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Im back/ Got Alan Wake & Bioshock 2 etc/ Beat Perfect Dark.

Well, Im back Gamespot! I miss this place, and sorry for not being on here for to long. I been busy at School, which I failed my Science and Social Studies State test so I gotta go to school to June 10th, but I'll be in the 11th grade this year so thats good. I was also busy on Facebook, or myspace, and play some games to finished so yeah.

Now lets get started. I just got Alan Wake and Bioshock 2. I haven't made it far between the 2, but man! Im loving these games and I'll definitely do a review before I finish these games. Whats my goal in the games? In Bioshock 2, Im going for the good ending (NO SPOILERS please), and while in Alan Wake, Im going to cover the story to see whats going on, and see how epic both games are. Both are awesome IMO.

My little brother got Red Dead Redemption, which I never got the chance to play it. He said he loves it. I'll give it a try maybe some time, but my little brother is acting like a Cowboy after getting that game, lol, and he's been addicting to the game so you know thats going to be awhile before I try it, lol.

I just beat Perfect Dark on Xbox live Arcade, for the first time, last week. Man, this game is a classic IMO. I love (SPOILERS) Elvis, and few other characters in the game, and my good old lady, Joanna Dark (HOT). Classic Single Player experience. Multiplayer is pretty much dead, and yet, a disater to be honest, Im not surprise It's dead, since the fact that people always finds the most overpowerd weapons (Stupid Dragon weapons), and the fact that people alwaysspawn kills me in the game, so Im not surprise by this at all.However, a classic game indeed.

Oh, lets talk about Modern Warfare 2, or excuse me, Camp of Duty: Modern Rehash 1.5. I don't play this garbage anymore guys, and even if I did, It'll end up being with my friends, but I don't play it anymore so whatever. This game is only for people that have NO BRAIN, and for stupid people that doesn't know a GOOD GAME. No offense, but It's really true guys. This game is GARBAGE! Get it in your Thick heads Modern REHASH fanboys.

I just want to let you guys know about that so have a nice day to all.