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Hey guys! Important announcement to all of you...

Hey! It's been forever... Sorry. I've been busy with school! It's going quite well. I always have my music to help me :cool: But I'm just not having any time to come here anymore... :( I will occasionally peek in here or there in the school year but it's not the same. So I'll be here for the summer of course! but I'll be gone in the school year. Please PM me so I can keep in touch with all of you. It's not permanent but I can't be here forever. So if I'm just long gone like I was it's because I'm a busy guy. Especially with Marching band this summer & school year.. But best of luck to everyone as always! Please keep in touch :) Everyone of you are great. A great community we've got here on GS even with all these glitches :P until we blog again! - Alex

Long Time No See pals.

Hey..... Yeah I'm here hopefully. It's been a long while. Sorry everyone. Hope things are well for you guys :) I'm doing okay. I'm now on Spring Break :D I met the nicest person thid year too. Such a great friend she is :) Hope to talk to some of you & catch up!

Happy Holidays!!! &PSN account!!! :)

Hope everything is well for you guys! School sucks >.> & I'm busy Dx Had a wonderful Christmas with my family! :) Now today huge snow storm incoming ._. ABOUT TIME!!!!! :D Anyways I'm oficially on PSN!!! Add me at : Wolverine87AX :D Happy holidays everyone!!! See you guys eventually :)

2 months at least.. Sorry guys D:

Well its me :on I wonder whats been goin on :? Sorry i left but here's why :| School. School is my priorty ues indeed it is. Idont jave any time to be getting on here anymore D; Not even weekends due to other things. Im doing well! Im all ready 1/4 the way done with school :) Its a 4 day weekend so Monday&Tuesday i could maybe get on ;) Ive met a tonnn of new people like 40+ There happens to be 2 girls i get along with just fine and my bro (best friend) too so the 4 of us :D it so happens that i like one of 2 and he likethe other :3 so win win :D The 4 of us :lol: hoorah! Anyways, thanksgiving break in november & winter break i might get on :] Winter break = my birthday and also Christmas :D woo! As for not being on i kinda explained it yes i may have upset some people by not explaining why im MIA for 2 months just leaving the site & no explanation D: well there it is :? I feel like i wont be on mich anymore Too D: anyways this is dragging along... Well there it is a somewhat wrap up of whats happening :P


It been 2 weeks ish i guess I started school 1 week ago I left gs to prepare. Schools got me on the edge >_> Sorry everyone i cant post i cant really do much thanks to school :( Id like to ask NOT to be forgotten about :? :| I wont ve on for many time heck maybe months... I will try my best so far ive aced all my Quizes(like 7 of them) And have 100% homework 2-3 hours a night on note taking I rarely sit down at my computer any more im most readig my manga and books,homework,facebook,playing games,and watching some anime on dvds and other shows on dvds with my mom and dad. I try to get on here but im lacking it please dont think im a wimp for not doing anymore stuff in blogs , forums or unions im SIMPLY BUSY. School > than wasting time on gs i have a goal im in high school i NEED to get things done i have to maintain a good average to my classes i was able to pull off gamespots week by week but now im stuck on trending work but i will always be doing alot of efficienct work ;) :) :D:D:D :cool: :cool: Salutations for the next week or 3 and cheers for college football!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: So long my friends ill be back sometime.. ;)

My 3DS is here!!!!!!!!

My dad just came home and got the mail with him! I saw a package it looked like a box he opened it now its a 3DS time!! Im charging it and ill let you guys know my Friend code :) This is sweet! We ordered it wedsnday afternoon! I wa expecting Saturday or monday at the least! Wooo! :) its a cosmos black one ;) Hoorah! :D Edit * it was on version 1.00 ! :lol: Im updating it now! This is sweet :)

New Game system!!!!! I got a 3DS :o

Hmm best buy had Steel Diver and Pilotwings Brand new $4.99 And i gt Steel Diver. So now i also have a 3DS coming my way hopefully in the mail on Saturday or Monday or Tuesday :P Im excited :) Cool system but i like te vita a bit more :P Still Vita is more expensive so ill wait on it. As fot 3DS i got Dream Trigger,Steel Diver , and Samurai Warriors Chronicals for realy cheap brand new :D

Time Flies

Time really has fllown By :lol::lol::lol: Hmm i have a question! Should i cancell all the stories ive been wriiting especially Wolverine,Aden.Kibaku and whatnot :P?

Descions Descions. will i stay a leader? Will i stay here on GS?

Hello.. :| The past week and a half have been rough on me here :( I lost 2 close friends from my union Megamant123 and Fablesway.... I was out due to power outage today so i wasnt able to speak to em its my fault they left. As for being a leaader its hard stuff. people trollin and ranting you hve to fix it, People critizing you on leadership. Saying im a bad leader. Losing officers. Ill be here on GS but tell Me your opinions about this do you want me To stay or what would happen if i left...? As for my thoughts it was aiming towards leaving permanantly but ive had many talks in the past hour and a half. Now its 60% here 40% gone. Im still thinkin i might take a break i guess im stressed oht For one time actually :( As for my union.... Well ill just hope its active now. Ill be hanging out in my main unions : Smiley Army, Off topic Universe,Wrestling and OT union,AllOutNintendo,SecretHangoutUnion, and relax chill union! Later friends and people who still rea my Blogs :|