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Just beat Final Fantasy 13/ Got 12 month gold/ and other things.

Hello people, Im back!!!!!!!!! Sorry It takes me to long to post blogs here these days, Im usually at the forums these days, or doing other things, so I usually never have time to do this, but I do now so Im like "lets do it."

Alright people (SPOILERS), I just beat Final Fantasy 13 last Saturday, and It only took me 59 hours to beat the whole game. I have to say, It was a awesome game. Characters were great, while Vanille's voice does annoy me (I grown at her so I like her voice now), and Hope being an ass at first (which I like him to be honest), or Snow being a Hero wannabe trying to save Serah (Both are great couples in the game), or Lightning (my favorite) trying to have a badass attitude, orSazh (The most realistic character in the game) could be......... well, I think he's greatIMO, sowhat not!! The whole Characters were great IMO. The Soundtrack is awesome, as long as you could get use to listening the Battle theme for the millionth time (which is great). The game is a bit linear, but the great Combat system is what made the game great IMO.It gets a bit tougher in the later Chapters, but thats whatmakes the Combat system so great IMO.Graphics are great, a great break from the realistic looking graphics these days, which FF 13 does look realistic, but It's colorful. All in all, the whole game is great and It's definitely one of the best games of 2010 so far. Yeah, the other Final Fantasy's were better like 7 or 10, but 13 was a great change IMO. I'll give it a 9.0 for entertaining me, which I'll review it sometime so yeah.

I recently got 12 months of Xbox live to all my Xbox live peeps. I don't have a Mic at the moment, since It's broke, but I'll get one eventually. At least I finally could play Halo 3 without boredom, lol.

I also bought the Green Day "International Superhits" Album. It has classic songs like Redundant, Warning, Waiting, Brain Stew, Minority, and a whole lot of classics that are great to listen to.Theres 21 songs in the Album and It's only 9.99.I know there old songs, but their still better then 99% of the music we have today, like stinking Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga (serisouly her?), Justin Bieber, Eminem, or the the whole Rap genre (more like crap),and lots of people that are a disgrace to music IMO. I like Classics.

Alright people, thats it for now. Have a nice day to all.