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Video Games Live 07/06/07 (Detroit)

Video Games Live last night in Detroit was Amazing!

I showed up early and when they let us in i immediately rushed into the pre-game show and BOOM! Got to meet Tommy Tallarico and have a nice 5 minute conversation with him. I asked him a few questions on how his life is going, what made VGL all come together and also why he has stoped hosting electric playground and reviews on the run. Tommy said it was all "VGL" that made him so busy he couldn't do the shows anymore. He is a pretty busy guy you know! haha. That was the highlight of the show just meeting him. He is the nicest guy!

The pre-game show playable games were.

Halo 2

Madden 07

Fight Night Round 3

Guitar Hero 2

Wii Sports

Video Games Live Arcade

The pre-game show was decent. The Lcd tvs they had were pretty small to play on but it was fun watching people play these games and have fun. They also had a costume contest which i recorded and will also put up on gamespot shortly. My brothers friend josh also recorded some of the Orchestra music at the end of the show. He used his crappy picture camera to record the video and the quality stinks but i will also upload that as well.

It was a Amazingly Awesome show and i hope one day i can see it again!

*Pictures Below*

It Went To Hell !

My X360 just got the ring of death last week and their is no way to replace my x360 because my one year warranty just ended on 02/10/2007 and Microsoft wants me to pay $265 for repair...umm... NO Thanks! This is my second x360 that has given me the Rings of death. Lucky i have another X360 that works -YIPPIES!- What shall i do now with the broken console.... I GOT A IDEA! Make a video of me smashing my
#2 x360! YIIPIES!


I finally sent my non-working X360 to hell. It felt good!

You can also check out the video on Gamespot now. I uploaded it just awhile ago. Have funz watching!




GTA IV Trailer tonight

I bought a New X360 -Yippies- I had to do it because yeah i need my x360 nowz!!! hehe My brother is playing it non-stop so ya its hard to play but ja i don't mind. I've been kinda losing my gaming touch over the past couple months due to me working full-time but ja what can i do lol. As for my other X360 that doesn't work i'm going to be smashing the "viva pinata" out of it this weekend so be sure to check into that later on next week as i will post a video of me destroying it. :twisted:


Back to topic. --->

Its finally here! -Drum roll- The GTA IV trailer tonight!

Can't wait but i'm working all nightz tonight..... :cry:

I have a plan to watch it tonight so i'm not too worried about it. Hopefully some gameplay will be shown. -crosses fingerz-


Hope you guyz/girlz catch the trailer tonight. Have fun!

ps- i will be posting up my old GTA SA Kiss Of Death video laterz so check that out to if you wantz.



Here We Go Again

My X360 just got the ring of death today and their is no way to replace my x360 because my one year warranty just ended on 02/10/2007. This is my second x360 that has given me the Red of death. I don't know if i have bad luck but it seems like the x360 hates me. What shall i do now....

RIP-#2 03/15/2007

Far Cry 2 Revealed - Official News

A 2 gigabyte file had been posted by UbiSoft in a location accessible by the public, and has since been removed, containing artwork, logos and screenshots for announced and unannounced titles, including a tech demo for Far Cry 2.

"We are clearly displeased that confidential information from Ubisoft has been distributed on the internet. We are still investigating the events that lead to this information leak and at this time have no further comment," said a representative for Ubisoft

Included was a file containing a number of games which are being worked on, one of which is Far Cry 2

Awesome news!
Can't wait for Far Cry 2 !