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WraithsLotus Blog

My New patches

KK they just came in heres what i got. And my friend, rick, also gave me a Dropkick Murphys patch.

And this is the one Rick gave me.

There gunna go on my jacket soon.

UPS and mah 360 box

So I went to drop off my 360 to UPS today to get it sent in for repairs. And as I was walking out the guy said "Hey is this an xbox" and I was like "LOL ROFL YEAH OFC" kk no but I said yes and he was like "Oh man we've been getting in alot of these lately" I just said "Yah it sucks" and walked out. lol exciting story, I know.

And you gotta know I was sporting my "new" used Military jacket with a Rancid backpatch on the back :P.

This one to be exact. I got it at hogwild records for bout 5 bucks. It bigger ofc :P

Anyway. Im also waiting for more patches to come in from :P. Ill post which ones I got in the next blog I do. I havent been really playing any games lately. Ive been going out with my friend and his friends to Hogwild and Dirt Cheap Distro and Downtown. Ive never been downtown in my own city lol. Was pretty cool. Looked completely different.

Couple weeks ago we went to a picnic for Juggalos, but since im the only Juggalo in the group I brought my friends with, cause, hell, Its free food and everyone loves free food. The guys I brought are mainly punks :P. But we ate what was left of the hot dogsand sausages and drank sum faygo. They had Grape and Cola to choose from. It was pretty fun even tho we stood of to the side and just hung out and talk :P. We got our pic taken, Well, everyone did, the photographer was pretty good at keeping it a secret :P. We never knew he even took a pic of us except for the big group one. Anyway pics below!

Im on the right. For such a high quality camera, the quality sure is bad but its prolly cause he has to host on myspace or w/e.

And the group photo, lol try and find me :P.

Kk, thats all I got. Wish my 360 luck on his trip to McAllen, TX, God speed 360 god speed. Gotta get some sleep before my rfriends grad/bday party tonight. See ya

Think my 360 is dieing

Well today, My 360 keeps freezing. I wanna say its burnout revenge but its prolly the 360. Its frozen during the 360 ball logo. And a bunch in middle of races, and one freeze made a loud noise and other put red stripes across the screen.Damn it, I don't want it to die, I haven't even got to play shadowrun yet :(. Well i guess ima let it sit for a while and hope w/e is wrong goes away.


About Burnout revenge, Its easy, its fast, and its look great and sounds great. Id say rent it if you just want a fun, fast racer. The tracks are nice looking, the cars are shiny and reflectiony and the sound makes my ears bleed with awesomeness.


Thats all for today, wish my 360 luck :). Next one will be longer, promise :)



edit: my 360 is officially dead, 3 rings of death. RIP friend


edit: its back, lol been going longer than before, so we'll see what happens


edit: rings are back, ima just call it in and get a new one 

Storm and Freelancer

Well, its almost 5 o clock in the morning and here i am, writing my second blog post, i figured since i have more friends now, people will actually read them and I can get some comments. I was awoken by a huge storm, it was great, its over now but was fun :P.

Anyways lately, I've been in the mood for a racing game, ever since I watched the motorstorm tournament tv. Ive been wanting to try Burnout Revenge on 360, even tho they basically took the challenge out of the game by car checking or whatever its called. But I watched the video review for it and Jeff makes it sound so nice. The Ps2 version was fun, but i enjoyed takedown alot more, as when you hit the backs of cars you actually crashed, but now they just fly out of your way when you hit them and you keep going. Thats sorta dissapointing but the next gen graphics, sound and explosions should help me thru it.

Also Forza 2 and Shadowrun are coming out soon. Im probably gunna rent Shadowrun first then if its too complicated or no fun to me, Ill prolly rent Forza 2. Thank god for the gamepass at blockbuster and me living 5 minutes from one. Im glad by blockbuster actually gets all the games on time and no games are excluded, makes the gamepass really worth it. I only own 1 game for my 360 but with the gamepass, its like I own all of them :P.

Anyway, the forums I visit everyday is starting a Freelancer clan on a server, I've never played the game before, and I've heard good things about, so I figure this is the time to start. Talks of being space pirates and space PvP, sound so great and I cant wait to get started. Ive never been a good pilot tho xD.

Well, thats all I have for tonight, thanks for reading and please comment on what I can approve on mah blog. Thank you


First blog

Alright, whats up, I'm WraithsLotus, today im going to write my first blog. So it might be a little crap. First of all I'm 18 and I live in Texas and I love it here. OK, well now where to begin. Yesterday i got my first character on Guild Wars to 20, Its pretty nice but it doesn't feel like I'm lvl 20, like it still feels im pretty weak in some areas. I am Necromancer Mesmer with full tormentors from Droknars and Ghialls Staff. My name ingame is LotusWraith, Im prolly gonna keep working on this character for a while till I get her just right. Right now I'm in the crystal desert working on those 3 missions. I still have alot to do in-game so im sure it'll keep me busy.


Also I'm on my way to beating Gears of War on insane, all I need is Act 4 completed and its all good from there. just got done with act 2 and 3 today. Ive had more trouble with Act 2 and 3 then i did with Act 5 on Insane. but RAAM was still pretty challenging of course. Ima little late on beating it on insane but I don't wanna beat the game on hardcore then proceed to beat it on insane, I gotta let it rest easy so when i start back up, i'm still interested. gears of war was the first game I played on my 360. Also beat Gears on hardcore the first day i owned a 360 with a good friend, we had a good time, Now if only they made more co-op games like gears over Live. Here's hoping they make Army of Two freaking amazing. Ive played RS:Vegas and GRAW2 co-op but it doesn't feel to good or get any sense of accomplishment in what you've done. So far Army of Two is looking great, great humor that goes with the character and doesn't feel awkward cause its there, kinda like gears of war humor. Little stuff like that is what makes a game that much more enjoyable. The stuff you can do in army of two is looking great as well, dragging your wounded buddy as you 2 take out the enemy, and driving a forklift while your buddy sits on top. Its looking to be a great co-op game and the dragging part is what made me really want the game, I was like, im buying that game when it comes out, first day purchase. So yeah, here's hoping for a great co-op game in 2007!


OK well lets talk music now, just for a little bit since I dont know much. My friend, Matt, got me into speedmetal last week and I'm really enjoying it and just regular metal aswell, not like scream your head off music more like fast guitar and blazing keyboards, really rocks the house with nice speakers. I've been listening to Iced earth and Stratavarious. Also Mastodon is pretty good aswell. Also I got the Dropkick Murphy's album "The Warriors Code" since I enjoyed a song from it, and its alot different from what I usually listen to. But I enjoy the style, and instruments they use in some songs. I just recently started listening to Digitally Imported radio. Its a Internet radio of course and its dedicated to trance, vocal trance, techno etc etc. They have really good stuff on there, I'm currently listening to the Hard dance channel. I recommend you all check it out. Ill drop you a link:


There we go.


Well, that's prolly it for my blog, i gotta get up in 3 hours to mow the lawn while it still feels good outside. So ima hit the hay and call it a night/morning and hope to beat act 4 on insane when I wake up. So I hope you all enjoyed my first blog. Please leave some comments on what I should do to further improve my blog. Thanks :D