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Halo Reach/ Got Wet the game/ SVR 2011 news/ School/ and other.

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting a topic about anything for a month or so, which I've been busy at school, so yeah, thats out of the way. Now lets talk about what Im going to talk about in my blog.

I just got Halo Reach about 3 weeks ago, and I gotta say, It's a pretty good Halo game. Campaign was fun while playing 4 player CO-OP with my friends. However, I didn't have the urge to come back to it when I beat it with my friends on Legendary, I may play it again sometime though. Multiplayer is pretty fun. I love the new Forge feature, and the fact that you get more freedom out of it more then Halo 3's forge, which is always good news to get it improved over the last game. Custom games is always fun, even though I never got the chance to reveal the good old days, like in Halo 3, where all my friends have 16 player BTB Infection on Custom Games, even though half my friends don't have the game so thats probably why. Matchmaking is fun, just like in Halo 3. My favorite things about Matchmaking are the Armor Abilies, which my favorite is Armor Lock. I love how the Armor Lock ability could get anybody killed if anyone tries to Splatter you with a Ghost or something, if your using the Armor lock ability, which is fun and fair IMO for all the crazy vehicle people, that uses it. The other Abilities are great to. As for Firefight, on Matchmaking, is alright. Im glad that It's on Matchmaking. However, the quitters always gotta ruin the game, since 2 of them will leave, then It's just you and the other guy, and he/she leaves to, for no reason. I gotta say, the game is pretty good so far, but it's only been 3 weeks so hopefully Bungie puts more stuff in the game, like what they did to Halo 3. Other then that, it's a good game.

I recently got Wet, the game, and It's okay. Im on Chapter 8 in the game, and It's fun, and at the same time, It feels like a chore. I like the idea to play as a woman (name Ruby), like in Final Fantasy 13 (Lightning, Vanille, Fang etc) and other games. The game feels like a James Bond movie, mixing it with the Matrix, which is badass IMO. However, the gameplay is kinda repetitive, and gets old when you have to kill all the enemies, and at times, you gotta destroy the doors so the Enemies don't get in, and clear the enemies when you do it, which is a Chore after awhile. Other then that, It's okay game thats good for $20.

As for SVR 2011 (Smackdown vs Raw 2011), the game looks good, but it's kinda looking outdated, for instance, the game is going to have guys, that are not even in the WWE anymore, like Mike Knox (release back in May), Shelton Benjamin, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Finlay (Finlay is a backstage trainer I believe), and few other guys as well. It's not just that, some of the guy's entrances looks outdated as well, like Drew Mcintyre (Music and Titantron is right though), Primo, Jack Swagger (Great choice was Swagger), Shad (Music and Titantron is right), Vance Archer (hair is short and titantron is old), Chavo Guerrero (no trunks), Hart Dynasty (walks like generic heels, bad guys), and the Bella Twins (outdated and wrong attire). So yeah, other then that, It's been okay in the game. They are going to have 3 Nexus members in the game, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and David Otunga in the game. However, they're going to be CAW's (Create a Wrestlers) for what I been hearing, since they're going to be DLC, with all the Nexus people, for the right character models. Othern then that, It's been looking good, but just OUTDATED to be honest. Then again, every SVR game got this problem so It's nothing new here.

School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School is kinda of a drag fest, especially Core Classes (Math, Science, English, History), which I usually sleep in them, but I still pass it since the work is easy, which Im a Junior (11th grade) this year. My Electives are fun, since I could talk to my friends and have fun in the class, unlike Core Classes that doesn't make me learn crap in class IMO, and the fact that it puts me to sleep (I love U.S History class though, not the others). Othern then that, School is really fun when Im hanging out with my friends, and have fun! Not learning pointless stuff about crap, especially with Terrible teachers, while Im just having fun. I mean, afterall, It's a FREE COUNTRY, what to expect! lol. Thats how I roll.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, and for anyone that hasn't join the Final Fantasy 13 Organization Union, go join it if your really interested in Final Fantasy 13 (few months old, but still awesome game), which I love everything about the game, like Lighting being a badass woman (She's my favorite character in the game), or Snow being a Hero and what not (he's pure badass IMO), and pretty much, everyone got there ups and downs, even the Villains are badass to IMO (I like Rosch and Cid Raines). If your Interested in joining this Union, go join it if you must. It's a great Union.

Thats pretty much it for now guys, have a nice to day everyone. Bye. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)