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Contrary to What We're Told: The Future is Ours to Create

I'm so tired of people saying digital-download-only is the future.


Everywhere I go lately, there's always a handful of douchey forum-posters who insist that digital is the future, and if you don't like digital then you're against progress and you should be scoffed at. I really hate this kind of attitiude. But before I get into that, my stance on digital vs packaged media. (As if any of you who know me need this to be spelled out.)

If I could get a hard copy of every digital download I've ever purchased, I would do so. Without hesitation. I have actually brought this up countless times while filling out Club Nintendo surveys (the best way to have your opinion heard by the Big N. I highly reccomend it.) I've told them, "You know what would be great? If I could use my Club Nintendo coins to purchase a disc with all of my WiiWare games burned onto it." It'll never happen. But who knows.

The point is, the day video games become download-only is the day gaming becomes a disposable hobby. Which is exactly what the big companies want. They want to slowly restrict us more and more, with each subsequent generation. First the PS3 took away backwards compatibility, then The XBone was going to force check-ins and would brick once the generation ended. They want control, and what better way to control gamers than to sell them a product that they never really own completely. With an always-online console (which is still coming, even if Microsoft withdrew for now,) and digital-only games, what you're really doing is buying the ability to connect to THEIR servers. You're under their control.


Since I posted my entry about the Genesis and GBA a couple blogs back, I've discovered a dozen games for those systems I never considered and have become very excited to play. Can't do that with digital. How many of those games are even available as downloads, and even then, all on one system? What about games like Duck Tales, Yo Noid or Turtles in Time? Stuck in licensing limbo. For Nintendo to deal with Disney and Capcom to get Duck Tales on the VC? Not worth it. But I can play the cart, can't I?

That's what really gets me. You hand over your rights as a consumer to a company like Microsoft, a company that has done nothing to earn your trust. If anything, they have betrayed your trust many, many times. This is the company who will rule our digital future? No thanks.

The future is NOT digital-only. Discs may one day disappear in lieu of flash cards or isometric chips, I don't know. But the future is up to us. The consumers. We provide companies with the money they use to bully us around. If you don't want to be bullied, controlled or treated like you're sharing a cell with Hal-9000 in a white-collar prison, then stop giving them money.