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SVR 2010 5.5 Review/ Halo Reach/ Perfect Dark/ COD Classic.

As you could tell, I gave SVR 2010 a 5.5/10 because of the Glitches. As much as I love this game to death, since I play this game everyday, Im about had it with the glitches. The Loading Glitches is what making me want to stop playing this game, I had to restart the game 6 times because of the Loading Glitches. It'll never load If the music is playing, when your about to start a match, while It load. It's just annoying and It's killing me to say that the game is being garbage. The game would, for no reason, freeze on me at times. I understand everyone gets this problem (almost), but C-Mon? Why would a great game freeze on for no reason? I never had a single problem with this game, until now. This is the only game that freezes on me, for no reason. I ain't going to talk about the other things about the game, but If you want to, just read my Review on the game. I honestly love this game, but again, Im starting to hate it cause of this. If the loading glitches remains the same everytime, I think I may give up on this game (Just maybe). :( for a great game.

Halo Reach looks hot by the Multiplayer Beta trailer. Maybe old, but still looks great that I can't wait for the Multiplayer beta at May 3rd. I can't wait for it. All you need is the Halo 3: ODST Disk and you'll be able to play it on May 3rd, or for the people that got the Halo Reach Invitation code last week ago, you get to play it Early, which I don't have it. Again, I can't wait for the Beta to come, and while that, I can't wait for the full game to come out later this year.

I heard Perfect Dark is coming out Tomorrow, for 800 microsoft points. Man, I can't wait to get this sucker, but Im going to wait until April 8th, since my parents are going to get me 4000 Microsoft points for my birthday. This game is going to be great, since I love the N64 version.

I been playing COD Classic lately, which cost 1200 Microsoft points. I finally beat the level that I got stuck on. After I beat it, I just been playing this game like Nuts for the past day. It's a lot different then the new COD's. This one got Health Packs. Oh, and even though the Graphics looks outdate, It still looks great for a 2003 game and It looks great in HD, atleast It's better then the "Realistic" looking style these days. Yeah, If you love COD 1 on PC, just with a Controller (lol), you'll love this game. It came out like 3 months ago, but It's a great game to get for you die hard COD fans.

Anyways, thats pretty much it for now so have a Nice night to all.