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I've always been baffled at people who hate Nintendo and love Sonic. What games are the closest cousins to Mario and Kirby? Sonic and Mega Man. They all come from that era of high-quality cartoony platformers which Nintendo owned.
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The whole attitude of third party titles not selling well because consumers buy first party software always struck me as simple and unrealistic. Software sells systems. If the Wii U got all the multiplat games instead of them going to Sony or Microsoft, then people could buy the Wii U and play nothing but third party games. You can't tell me Rockstar is scared that Mario will take a chunk out of their Grand Theft Auto sales. 

No, I've always seen it as a bit more underhanded. Microsoft especially is known to employ reputationmanagement. You can't tell me that multi-billion dollar companies like Microsoft or Sony show up on the market with their first console and achieve amazing success due to nothing but hard work and honest business practices. They're on our message boards, falsely creating positive buzz about their own brands, and slandering the competition. They might evenbepayingcompanies to not release games on rival systems.

People talk all the time about Nintendo being "behind the times." Does that include shady business practises? Because if so, that explains a lot.

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There has never been a Mario Kart that surpassed the unbridled joy that was Super Mario Kart. This has been on my VC wishlist for years, and I couldn't be happier.

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I don't understand how a whole chunk of the gaming media can do something as ridiculous and unprofessional as have a bias against a specific console. But sure enough, you see it everywhere. The review of LostWinds here left a really bad taste in my mouth. That was a fantastic game and it got a 5.5? How can that even happen? It was the Wii bias that made me stop watching X-Play too. Constant off-hand comments by the hosts that made it clear they don't play the Wii any more than Kaz Hirai. This is, in my opinion, the best holiday season that little white box has had yet, and does anyone know half of the amazing titles that are coming this fall and winter? No, because the gaming media is too busy licking Sony and Microsoft's feet to bother reporting on any of them properly.

Rant over. I'll go back to being pleasantly apathetic towards the situation now.

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Holy screaming mother of Batman! If this is based off the comics and not the movie, this is gold Jerry! Gold!

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Let's see..

Little King's Story
Arc Rise Fantasia
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Dragon Quest X
Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers
Cave Story
Fragile: Farewell to the Moon
Tales of Graces
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Mario & Luigi RPG 3!

Those are the ones on my radar.

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This is a painful summer altogether. I'm almost glad Nintendo's got next to nothing announced, because the third parties are making my wallet ache.

Between now and the end of June, there's Punch Out, The Muchables, Klonoa, Little King's Story, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, Let's Tap, Ghostbusters, Arc Rise Fantasia, and Overlord: Dark Legend.

Not to mention Muramasa in September. And Gamespot's review of Excitebots has started to sway my opinion. Gr.

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Bad games make us good gamers. Or at least that's how it was in the NES days. The first crap game I ever owned was Micky Mousecapade, and I logged so much time and effort into it. The game was punishingly hard. Unforgiving and sometimes just plain torture. But working on it made me improve my skills. Now I scratch my head when people complain about Mega Man 9's difficulty.

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I always loved the Rabbids. I just had enough of mini-game collections. A proper adventure game is exactly what the Rabbids need to stay awesome.

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