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Nintendo's Four-Minute Mile

I love these guys.

"The fact of the matter is that weve been here constantly. Weve been betraying peoples expectations, in a good way, for a long time. Have you heard of the theory or the story of the four-minute mile?

For a very long time in the past, it was believed to be impossible that a human could run a mile in four minutes. However, once one person broke the record, 23 more people broke the record themselves in the following year. Many things we cant do are simply because we think we cant do them. To put it another way, if we start thinking we can do something, we can do it." - Satoru Iwata 

"I saw a video clip from 1990 or 1991. It was a clip off of Good Morning America. It was just before the transition here in the Americas from NES to SNES. The broad themes were, Is Nintendo dead? Can they make the transition to the next system with other devices getting stronger? They were talking about PCs. Is the dedicated gaming system dead? 1990 or 1991. This industry has been declared dead so many times. Nintendo has been declared dead so many times. Its just noise.

Fundamentally, this is the entertainment business. If we entertain people, if we put smiles on their faces, theyre going to buy our products hardware and software. Theyre going to support our brands. We will continue to be a very effective and a very, dare I say, successful company. Its about the content." - Reggie Fils-Aime

Seriously. Why am I such a staunch supporter of Nintendo? Sure I love their brands, but I think their brands wouldn't exist in such an ideal form if it weren't for the attitudes within that company. Keep doing your own thing, Nintendo.