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Earthbound Releases For the VC!

IGN Commenters say:

   99Winters  4 minutes ago
   My absolute favorite RPG of all time for $10? Thank you kindly, Nintendo.

   Garnyb  39 minutes ago
   best rpg ever

   technogamer18  an hour ago
   if anyone needs me i'll be playing this for the next day...

Gamespot Commenters say: 

   CyhortI82 33 minutes ago
   An overrated game on a terrible console or an overrated game for free on an emulatr that works perfectly? Hmmmm I wonder which is the smart choice....

   bannermanner 48 minutes ago
   ZSNES beat you to the punch, Nintendo.

   Random_Matt 1 hour ago
   Nintendo desperation, $10 for that. Oh dear, all whack jobs work for Nintendo. 
   And could not care less about a overpriced piece of $#!+ snes cartridge, if anyone whats to mention it. 
   Wii U is garbage.

N4G Commenters say:

   PopRocks359  3h ago
   Holy geewillickers Batman! 
   Well I know what to buy today... curse you Nintendo...
   TheEvilWithin  50m ago
   BOUGHT and now spreading the word to my friends!!!

   kma2k  2h ago
   One of my favorite all time games!
      PigPen  2h ago
      Yep, that's what I been hearing. I going to have to check this game out 

Gamespot Commenters say:

   TheRaiderNation  3 minutes ago
   Why couldn't this also be released on the Wii? 

   JumpyLuweegee2  6 minutes ago
   WiiU is a huge piece of $#!+.

        Random_Matt  3 minutes ago
      @JumpyLuweegee2 Completely agree.

   DVONvX  14 minutes ago
   Would love to buy this and play again. I will not be buying a crappy Wii U however..

GameInformer Commenters say:

   Gears of Uncharted Beatles Galaxy 1966  Thursday, July, 18, 2013 at 09:45
   I guess I'll be heading to the store for a points card.

   Morris Moore  Thursday, July, 18, 2013 at 10:01
   AWW YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm buying this!!!!

   MrPuffehman  Thursday, July, 18, 2013 at 11:23
   WHAT. Didn't see that coming, now I juat have to add funds to my Wii U.

Gamespot Commenters say:

   HartPuncher 2 hours ago
   Why pay $10? I'll play it on my Dreamcast emulatr. HA!

   b74kd3th 2 hours ago
   $10 for this $#!+?

   enoslives7 2 hours ago
   The only good games on the wii u are old emulatrs, unless you are 5 years old or japanese. Childresn and japanese love to  play crazy Pokemon type games all day.


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