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For the people that argues about Party Chats is ruining online gaming, shut up.

Now guys, I know half you guys hate Party Chats, but why? I think its one of the best features on NXE and its just great to talk to 7 other people on the Party without dealing with idiots online anymore. I know in Team games it kinda sucks (Especially Rank games), but all you going to get is Doucheb@gs online and a bunch of idiots online that never acts right. I like to talk to my friends from school (Or family members and friends online) and relax rather then dealing with idiots online now, thats why basically 95% in the community on all online games is in Party Chats now. Im in Party Chats 24/7 and I like that, when i first come online, I go in Party Chats with the guys I know, and the cool people online. Its just an relaxing experience and I could just have fun again rather then dealing with idiots that ruins the fun out of games. If your one of the guys that saids "Get off the Party Chat" then get friends guys, I bet half the guys are "Friend Request radomly" type of person and thats not good guys, thats going to gets you more idiots then ever on your friends list (unless their respectful). All I have to say is if you don't like Party Chats then good for you, Im in Party Chats almost everytime im online, but if i don't have any friends online then No Mic time for me rather you like or not (The Random people that i don't know). All I have to say is the Party Chat thing is the best feature online on NXE and its just awesome to talk to 7 of your friends, family members on their.

Thanks for reading guys.

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