and tree's in the lower level. Blue Elite " HipHop Is Dead " after killing me.

8:37 - Tuesday 26, December 2006 - Legendary - Cairo Station - Below the stair case of where you enter on the second floor that has the turret. Red Elite " Unknown phrase in German " followed by a fist raise in power (the fist raise is normal but I know I heard him speak in German right after he killed me and I was perfectly awake, no pills taken before this event occured or anything of that sort)

Outskirt Trash Can - My Own Personal Glitch

After getting the Blind Skull any difficulty, fight until Hotel Zanzibar and find the transport truck to the left now look directly infront of it at the wall with the three posters. Kill an allie soldier with the Blind Skull and keep hitting his body until you reach that same wall, once there hit his body 1-3 times at the wall and he will completely dissapear. You can also try this trick with Elites, Grunts, Jackels and even hunters.

The Lost Journal - Christmas Special

Welcome to the first page of the lost journal which is a continuation of the news and updates of the week. This section is about everything that has happened in the last month, I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to leave a comment below:

Official News:

Yesterday December 23rd was my birthday, I recieved an I-POD Nano and rented Splinter Cell: Double Agent. I will celebrate with a friends in a couple of days in the event of a paint ball tournament.

Off-Topic News:

Please look above at my level chart, notice that tomorrow on Christmas I will finally defeat level 20 as an unexpected gift.


- Borat
- The Last Holiday
- A Night At The Museum
- Get Rich or Die Tryin
- The Godfather
- The Swim Fan


- Sneak King
- The Godfather: Limited Edition (three times)
- Red Steel
- Splinter Cell: Double Agent (pending)


- completion of level 20
- 3000 posts
- Love Hina (complete)
- Full Metal Panic (complete)
- Bleach (complete)
- .Hack/Sign (complete)

Future Ambitions:

- Purchase Splinter Cell: Double Agent
- Purchase Dance Dance Revolution: Ultra Megamix 4
- Purchase Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Extra Content:
A fun filled game for the whole family, click here

p.s ive also started my own union called "The Japan Union"

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