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Modern Warfare 2/SVR 09/ Birthday coming up/ and other things.

Hello good old Gamespot! Im back from the dead and glad to be back, once again. I been busy at school, doing that stinking State Test, and hopefully I pass it, but things been doing good so yeah. Now lets get started.

Modern Warfare 2: As you could tell, I came back to this game, even though I sold this game a month ago for Mass Effect 2. My friend from school gave me this game for no reason on friday, and the fact that he gave it to me for Free! No cost, free. I was like, for real? He said yeah. I said, forget it, I hate the game with a passion. The guy said, but It's free! I said to him, UGHHHHHHHHHHH, just give it to me. He said, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (for no reason). I was amazed that It was free, since people usually want $ these days. Now anyways, since I came back to this game, I still hate it, but this time, Im going to keep it, since I do play it with friends here and there, but you will definitely won't see me playing this game 24/7. It's that BORING, lol. Glad that It was free though, for a guy that acts weird IMO.

Another game I came back to is SVR 09 (Smackdown vs Raw 2009). Great game. I don't exactly play this game much anymore since SVR 2010 is superior to 09, but I had fun with it on Exhibition, having Diva Matches on Exhibition, lol. This game brings me back to the good old days when me and Mitu123 (his brother) use to play Diva matches all the time online. The days when him and I use to have fun online while having Diva matches. Now that he's gone on my friendslist (Over Anger problems from me on Halo 3), now It feels like a complete Ghost town online, and Diva matches just feels boring without him. Even If you hate me Mitu123 (his brother, not the real one), I still won't forget the times when me and you have Diva matches on here like the good old days. I even bet that you get Giggles when we did this, until he started to hate me (Again, over anger issues on Halo 3). Either way, I miss the old days of this game. Anyways, great game, but I think SVR 2010 was superior in anyways, even though the Restrictions on the Diva's against Males was kinda weird.

Guess what guys! My Birthday is coming up! Im turning 16 years old and I can't wait when It comes up, which is April 8th. I don't know what Im going to get though. My parents said that Im getting a new Car pretty soon, since Im Practicing now. I can't to drive my own Car, even though I have to drive my Mom's crappy Nissan Car that is freaking Small, I just can't wait to drive my own for now, and hopefully I don't get no Wrecks, lol. Anyways, Im thinking about getting me a new game for my Birthday. It's either Final Fantasy 13, Dragon Age: Origins, or Splinter Cell: Conviction (Though It comes out in April 14, but some games come out early for no reason). I don't know what game Im going to get though, I really want Splinter Cell: Conviction, since Im a die hard Splinter Cell fan, and I hope It comes out early for no reason. I remember seeing Modern Warfare 2 at Gamestop 7 days early before the game came out, which was weird, but hopefully Splinter Cell: Conviction does the same. If not, then those 2 other games I posted I may get. I just don't know what game though! If anything else then post a reminder on this thread, like type it on the comments section. Anyways, Im glad that Im turning 16 years old next month. :)

I beat Mass Effect 2 more then 2 times already and all I have to say is that this is one of the best games of 2010 so far, to early, but to dang good of a game. Im currently on my 3rd playthrough and Im (SPOILERS) going to try to get all my team to Survive the Suicide mission, which on my 1st playthrough, I lost Tali, Grunt, Garrus, Samara, Jacob, and Jack. On my 2nd playthrough, I only lost Miranda and Tali. Im going to try to get everyone to survive on my 3rd playthrough. Either way, this is one of the best games I ever play in awhile. I was originally going to post a Review about this game, but I was to busy at school so you won't see me posting a Review about his game in awhile, until I feel like it. Again, this is one of the best games I ever play in awhile. Definitely 9.5/10 IMO.

I watch the 2012 movie a few days ago. I gotta say that this movie was pretty good. Full of action pack moments, and sad moments to. I don't want to post anything since some people didn't watch it so Im not going to say much about this movie, other then a good movie. I still don't believe on this crappy theory, but a good movie none the less.

Thats pretty much it for now guys. Goodnight guys and have a nice night, bye.