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I'm Pissed - Microsoft Edition

I just posted a reply on a forum here, regarding the reason behind Nintendo's lack of third party support despite the U having similar power to the PS3 and 360. It sort of got my blood boiling, searching for all those links. Please give me a bit of breathing room while I let out some anger.

The whole attitude of third party titles not selling well because consumers buy first party software always struck me as simple and unrealistic. Software sells systems. If the Wii U got all the multiplat games instead of them going to Sony or Microsoft, then people could buy the Wii U and play nothing but third party games. You can't tell me Rockstar is scared that Mario will take a chunk out of their Grand Theft Auto sales. 

No, I've always seen it as a bit more underhanded. Microsoft especially is known to employ reputation management. You can't tell me that multi-billion dollar companies like Microsoft or Sony show up on the market with their first console and achieve amazing success due to nothing but hard work and honest business practices. They're on our message boards, falsely creating positive buzz about their own brands, and slandering the competition. They might even be paying companies to not release games on rival systems.

People talk all the time about Nintendo being "behind the times." Does that include shady business practises? Because if so, that explains a lot.

Excuse my rant.. but this sort of thing really pisses me off. The fact that these kinds of practises can go on, be brought to the attention of the fans, and we don't especially react. That Microsoft sees gamers as such pushovers, that they can talk about horrible, restrictive DRM and tell us to "deal with it." They can announce the XBox One and expect everyone to be thrilled, and when they're not, when Microsoft's finally scared, they do just enough to calm people down, and the XBox One preorders skyrocket. Where is the justice in this market?! 

I hope the market crashes. I really do. I hope Sony and Microsoft are forced to drop out of the console race because there's no profit to be made. I hope the Ouya crashes and burns. We've become a community full of thieves, guided by corporations that bleed every cent out of us every chance they get and use underhanded business practises to manipulate our bloated sense of entitlement. 

Let's all give our money to Microsoft.