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First Vector Art

I posted this at SCAC, but I'll add it to my journal.

I <3 Illustrator. First vector, of the whored CS render:

Then, my prettyful:

I left the face blank because it matches the un-detailed-ness. I now some parts look weird, like the gun and knee... but ignore those. WombaMomba99

How is it? I messed up a lot, but I wub it. :)

New Banner; First Entry in Ages

Hey everybody, you might have been wondering why I haven't touched my journal in ages. Well, probably not.

I was banned until April, and came back around May or so I believe, stupid age restrictions. I didn't bother to touch my journal. It wreaked of emptyness and not-wanting-to-explain-why-my-last-entry-was-about-Christmass-ness. Hopefully I'll post more often in this rotting pile of crap, and posibly turn it into a shiny piece of crap.

Anywho, new journal banner. I'm falling in love with Adobe Illustrator.

My Gifts Pt. 3

After having Christmas at my dad's house, here are the final Presents:

  • Halo 2 Master Chief, Brute, and Gauss Warthog toys
  • Mario 64 DS
  • 13" flatscreen monitor- I'm now using it so I have 2 monitors at once. I move my mouse off one screen, it appears on the other. So cool!
  • World of Warcraft
  • Mario 64 DS
  • New Speaker system for my computer- Really nice, but not much room on my desk so one is on the ground :?
  • Metal Gear Solid 3
  • Halo 2 Calender...
  • Chinese Checkers/Checkers and another weird game combo
  • Lord of the Rings Monopoly

I think that may be it, I'm very happy now. We played some Monopoly, and I had 1 fully upgraded area that gave me 600 bucks when I was poor. I'm going to play WoW now, see you guys later!

My Gifts So Far Pt. 2

After the real Christmas at my moms, which is on Christmas Eve, I got some great presents. Including the comics from the morning, I got:

  • Some Pajamas
  • A shirt and beanie from PacSun
  • 2 Target Gift Cards
  • Katamari Damacy (or Damashi)
  • A NINTENDO DS! They found one!
  • A Nintendo DS Starter Kit
  • Nintendo DS Carrying Case

The Starter kit came with 2 game cases that hold 3 games, covers for both screens, 2 extra styluses, and headphones and a headphone holder. The carrying case is a cool silver case with a bumpy texture, like some top-secret case. It has a strap that goes over my shoulder, and just a handle would have been nice. Besides that,

Christmas! Bad-a-ba-ba-ba! I'm lovin' it!

I've still got another day of Christmas at my Dad's, I can't wait!

My Gifts So Far

Because I'm having Christmas at my mom's on Christmas Eve, my brother finally convinced her to have a Christmas Eve-of-Christmas Eve-Present this morning. It was only me and my brother opening our presents from our oldest brother, and we got cool comics. I got:

  • 21 Down-Issue 0
  • New X-Men Academy X-Issue 1
  • Spawn-Issue 138
  • New Avengers (Alternative Cover)-Issue 1
  • Space Ghost-Issue 1
  • Fallen Angel-Issue 1

I've read the 21 Down comic, it was pretty cool but short. My brother got some cool ones like DarkStalker. We got a present for both of us, it was the huge Simpsons comic 100th issue.

I'll be updating this later, so be sure to check back in. AND CHECK MY PREVIOUS ENTRY. It tells my true identity. :)

My Interview (Sort of) Is up!

An older entry of mine. That was saying I was being interviewed, but nothing much else. So, the waiting is over. It's finally up. You will most likely be very suprised, even though some of you may have found it out.

The Interview

So it's not quite an interview, but it's still me. I'm the first person they talk about, Matthew Ralphs. About the picture... I don't look like that now, I have more grown-out hair and less freckles. I'll discuss more in the comments, so be sure to post there. :)

A Tiny Update on My Life

I'm off for winter break, thank god. The early days of December sure did fly by.

Anyways, it's turning a bit chaotic, but not quite as much as right before Christmas. My older brother, after getting in a big fight with my mom, punched a tree and broke his hand. He has to go get surgery on Monday. I really love my brother, I hope he's ok. This might mean no more playing his new GameCube he just got. I've got a bad cold and left early from school today, only going because I had a science project to do and turn in, and I had science early. It's just been getting worse and worse, and I actually hope it goes away very quickly because it's now winter break and I don't need an excuse to stay home from school. :P My dog at my mom's house is starting to limp from a hurt right leg, and I'm starting to feel sorry for how poorly we treat it. It barks at everything and begs for food, so the family's responses aren't very good to these. My family seems to be falling apart.

Tonight I hope to watch The Chronicles of Riddick and/or Spider-Man 2, got both on DVD. I've actually had these for a while. but never even got a chance to watch them. You see, at my dads there are tons of video games and so much to do. My dad gets the DVDs, so they usually stay at my dad's. We're going to stay at my mom's for every day leading up to Christmas besides this weekend, so we're gonna bring some stuff over to do like movies.

I've been making reviews for ForumSpotting 2.0, even though I've only submitted one. And Here It Is. I've only got 2 trusted users, nobody bothers to read mine.

Well, I've got nothing more to say, so this entry ends here.

Random Thought of The Day: Teddy Bears

I never use my journal because I can never think of what to put. So I decided to put a thought I had.

Does anyone know how the teddy bear was invented? I mean, bears are violent creatures. Why did someone think of giving a kid a stuffed bear. And why was it called a teddy bear? Tigers and panthers and whatnot have also been turned into stuffed animal icons, but why was the bear made instead of one of those? I think they should have started with a turtle or something.

My Name

Short entry because no one reads this, but my name is pronounced
Wahmb-uh Mahmb-uh 99
I've wanted to change it to WombaMomba99 so it's easier to read, but the name change is gone. So, I PMed Bethany a week ago, she still hasn't replied. I guess I'll try jsd...

Livestrong! Athena! ...Nike?

I'm sure most of you have seen and/ or have of the Livestrong bands. They support cancer with each purchase. So, a company released a new band, Athena, which donated to the Breast Cancer foundation or something... Anyways, everyone started wearing them and it became the new fad (and still is). So now, Nike, Microsoft, the Seahawks, everyone is relasing new bands and everyone is buying them. I mean, they don't even look that good, and they only give money for the company to use rather than to donate. People at my school are constanyl selling, buying, and trading these bands. Most of my school have bands running up their wrists. I just got a Livestrong yesterday, and I hope to only have a Livestrong. This is really getting out of control. Anyone agree with me?
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