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Halo 3/ SVR 2010 DLC/ and other things.

Hey guys, Im going to talk about some stuff today so yeah.

I came back to Halo 3 after a 11 day break 2 weeks ago. Man, this game feels so much funner when me and my friends play 2 days ago. It felt like good old Halo3 years ago, when me and my older friends use to play it all the time. I think the reason why the game was funner is because the Awful, and most Unbalance game in History of multiplayer games (IMO), Modern Warfare 2. Im glad to come back to this game, even though I played it to death, but It's still fun to this day.

I played SVR 2010 today and I saw that Stone Cold Steve Austin is DLC on this years game. It's 80 Microsoft points, and I have to say, I think they shoulda add some people that are wrestling today like Hart Dynasty, Charlie Haas, Chris Masters, Paul Burchill, Katie Lea Burchill, and more people that should be DLC. Don't get me wrong, I like Stone Cold Steve Austin, but did he quit like years ago? Oh well, I hope THQ get more DLC in this game. Im dying to see guys like Charlie Haas and Paul Burchill in my game, since I got so much Stories for them. Oh well, If that don't happen, I'll just go to Community Creations and get the CAW version's of them, but hopefully those guys I listed are DLC this year.

WWE is doing pretty good so far with there shows. Im enjoying Monday Night RAW more then ever now. Yeah, It's kinda Predictable seeing Hornswoggle beeing in Matches, but seeing him in DX is funny IMO. It's better then seeing him beating Chavo Guerrero every week, lol. ECW is always good and Im loving the matches so far in ECW. Im just amazed that Christian is still ECW Champion, which is a good thing since he's one of my top 5 favorite superstars in the WWE. Either way, It's a great show. WWE Superstars reminds me of Velocity and Heat, which they were 1 hour shows and they don't come on anymore. WWE Superstars is a show to see the Superstars (like Mike Knox, Primo, Charlie Haas etc) their full potential. I like it and It's good to see the young superstars, or sometimes old, show their true Potential in the WWE. WWE Smackdown is easily my favorite in this list. Smackdown is doing better and better every week I watch it. Yeah, It can be boring, but guys like CM Punk, John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Batista, Undertaker, and the Underdog, Rey Mysterio, doing great in the Matches is awesome. The only thing I don't like about Smackdown now is the dang Michelle McCool and Mickey James storyline. No offense, but letting Michelle McCool calling Mickey James to Piggy James is just wrong. Micky James is beautiful IMO and I think WWE should stop this storyline and let Micky James win the Diva's Championship from Michelle McCool. Besides that, Smackdown is easily my #1 Show.

Now lets talk about TNA. Man, and Im hating TNA these days are is It me? Seeing all the WCW rejects and seeing Hulk Hogan in TNA Is just wrong. I love TNA and Im loving AJ Styles Heel turn (from the looks of it, maybe aTweener at best),and teaming up with the Dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair. And seeing Kurt Angle kicks some ass, but from last weeks TNA made think, why Vince Russo why? Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles had an great match, until the Ending, when AJ Styles reverseKurt Angles Ankle and he use it on him, then Bam! The Bell ring and Kurt Angle start Cussing to much, then Hulk Hogan came outfrom the Arena, staring at Angle. Kurt Angle Spit on Hulk Hogans face, which I LMAO.I think Vince Russo need better thinking on the Storylines, and of course, get a new GM beside Hogan, which I don't hate, he's just to old School.Either way, Im enjoying TNA more then before, but Im hating how they hire all the WWE and WCW rejects, like Nasty Boys which I honestly hate them with a passion. I don't hate TNA, It's just the WWE and WCW Rejects that always come to TNA, which is fine, but It gets annoying.Besides that, TNA is still great and Im enjoying it more then before, and I can't wait to watch TNA this Thursday.

As for the games I posted the other day. I think Im going to wait to buy those games later on. Im out of Cash and Im to busy from School, and buying my friends some stuff for their Birthday, which is why Im out of Cash. I love to buy Mass Effect 2 tomorrow, but Im out of freaking Cash, which sucks since I love Mass Effect 1. Oh well, I guess Im going to play SVR 2010 or other games until I get that game, which Im going to get that game for my Birthday (April 8th). I may get some games early, but I doubt since Im out of Cash.

Since Im talking about games, Im thinking about re-buying Dead Rising pretty soon. I found it for $5 at Gamestop, along with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, and few other games I found for $5. I think I may get Dead Rising again since I love it to death back in the day, but I lost it (My freaking brother lost it). Im thinking about getting Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, but I don't know If I will so whatever. I may not get either one, but I may want to think about that so yeah. That's it for the games part.

Anyways, Im tired of typing so I'll talk to you all later and have fun. Bye.

All Achievements in SVR 2010/ Mitu's brother/ and few other things.

Hello guys. Im back, once again, and Im here to talk about some things.

Now lets start on SVR 2010 (Smackdown vs Raw 2010). Guess what? I got all the Achievements on SVR 2010 a week and a half ago. Man, they were so easy, yet, some of them were kinda hard, but not much. I have to say that this is one of the funnest games I ever played on Xbox 360. Even If I got all the achievements, I still play it (Since It's addicting). I said that I was going to post a Review about this game 2 weeks ago, but I was to busy so Im going to do this in another time, since I have Homework and crap going on in School. All I have to say about this game is that It's awesome.

As for Mitu123's brother (Not the real one that gets on Gamespot, which he's awesome, and the coolest guy ever), what the hell happen to you? For the past 2 months (about to be 3 months), you remove me off your friendslist on Xbox live! Why? Is it because I was acting like a Jackass in Halo 3 since I was being Racist on that one Halo 3 in Griftball? Dude, It's either you didn't play Halo 3 (On Griftball), or your being a straight up, idiot on your taste since you don't know what I been through on this game (for the past 2 years). I know your brother plays Halo 3 (sometimes), and I remember playing with your brother on Halo 3 (Which he was a beast on it), but dude (Mitu's brother)! I know you didn't play Griftball on Halo 3 and It's really frustrating on there. Yes, I was acting Racist since I was the only White boy in the match, and all the Hispanics, Black people were calling me White ass, White sh!t, and the fact that they were Lag Switchers, which is the worst thing happen in Online history. So I snaped, I cuss a lot, and yes, I call them a lot of bad things in the match, and I bet that you don't want to here, and the fact thatI don't want to say It out loud on Gamespot (Since I don't like disrespecting people since It's Rude), but If your going to remove me because of that then that's sad (For a great friend that didn't act like a idiot for once), you don't know what you been through, and It's sad to see me and your Relationship end, but who gives a crap. I moved on to better things and I still have your brother (THATS FREAKING AWESOME) so I don't care at all. I just want to point that out to Mitu's brother. BTW. Im not Racist, I just snaped on that one Halo 3 match 2 and a half months ago, and I slap myself for saying all those terrible things to those people on Halo 3, :(. Hopefully you forgive me for saying all that to your Brother (The real Mitu on Gamespot).

Games I been playing? I came back to Rainbow six Vegas 2 a few days ago. Man, this game is so much fun that I just miss it. Campaign is a lot of fun, especially on CO-OP. And the Multiplayer is really addicting, but I don't play it as much anymore so yeah. I also bought COD: Classic a few weeks ago. This game is COD 1 (on PC) and It's such a great game for a Classic (COD 1= COD Classic, lol). I can't say much about this game, but If you never play COD 1 at all, go get this game ASAP. I also came back to Gears of War 2. The Campaign is hella fun, but the Multiplayer seems the same, with the same old BS I remember, so I only play one match of the multiplayer and that's it. Horde is fun though, but It can be boring. Those are the only games I came back to, and soon It will be more.

Games I really want this year? Heres a list.

Mass Effect 2

Halo Reach

Bioshock 2

SVR 2011

God of War 3 (If It comes out, Im my own PS3)

And few other games that I can't wait for. This Year seems like 2007, but bettter! Remember Mass Effect, Halo 3, Bioshock, and a lot of games that came out that year? It seems like the Sequals will be better, hopefully. I can't wait to get my hands on these games this year.

Thats pretty much it for now so have a nice Night guys, take care, and remember, have FUN! Bye.

Hi Gamespot! Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, It's been nearly 2 months since I was on this site. Man, Im glad to be back. Anyways, lets get to the point.

For the past 2 months, theres been good and bad things (Mostly).like Mitu123's brother (Not the real Mitu, which he's awesome) hate me for saying bad stuff, like racism on Halo, and other crap, which wasn't my fault for my anger. Which hopefully in the future Mitu123 (his brother), you will forgive me and if you do, just talk to me and we could work things out, but that's not going to happen for a long time until he forgives me. And Mitu123 (the real Mitu), if your brother ever forgives me (which won't be for a long time), then tell him to talk to me and we could work things out (which he won't do it), but If he does, Im always here so It doesn't matter if he's a stinking prick or what, Im always here. :)

I got 2 new games for Christmas, Modern Warfare 2, and Smackdown vs Raw 2010. Modern Warfare 2 is an awesome game, but it has a few BS things in the game. The Single Player was pretty darn good. It was full of action and intense moments that It was awesome. Spec Ops is alright. The Multiplayer is pretty darn fun, but thanks to the Campers in the game, the game got kinda repetitive that the Multiplayer is not that fun anymore. It's still fun, but the Campers in the game pretty much Ruin the gamefor me. But that doesn't make me stop playing it so whatever. The game is good, but as I said earlier, the game has some BS stuff in the game. As for Smackdown vs Raw 2010, this game is f'ing awesome. It's one of the funnest games I ever played. You get to create Storylines, creat finishers off the top rope, create designs for your CAW (Create a Wrestler), new moveset, awesome Road to Wrestlemania's, great Roster, edit your favorite wrestler's attire (Just the colors though),download peoples Storys, finishers, and CAW's on Xbox live! That'sawesome,and the most of all, great Replay Value. As for the online, playing with Randoms still since they still cheat in the game, but playing with friends is a lot of fun that it doesn't get old when you play with them, and of course, family members to. If your brother ever Forgives me pretty soon Mitu123, me and him could play some SVR 2010's online together someday, and that would be awesome, but It's not going to happen awhile so whatever.

Hey guys, I got to go right now so I'll talk to you later guys and Happy New Years to all my friends, and family members. Bye.

Im going to Homecoming/ Watching movies/ Playing Games/ and other other things.

Lets see how my Week went so far.

Its pretty good so far. Im glad that I have my Xbox 360 Elite back from Repairs and It's working great so far. Im loving the Lite on disk drive on my console, and I love how quiet the disk is, and how Quiet the Xbox 360 is to. Im loving it. My dad is going to sent my little brothers 360 to repairs to since he have the RROD a few weeks ago, but It shouldn't take that long, It only took me 9 days to get my Console back so theres not much to worry. All Im saying is that Im glad to have my "Beautiful" Xbox 360 back and I'll definitely be playing it.

Im getting tired of how everytime I get someone to help me on the "Endure" Achievement on ODST, we either die (Out of nowhere) or someone is lagging out for no reason. Its making me get sick of it. I love ODST and its definitely one of the best Halo games that came out in a long time, but this is getting ridiculous if someone is not doing Jack on the Endure Achievement. Like 2 days ago, someone tries to help us out, but the guy was either Goofing around or not doing nothing. This is making me don't want to play ODST (Which I play it still) anymore and I had it with it. If any of you are serious players that have ODST, then It'll be lovely if you help me out on the "Endure" Achievement.

Im went to the Homecoming game yesterday and My team won the game. The score was 47-0, Man, they were whooping some ass yesterday. The team had a great Celebration yesterdayand thats why we're having a Homecoming Dance (A place to dance with your favorite Woman, or if your a Woman, dance with your Favorite Man) Tonight. Im going to dance with lots of African Americans girls. They want me to dance with them and I said yes. Which Im going to dance with White girls, but basically, Im dancing with African American Girls at the Homecoming dance, and remember guys, Im a Sophomore (10th grade) White guy so yeah. Tonight is definitely a big night for me and I can't wait to see how the dresses look with the girls, and since Im a Man, Im wearing a Tuxedo tonight. Anyways, all I can say is that I can't wait when Tonight comes.

Then I stayed up all night yesterday playing games and stuff. Then I was bored so I watch a Movie called Little Nicky (Adam Sandler movie). This movie is so funny. It made me LMAO for the whole movie. Seing Nicky's brother "Adrian" and "Cassius" going to earth and have fun doing whatever they want. Nicky try to go to Earth and bring back his brothers to hell, or else, his Dad (The king of hell) will be dead (I think, his body was apart though). It was funny that Adrian made New York city a wierd place to live at. He made the Alcohol age from 21 to 10 years old, lololololol. Then the kids throw up in the floor like nuts, Rofl. It was also funny as heck. I can't say much about Little Nicky, but this movie is definitely worth it to all the "Adam Sandler" Fans out there, and its not a movie to take serious though, It was funny as heck. Heres a Picture of the Movie.

I'll give this a 9.5/10 for being a Great and hilarious movie.

I play Halo 3 (Mythic disk) earlier ago today, and I was playing Fiesta. Fiesta is a very good gametype. You spawn with different weapons everytime you Die from the game. It's pretty darn fun, but It does get repetitive using the same weapon everytime, lol. I'll give this gametype a 6/10 for being fun for awhile, but It got boring quick, but I still play it occasionlly, but again, Fiesta got boring quick. Hopefully the next Double EXP Weekend is better.

Then I pop in the best game that made me buy the Xbox 360 in the first place, COD 2. Man, this game gave me so much memories back when it first came out (When I played it on my brothers Launch 360, now I have an Elite) that it was fun. I was playing the Multiplayer today and I was sucking at it a little, but when I use my Trench Shotgun, I was whopping some ass in the game. The Community is still pretty active, I met some of the nicest people you could ever meet on a online game (In my experience). They were nice and Respectful, and they were fun to talk to. They weren't idiots, they just want to have fun (like me). Yet, the Community maybe small these days in COD 2, It's still better then dealing the Trash Talkers in most games these days. All I have to say is that this game is fun and I'll love to play with anyone in Gamespot on COD 2.

That's pretty much it for the Blog, but Im definitely going to go to the Homecoming dance tonight, and I'll be on my Xbox 360 tonight to. Have a Nice day to all.

Hello good old Gamespot.

Hello good old Gamespot. Heres how my day goes.

To all my Xbox live friends (A reminder), I get my Console back in the 12th so I'll get it back and play the living heck out of it. Sadly, my little brothers Xbox 360 got the RROD yesterday, but its going to Repairs for "Free" (like mine) so don't worry. Anyways, is the Intercooler TS (The new Intercoolers) good? I heard they were the best Intercooler's you could buy and It doesn't void your Warranty, and itcools down the Console pretty good (Accordingto my friends),but I need a response to the guys that have it so yeah. Anyways, I get my console back in the 12th so I'll see you all online Tomorrow.

As you see. I posted a Review on "Halo 3: ODST." As I see, half of you guys want to know if its Worth it or not, and yes, It's worth the $60 IMO. Yeah, the game maybe Short and all, but it has the best Replay Value I ever had in a Halo game, and Firefight is a lot of fun with friends or Family members. Yet, the game does get Boring if you play it by yourself (Since Firefight has not Matchmaking in the game), but it has another Halo 3 disk (With no Campaign in it) with all the maps that you didn't buy (Even the newest maps that came with the Disk, Heretic, Longshore, and Citadel) so it was a good package in the disk. It also makes you play all the newest Gametypes with the disk so it was Worth it. Theres a Review on my profile so I'll rather read that then repeat it, lol. Anyways, heres a picture of the ODST game.

One of the best looking cases in the Xbox 360 right now.

As for my life goes. Im pretty much doing nothing since my 360 got the RROD. I just been playing Basketball outside (When its cold and rainy). I also been hanging out with my friends outside. All we do is just talk, play Football, play Pong (lol), and hanging out with Girls (Which they're the biggest Perverts you will ever meet, lol). Speaking of Girls (Of School), lot of these "African American" Girls been hanging out with me lately. I know Im sounding wierd, but usually these days, White girl usually hang out with a White boy, and it feels like Im the only one in the school (Including others) thats hanging out with African American Girls over the age 15 years old. My friends (The White boys) are acting like a bunch of fools. They think our Friendship is going to end because I been hanging around with African American Girls (Which my White friends are Virgins, rofl). Im not Racist, but my White friends (Usually the Fatasses) are acting Racist. I like both White guys (Which Im White) and Black guys (African Americans), but this is getting really annoying by the White guys saying "African Americans are Chumps" and Im getting sick of it. Im sorry if my friends are being rude, but I think their Jealous of me for hanging out with African American Girls since Their Virgins. I still hang out with White girls, its just lots of African American Girls are hanging out with melately(Which is awesome). It feels kinda good for a White guy to hang out with African American Girls (With their badass Attitude of theirs). Anyways, thats pretty much it for now.

Lets talk about WWE. WWE so far is getting good. Yet, Im kinda disappointed that WWE had to let CM Punk lose to the Undertaker (Best Legend ever) for the World Heavyweight Championship. Im not saying The Undertaker is a bad Champion, he's actually a great Champion and he'll do great with it, It's just CM Punk is young now, It's his prime now to be the World Heavyweight Champion these days. He's probably one of the many reasons why WWE is just great now. He's Straightedge, which means He doesn't do Drugs, Smoke, Drink (Alcohol), take bad meds, and the most of all, He's better then you. I think he's my #1 superstar of the year, along with Edge, Randy Orton, Batista, and a few others.

That's your New, and only, Straight edge World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, CM Punk.

Another thing that disappoints me the most is that at the "Hell in a Cell" Payperview. The Cena vs Orton match for the WWE Champion, I thought this was going to be a end. Even Cena said before the Payperview. Cena Said, If I win the WWE Champion from you Randy Orton, you get no more Rematches to me, end of the sentence. Well, Since Cena lost, he get another Rematch at Bragging Rights (The next Payperview). Now on this match, Its an Iron Man match for 60 minutes (1 hour). This sounds interesting, because if Randy Orton wins the Champion, Cena have to leave Raw Forever. If Cena wins (Which is the downpoint), Randy Orton gets no more Rematches and gets to stay on Raw (Which Raw's been downhill lately). Im not going to ordered it since Cena will Most likely win the Match, but if Randy Orton wins then Im happy, but If Cena wins. Well, Im for sure someone won't be happy, and this is the guy from the picture, lolololololol.

The Cookie Monster will Eat you, hahahahaha.

Besides that, WWE is going pretty good, though Evan bourne and Charlie Haas definitely need better pushes on WWE. Anyways, that's pretty much is on WWE's part.

Anyways, thats pretty much it for my Blog so have a nice day to all.

Wow, my little brothers 360 elite got the RROD.

I was playing SVR 09 earlier today and for some reason, it froze on me on a Black screen. Then I reset it again and it froze on me, again. Then guess what, the RROD came up. Wow, how ridiculous. If only Microsoft fix'ed their dang problems already, then everything would be normal, but nope, this POS console always have problems. This is my 2nd RROD (from my own Xbox 360 Elite, which is now in Repairs) and I had it with it. Xbox 360 is one of the best consoles in the world, but the RROD bs is getting out of handed. Hopefully Microsoft will fix'ed my console pretty good this time, this is getting Ridiculous (Even though its been like this for years now).

I just want to let you know to all my friends.

I just beated ODST today (SPOILERS!!!!!!).

All I can say is, Wow! That game was a lot of fun and the Missions were so much fun to play on, yet it was short (7-10 hours), the game had a great Single player and I'll definitely be playing it on Legendary (Hopefully with 3 other people right by me) pretty soon. I haven't played Firefight that much, but when I played it yesterday, it was fun as heck. I'll Review this game sometime this week or next week so yeah.Thats all to be said. Have a nice day to all.

Hi guys? Im bored so Im going to type what Im going to say so yeah.

Hello guys, whats up? Lets start what happen today. I just got home from school and I have to say, it was Ok, but kinda tedious the same time. All I did today at school was just work, and of course, talking to my friends at lunch and stuff, but then again, my Sophomore year (10th grade) is pretty good so far, though my History teacher is boring as heck, I still live with it. The Pep-rally I had at school today was kinda lame, it started 3:20 and by the time we sit there (Along with hearing the annoying Rap), its time to go home, and school is over at 3:38, lol.

I know half of you guys wants to know, when are you going to play your Xbox 360? Well, first of all, my Xbox 360 got the RROD, and my oldest brother in Law tried to fix'ed it, but it keep going back to the E71 error so yeah.I thought it was my Hard drive, but when I test it on my little brothers 360 last night for 10 minutes, it worked perfectly. Even without the Hard Drive on my 360, it still got that RROD so Im not going to get a new one for awhile. The good thing is that since the Hard Drive on the 360 is detachable, im going to play on my little brothers Xbox 360 tonight and put my Hard drive on his Xbox 360 (Since he don't care). Get ready to play some Diva action tonight in SVR 09 Mitu123, you know Im going to come online tonight. Thats all I can say to my Xbox 360 guys.

As you see. I watch wrestling like nuts, and thats a good thing. My favorite WWE wrestlers are CM Punk, Edge, MVP, Jack Swagger, DX, and a few others,but the all time legend has to be JBL. JBL was a legend in the business and he was an awesome Heel for a wrestler, yet, people dislike him for having a "New york city limo" type of gimmick, but he was awesome. The future in the business right now has to be Dolph Ziggler. People may not like this guy, but after watching his matches lately on Smackdown, he's been improving lately and he looks like the Future of WWE right now. Heres a picture of him.

DolphZiggler.png Dolph Ziggler sig image by nivek900

He looks like a future World Heavy Weight Champion to me, and I can't wait to see him in action on Smackdown tonight.

Now lets talk about WWE Monday Night Raw. To me, Raw was pretty good last week when Bob Barker (I think) was guest host of Raw, but still, theres a few complains I have lately in RAW. Now lets start with my complains. Why is Chavo guerrero getting punished by Hornswoggle lately? He's been losing a ton of matches with Hornswoggle for the past 2 months and its getting ridiculous. Yes, wrestling may not be Real, but as a Guerrero, he shouldn't deserve this at all. I don't find this entertaining, maybe funny at first, but now its getting ridiculous. He's probably like MVP (If not, one of WWE's best superstars) last year, he's on a losing streak and I don't know what it is, but it needs to end. Why is Evan Bourne helping Hornswoggle? I never seen a Relationship to Evan Bourne or Hornswoggle. If it was Mark Henry, then it would made a lot of Sense, but why Bourne? I think Evan Bourne is one of the best High flyers in WWE and he reminds me a lot of AJ St*les in TNA, but why him and Hornswoggle? I found Hornswoggle boring to watch, but then, thats my opinion so whatever. Why does Raw always have John Cena on the WWE Champion path? I like Cena and all and I have a Cena T-Shirt, but why him? I understand its PG (Which ruin Raw for good) and there trying to Aim at kids, but why Cean? I found John Cena one of the boringnest wrestlers in history of Sports Entertainment and I don't get why people call him "Entertainment!" I guess people have different taste in Wrestlers, but I found him boring to watch when it comes to Wrestling. Those are my only complaints about Raw, but either way, ECW, Smackdown, WWE Superstars, and TNA are better shows to watch these days so yeah. Since Trish Stratus (The best Diva ever in WWE) is Guest Host of Raw this coming up week, I hope she does pretty good this week since half the people sucked bad on it for the past 2 months, but I got fingers crossed for WWE if she does pretty good. Either way, Smackdown is the better show so yeah.

Heres the best and least favorite Wrestling shows to watch now.

Smackdown>TNA>ECW>WWE Superstars>RAW.

Smackdown is just a better Show to watch now in Wrestling that it never gets old, but thats my opinion so yeah. I just can't wait until Edge comes back from Injury later this year.

The Rated R Superstar will come back and get his Gold back, but since CM Punk is Champion right now, I hope Edge and CM Punk have more matches since their my favorite Wrestlers to watch. Both Heel or Face, their both great wrestlers and I can't wait to see Edge's Face turn later this year since I heard that he's feuding with Chris Jericho, but thats what I heard so yeah.

Thats I can say right now so see you guys later, bye.

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