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8000 Microsoft Points/Dead Rising on Games on Demand/ Perfect Dark/ etc

As you could tell guys, I got 2 4000 Microsoft Points (MS), which equals 8000. It was my early birthday present, since all those games I said on the other blog I lost interest in. So far, I spend the points on Dead Rising, which is on Games on Demand for 1600 MS, and Perfect Dark, which is 800. Now lets talk about the Games on Demand thing while I was downloading Dead Rising.

I gotta say, It was great to have the game once again inside on my hard drive, since I can't find it anyhwere in stores, and 1600 MS is a great price for the game, which is $20. Now you get to download games off Games on Demand and save it in your hard drive. Yeah, some games got messed up prices, like COD 2 is $30, which is ridiculous, but I love the feature. The only thing I didn't like about the Games on Demand thing is that It takes 6 hours to download your game, or probably longer If you got a crappy connection, which It took me 6 hours, while my friend was downloading Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and It took him 24 hours, lol, but other then that, this feature is great IMO.

Now lets talk about Dead Rising, this game is a Zombie game (SPOILERS), and your this Photographer trying to cover his zombie story in the game. I gotta say, after not playing it for a year and a half, thanks for my older brothers for stealing my game, this game is hella fun. I start a new game, and trying to remember how to play it, lol. This game is a classic IMO, which people hate it because of the Save system, which I found great and challenging. But again, this game is a classic and worth to every Xbox 360 owner there is, If you like to kill Zombies and crap.

Another game I got is Perfect Dark. I haven't played much of this game when I was a kid, since me and my older brothers use to play Goldeneye doing the N64 days, good times! good times! and I gotta say that this game is hella fun IMO. Im only in the 2nd mission in the game, which Im still confuse over the level Design, lol, but I'll get use to it. If any of you interested playing with me on CO-OP then Add me If you want to, I'll love to get some help on this game, since Im a Noob at it, but It's hella fun to play. I haven't played the Multiplayer yet, but I heard If the people is hosting and they leave, the game ends, which I hated that in COD 4, but I guess I need to get use to it, again! lol. Anyways, like I said about the CO-OP thing, If any of you interested in playing with me on Perfect Dark then add me If you want to, and yes Mitu123 (Real one), you could add me If you want to and I don't give a crap what your brother saids, It's your choice, If you want to.

Oh, and did any of you guys saw my new Gamerpicture? It's "DANCING TIME!" lol. It's the Red vs Blue, either one of the Wacky Picture packs, which all 3 of them cost 80 MS, which I got all of them. I gotta say, these pictures are great for the price.

Now lets talk about Smackdown vs Raw for a sec. Im starting to think the series is being the next Madden, which what I mean about the next Madden is that these games are being the same games over and over and over again each year when It comes out, just with a few features, that doesn't work out well, and a few new animations, which are alright. I heard THQ and Yukes is having a 5 year contract in the games, which SVR 2010 was supposed to be their last WWE game, but WWE made a agreement that they could take another 5 years in the game, and THQ and Yukes agree to do it. I rather have a new developer then Yukes, since THQ are Publishers. Im starting to lost faith in this series and If SVR 2011 looks just like SVR 2010, or more like every year that matter, I may not get this SVR. SVR 2010 is a fun game and all, but when I played a few other SVR games a few days ago, It's the same crap with features, and online mode. It needs a Re-boot, more fresh to the series, like a new engine.

Alright guys, thats pretty much it for now so I'll talk to you guys later. Bye to my peeps.