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Halo Reach/ Got Wet the game/ SVR 2011 news/ School/ and other.

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting a topic about anything for a month or so, which I've been busy at school, so yeah, thats out of the way. Now lets talk about what Im going to talk about in my blog.

I just got Halo Reach about 3 weeks ago, and I gotta say, It's a pretty good Halo game. Campaign was fun while playing 4 player CO-OP with my friends. However, I didn't have the urge to come back to it when I beat it with my friends on Legendary, I may play it again sometime though. Multiplayer is pretty fun. I love the new Forge feature, and the fact that you get more freedom out of it more then Halo 3's forge, which is always good news to get it improved over the last game. Custom games is always fun, even though I never got the chance to reveal the good old days, like in Halo 3, where all my friends have 16 player BTB Infection on Custom Games, even though half my friends don't have the game so thats probably why. Matchmaking is fun, just like in Halo 3. My favorite things about Matchmaking are the Armor Abilies, which my favorite is Armor Lock. I love how the Armor Lock ability could get anybody killed if anyone tries to Splatter you with a Ghost or something, if your using the Armor lock ability, which is fun and fair IMO for all the crazy vehicle people, that uses it. The other Abilities are great to. As for Firefight, on Matchmaking, is alright. Im glad that It's on Matchmaking. However, the quitters always gotta ruin the game, since 2 of them will leave, then It's just you and the other guy, and he/she leaves to, for no reason. I gotta say, the game is pretty good so far, but it's only been 3 weeks so hopefully Bungie puts more stuff in the game, like what they did to Halo 3. Other then that, it's a good game.

I recently got Wet, the game, and It's okay. Im on Chapter 8 in the game, and It's fun, and at the same time, It feels like a chore. I like the idea to play as a woman (name Ruby), like in Final Fantasy 13 (Lightning, Vanille, Fang etc) and other games. The game feels like a James Bond movie, mixing it with the Matrix, which is badass IMO. However, the gameplay is kinda repetitive, and gets old when you have to kill all the enemies, and at times, you gotta destroy the doors so the Enemies don't get in, and clear the enemies when you do it, which is a Chore after awhile. Other then that, It's okay game thats good for $20.

As for SVR 2011 (Smackdown vs Raw 2011), the game looks good, but it's kinda looking outdated, for instance, the game is going to have guys, that are not even in the WWE anymore, like Mike Knox (release back in May), Shelton Benjamin, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Finlay (Finlay is a backstage trainer I believe), and few other guys as well. It's not just that, some of the guy's entrances looks outdated as well, like Drew Mcintyre (Music and Titantron is right though), Primo, Jack Swagger (Great choice was Swagger), Shad (Music and Titantron is right), Vance Archer (hair is short and titantron is old), Chavo Guerrero (no trunks), Hart Dynasty (walks like generic heels, bad guys), and the Bella Twins (outdated and wrong attire). So yeah, other then that, It's been okay in the game. They are going to have 3 Nexus members in the game, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and David Otunga in the game. However, they're going to be CAW's (Create a Wrestlers) for what I been hearing, since they're going to be DLC, with all the Nexus people, for the right character models. Othern then that, It's been looking good, but just OUTDATED to be honest. Then again, every SVR game got this problem so It's nothing new here.

School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School is kinda of a drag fest, especially Core Classes (Math, Science, English, History), which I usually sleep in them, but I still pass it since the work is easy, which Im a Junior (11th grade) this year. My Electives are fun, since I could talk to my friends and have fun in the class, unlike Core Classes that doesn't make me learn crap in class IMO, and the fact that it puts me to sleep (I love U.S History class though, not the others). Othern then that, School is really fun when Im hanging out with my friends, and have fun! Not learning pointless stuff about crap, especially with Terrible teachers, while Im just having fun. I mean, afterall, It's a FREE COUNTRY, what to expect! lol. Thats how I roll.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, and for anyone that hasn't join the Final Fantasy 13 Organization Union, go join it if your really interested in Final Fantasy 13 (few months old, but still awesome game), which I love everything about the game, like Lighting being a badass woman (She's my favorite character in the game), or Snow being a Hero and what not (he's pure badass IMO), and pretty much, everyone got there ups and downs, even the Villains are badass to IMO (I like Rosch and Cid Raines). If your Interested in joining this Union, go join it if you must. It's a great Union.

Thats pretty much it for now guys, have a nice to day everyone. Bye. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Smackdown vs Raw 2011/ Lance Cade died/ School Starts next week/ and other stuff

Sorry It took me a month to post another blog. I never have the time to post another blog, or the game reviews too! Im just to busy these days. Now lets get started.

That WWE: Smackdown vs Raw 2011 game looks awesome IMO. Now you could break weapons, while doing moves like Suplexes or what not, on anything pretty much. I know in the other games, you get to break tables and such, but now you could Throw Chairs at people's face, break ladders, and lots of other stuff. I can't wait for the game to come out.

Former WWE superstar, Lance Cade, just pass aways 2 days from a Overdose (heart stop working) at the age 29 years old. R.I.P. Lance Cade 1981-2011.

Boring ass school starts next week! Im going to be a Junior (11th grade) this year, and It's just going to be another boring year of School (Whoop-dee-doo).

Thats pretty much it for now, have a nice day to all my peeps.

Just beat Final Fantasy 13/ Got 12 month gold/ and other things.

Hello people, Im back!!!!!!!!! Sorry It takes me to long to post blogs here these days, Im usually at the forums these days, or doing other things, so I usually never have time to do this, but I do now so Im like "lets do it."

Alright people (SPOILERS), I just beat Final Fantasy 13 last Saturday, and It only took me 59 hours to beat the whole game. I have to say, It was a awesome game. Characters were great, while Vanille's voice does annoy me (I grown at her so I like her voice now), and Hope being an ass at first (which I like him to be honest), or Snow being a Hero wannabe trying to save Serah (Both are great couples in the game), or Lightning (my favorite) trying to have a badass attitude, orSazh (The most realistic character in the game) could be......... well, I think he's greatIMO, sowhat not!! The whole Characters were great IMO. The Soundtrack is awesome, as long as you could get use to listening the Battle theme for the millionth time (which is great). The game is a bit linear, but the great Combat system is what made the game great IMO.It gets a bit tougher in the later Chapters, but thats whatmakes the Combat system so great IMO.Graphics are great, a great break from the realistic looking graphics these days, which FF 13 does look realistic, but It's colorful. All in all, the whole game is great and It's definitely one of the best games of 2010 so far. Yeah, the other Final Fantasy's were better like 7 or 10, but 13 was a great change IMO. I'll give it a 9.0 for entertaining me, which I'll review it sometime so yeah.

I recently got 12 months of Xbox live to all my Xbox live peeps. I don't have a Mic at the moment, since It's broke, but I'll get one eventually. At least I finally could play Halo 3 without boredom, lol.

I also bought the Green Day "International Superhits" Album. It has classic songs like Redundant, Warning, Waiting, Brain Stew, Minority, and a whole lot of classics that are great to listen to.Theres 21 songs in the Album and It's only 9.99.I know there old songs, but their still better then 99% of the music we have today, like stinking Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga (serisouly her?), Justin Bieber, Eminem, or the the whole Rap genre (more like crap),and lots of people that are a disgrace to music IMO. I like Classics.

Alright people, thats it for now. Have a nice day to all.

Im back/ Got Alan Wake & Bioshock 2 etc/ Beat Perfect Dark.

Well, Im back Gamespot! I miss this place, and sorry for not being on here for to long. I been busy at School, which I failed my Science and Social Studies State test so I gotta go to school to June 10th, but I'll be in the 11th grade this year so thats good. I was also busy on Facebook, or myspace, and play some games to finished so yeah.

Now lets get started. I just got Alan Wake and Bioshock 2. I haven't made it far between the 2, but man! Im loving these games and I'll definitely do a review before I finish these games. Whats my goal in the games? In Bioshock 2, Im going for the good ending (NO SPOILERS please), and while in Alan Wake, Im going to cover the story to see whats going on, and see how epic both games are. Both are awesome IMO.

My little brother got Red Dead Redemption, which I never got the chance to play it. He said he loves it. I'll give it a try maybe some time, but my little brother is acting like a Cowboy after getting that game, lol, and he's been addicting to the game so you know thats going to be awhile before I try it, lol.

I just beat Perfect Dark on Xbox live Arcade, for the first time, last week. Man, this game is a classic IMO. I love (SPOILERS) Elvis, and few other characters in the game, and my good old lady, Joanna Dark (HOT). Classic Single Player experience. Multiplayer is pretty much dead, and yet, a disater to be honest, Im not surprise It's dead, since the fact that people always finds the most overpowerd weapons (Stupid Dragon weapons), and the fact that people alwaysspawn kills me in the game, so Im not surprise by this at all.However, a classic game indeed.

Oh, lets talk about Modern Warfare 2, or excuse me, Camp of Duty: Modern Rehash 1.5. I don't play this garbage anymore guys, and even if I did, It'll end up being with my friends, but I don't play it anymore so whatever. This game is only for people that have NO BRAIN, and for stupid people that doesn't know a GOOD GAME. No offense, but It's really true guys. This game is GARBAGE! Get it in your Thick heads Modern REHASH fanboys.

I just want to let you guys know about that so have a nice day to all.

8000 Microsoft Points/Dead Rising on Games on Demand/ Perfect Dark/ etc

As you could tell guys, I got 2 4000 Microsoft Points (MS), which equals 8000. It was my early birthday present, since all those games I said on the other blog I lost interest in. So far, I spend the points on Dead Rising, which is on Games on Demand for 1600 MS, and Perfect Dark, which is 800. Now lets talk about the Games on Demand thing while I was downloading Dead Rising.

I gotta say, It was great to have the game once again inside on my hard drive, since I can't find it anyhwere in stores, and 1600 MS is a great price for the game, which is $20. Now you get to download games off Games on Demand and save it in your hard drive. Yeah, some games got messed up prices, like COD 2 is $30, which is ridiculous, but I love the feature. The only thing I didn't like about the Games on Demand thing is that It takes 6 hours to download your game, or probably longer If you got a crappy connection, which It took me 6 hours, while my friend was downloading Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and It took him 24 hours, lol, but other then that, this feature is great IMO.

Now lets talk about Dead Rising, this game is a Zombie game (SPOILERS), and your this Photographer trying to cover his zombie story in the game. I gotta say, after not playing it for a year and a half, thanks for my older brothers for stealing my game, this game is hella fun. I start a new game, and trying to remember how to play it, lol. This game is a classic IMO, which people hate it because of the Save system, which I found great and challenging. But again, this game is a classic and worth to every Xbox 360 owner there is, If you like to kill Zombies and crap.

Another game I got is Perfect Dark. I haven't played much of this game when I was a kid, since me and my older brothers use to play Goldeneye doing the N64 days, good times! good times! and I gotta say that this game is hella fun IMO. Im only in the 2nd mission in the game, which Im still confuse over the level Design, lol, but I'll get use to it. If any of you interested playing with me on CO-OP then Add me If you want to, I'll love to get some help on this game, since Im a Noob at it, but It's hella fun to play. I haven't played the Multiplayer yet, but I heard If the people is hosting and they leave, the game ends, which I hated that in COD 4, but I guess I need to get use to it, again! lol. Anyways, like I said about the CO-OP thing, If any of you interested in playing with me on Perfect Dark then add me If you want to, and yes Mitu123 (Real one), you could add me If you want to and I don't give a crap what your brother saids, It's your choice, If you want to.

Oh, and did any of you guys saw my new Gamerpicture? It's "DANCING TIME!" lol. It's the Red vs Blue, either one of the Wacky Picture packs, which all 3 of them cost 80 MS, which I got all of them. I gotta say, these pictures are great for the price.

Now lets talk about Smackdown vs Raw for a sec. Im starting to think the series is being the next Madden, which what I mean about the next Madden is that these games are being the same games over and over and over again each year when It comes out, just with a few features, that doesn't work out well, and a few new animations, which are alright. I heard THQ and Yukes is having a 5 year contract in the games, which SVR 2010 was supposed to be their last WWE game, but WWE made a agreement that they could take another 5 years in the game, and THQ and Yukes agree to do it. I rather have a new developer then Yukes, since THQ are Publishers. Im starting to lost faith in this series and If SVR 2011 looks just like SVR 2010, or more like every year that matter, I may not get this SVR. SVR 2010 is a fun game and all, but when I played a few other SVR games a few days ago, It's the same crap with features, and online mode. It needs a Re-boot, more fresh to the series, like a new engine.

Alright guys, thats pretty much it for now so I'll talk to you guys later. Bye to my peeps.

SVR 2010 5.5 Review/ Halo Reach/ Perfect Dark/ COD Classic.

As you could tell, I gave SVR 2010 a 5.5/10 because of the Glitches. As much as I love this game to death, since I play this game everyday, Im about had it with the glitches. The Loading Glitches is what making me want to stop playing this game, I had to restart the game 6 times because of the Loading Glitches. It'll never load If the music is playing, when your about to start a match, while It load. It's just annoying and It's killing me to say that the game is being garbage. The game would, for no reason, freeze on me at times. I understand everyone gets this problem (almost), but C-Mon? Why would a great game freeze on for no reason? I never had a single problem with this game, until now. This is the only game that freezes on me, for no reason. I ain't going to talk about the other things about the game, but If you want to, just read my Review on the game. I honestly love this game, but again, Im starting to hate it cause of this. If the loading glitches remains the same everytime, I think I may give up on this game (Just maybe). :( for a great game.

Halo Reach looks hot by the Multiplayer Beta trailer. Maybe old, but still looks great that I can't wait for the Multiplayer beta at May 3rd. I can't wait for it. All you need is the Halo 3: ODST Disk and you'll be able to play it on May 3rd, or for the people that got the Halo Reach Invitation code last week ago, you get to play it Early, which I don't have it. Again, I can't wait for the Beta to come, and while that, I can't wait for the full game to come out later this year.

I heard Perfect Dark is coming out Tomorrow, for 800 microsoft points. Man, I can't wait to get this sucker, but Im going to wait until April 8th, since my parents are going to get me 4000 Microsoft points for my birthday. This game is going to be great, since I love the N64 version.

I been playing COD Classic lately, which cost 1200 Microsoft points. I finally beat the level that I got stuck on. After I beat it, I just been playing this game like Nuts for the past day. It's a lot different then the new COD's. This one got Health Packs. Oh, and even though the Graphics looks outdate, It still looks great for a 2003 game and It looks great in HD, atleast It's better then the "Realistic" looking style these days. Yeah, If you love COD 1 on PC, just with a Controller (lol), you'll love this game. It came out like 3 months ago, but It's a great game to get for you die hard COD fans.

Anyways, thats pretty much it for now so have a Nice night to all.

Modern Warfare 2/SVR 09/ Birthday coming up/ and other things.

Hello good old Gamespot! Im back from the dead and glad to be back, once again. I been busy at school, doing that stinking State Test, and hopefully I pass it, but things been doing good so yeah. Now lets get started.

Modern Warfare 2: As you could tell, I came back to this game, even though I sold this game a month ago for Mass Effect 2. My friend from school gave me this game for no reason on friday, and the fact that he gave it to me for Free! No cost, free. I was like, for real? He said yeah. I said, forget it, I hate the game with a passion. The guy said, but It's free! I said to him, UGHHHHHHHHHHH, just give it to me. He said, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (for no reason). I was amazed that It was free, since people usually want $ these days. Now anyways, since I came back to this game, I still hate it, but this time, Im going to keep it, since I do play it with friends here and there, but you will definitely won't see me playing this game 24/7. It's that BORING, lol. Glad that It was free though, for a guy that acts weird IMO.

Another game I came back to is SVR 09 (Smackdown vs Raw 2009). Great game. I don't exactly play this game much anymore since SVR 2010 is superior to 09, but I had fun with it on Exhibition, having Diva Matches on Exhibition, lol. This game brings me back to the good old days when me and Mitu123 (his brother) use to play Diva matches all the time online. The days when him and I use to have fun online while having Diva matches. Now that he's gone on my friendslist (Over Anger problems from me on Halo 3), now It feels like a complete Ghost town online, and Diva matches just feels boring without him. Even If you hate me Mitu123 (his brother, not the real one), I still won't forget the times when me and you have Diva matches on here like the good old days. I even bet that you get Giggles when we did this, until he started to hate me (Again, over anger issues on Halo 3). Either way, I miss the old days of this game. Anyways, great game, but I think SVR 2010 was superior in anyways, even though the Restrictions on the Diva's against Males was kinda weird.

Guess what guys! My Birthday is coming up! Im turning 16 years old and I can't wait when It comes up, which is April 8th. I don't know what Im going to get though. My parents said that Im getting a new Car pretty soon, since Im Practicing now. I can't to drive my own Car, even though I have to drive my Mom's crappy Nissan Car that is freaking Small, I just can't wait to drive my own for now, and hopefully I don't get no Wrecks, lol. Anyways, Im thinking about getting me a new game for my Birthday. It's either Final Fantasy 13, Dragon Age: Origins, or Splinter Cell: Conviction (Though It comes out in April 14, but some games come out early for no reason). I don't know what game Im going to get though, I really want Splinter Cell: Conviction, since Im a die hard Splinter Cell fan, and I hope It comes out early for no reason. I remember seeing Modern Warfare 2 at Gamestop 7 days early before the game came out, which was weird, but hopefully Splinter Cell: Conviction does the same. If not, then those 2 other games I posted I may get. I just don't know what game though! If anything else then post a reminder on this thread, like type it on the comments section. Anyways, Im glad that Im turning 16 years old next month. :)

I beat Mass Effect 2 more then 2 times already and all I have to say is that this is one of the best games of 2010 so far, to early, but to dang good of a game. Im currently on my 3rd playthrough and Im (SPOILERS) going to try to get all my team to Survive the Suicide mission, which on my 1st playthrough, I lost Tali, Grunt, Garrus, Samara, Jacob, and Jack. On my 2nd playthrough, I only lost Miranda and Tali. Im going to try to get everyone to survive on my 3rd playthrough. Either way, this is one of the best games I ever play in awhile. I was originally going to post a Review about this game, but I was to busy at school so you won't see me posting a Review about his game in awhile, until I feel like it. Again, this is one of the best games I ever play in awhile. Definitely 9.5/10 IMO.

I watch the 2012 movie a few days ago. I gotta say that this movie was pretty good. Full of action pack moments, and sad moments to. I don't want to post anything since some people didn't watch it so Im not going to say much about this movie, other then a good movie. I still don't believe on this crappy theory, but a good movie none the less.

Thats pretty much it for now guys. Goodnight guys and have a nice night, bye.

Mass Effect 2 (IMO).

Guess what guys? I beat Mass Effect 2 yesterday, and man, all I have to say is that this is the best game I ever played in the Xbox 360. The game had a lot of action pack moments, oh, and the Ending was EPIC. Im not going to Spoil anyone who didn't play Mass Effect 2, but If you do not have it, go get this game ASAP, whoever got Mass Effect 1, but don't have #2. It was funny that in my Game Progress, my full game length was 24 hours, lol. Either way, go get this game ASAP. Im posting a Review on Mass Effect 2 pretty soon so I'll talk about everything I been through in Mass Effect 2. What a Fun ass game.

Mass Effect 2= :)

Got Mass Effect 2 and other things to say.

As you see guys, I got Mass Effect 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, this is one of the best games I ever played in a long time. I haven't played much of the game, since I only played the game for 2 hours, but man! If any of you played the first game, but haven't played the 2nd game then go get it. If any of you beat the last mission on ME 1, but you Saved it afterwards. you get to Progress your Story from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2, which I haven't did since I didn't saved it, but I want to point that out for the fans that don't have the game. Im only 2 hours into the game and Im loving it. My game came with the "Cerberus Network" Classification thing and It's pretty good so far. It came with Zaeed, a lethal gun for hire, for your Squad. New and devastating Weaponry. Receive updates and news via direct feed in-game. And the last, but least, Take on perilous new missions and assignments. Im not sure If theres more stuff to it, but thats all I could think of from the Cerberus Network thing. Either way, this game is one of the best games I ever played IMO.

My little brother, Brad, got Left 4 Dead 2. I haven't played it, but from the looks of my little brother's reaction, he's having a lot of fun with that game, since he plays that game for atleast 3 hours today. So yeah, I may play that game pretty soon, but Im to busy with Mass Effect 2.

I finally came back to Modern Warfare 2. I had a lot of fun playing with my friends from School in the game. We were having fun on the game. After they were done playing it, I was bored as hell playing that game by myself so I took it out and play SVR 2010 instead of Modern Warfare 2.

Super Bowl Weekend! Who do you want to win? The Colts or The Saints? Definitely the Colts IMO. I can't wait for the game tomorrow. It's going to be awesome when me and my familyare going to watch It all together, like always. I just hope the Colts win tomorrow, but either way, It's going to be a great game, like every year.

Since I heard Bioshock 2 is coming out in 3 days, Im going to get that game in my Birthday (April 8th). Mainly because Im out of $, since I spend it on Mass Effect 2, and other important things. Oh, and Im going to be busy with Mass Effect 2 for awhile so whats the point! I want that game, but I doubt I'll get it anytime soon until my Birthday comes up. I just want to point that out before people say "GO GET BIOSHOCK 2" or whatever so :) for the people that listen to me, lol.

As I said from my last Post, Edge won the 2010 Royal Rumble in WWE. I can't wait to see who's he going to face at Wrestlemania 26, Is it going to be Sheamus (WWE Champion), or The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Champion)? I remember he face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 24, and yet, he got defeated by The Undertaker. He never face Sheamus so I can't say much about it, other then he got Speared by Edge last Monday. All in all, I think he may face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26, but lets wait and see what happens during the weeks so I'll keep an eye on his. I just want to point that out to the WWE fans out there.

Im done Typing for now so have a good day to all. Bye. :)

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