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I'm a gamer now.

I got the XBOX 360 for my birthday which was a whole month ago and yet I feel sort of uneasy about it. Buying a console makes one a gamer. I had always played games on the computer which was ok because I also used the computer for other things. I was never a game junkie. But now I have my first console. One must be pretty serious about games to spend $400 on gaming system that does little else but games. I'm not sure I want to be a gamer.

While I will never be the stereotypical gamer, the stigma from that stereotype is very strong. I will be seen as one of those kids who lays around the house all day playing games and eating chips and drinking coke while his mom bugs him about mowing the lawn while his sister and her friends play in the other room casting disgusted looks in his direction. I know someone who fits that description perfectly. While I never will, I fear people may think it of me.

Homework on Saturday?

This semester I have tried to compress my homework. On a weekday I usually get my homework done before 1 AM. I am able to do this because I understand the urgency of the situation. But when I try to do my homework on a Saturday, it proves impossible. I figure that I can do it all and have Sunday free. But I cannot. For some reason I seem to stretch it out. I may get 1/4 of it done on Saturday. I have no discipline. It is almost tortorous to force myself to work on Saturday.

So I've given up. I watched TV and played XBOX all day.

Tourettes guy

I'm ashamed to admit that I liked the tourettes guy videos. They were very crude but freaking hilarious. Only now I can't get his inanities out of my head:

"Sounds like Chewbacca taking a sh*t!"

"You can't do sh*t without your balls!"

"I'd like to see you walk a mile in my sh*t!

"Sh*tting out the window and pissing out the window are two different things!"

"Why don't you make like a banana and sh*t?"

And of course: Piss

Now I need to go listen to something pure. I feel guilty for finding that funny.

What's better than full?

I love being full. Just like thos Taco Bell commercials. And I love the journey of becoming full viz. eating. But I tell you. There is something better than full: top-off. It's like the gas stations tell you to never top off when filling up. But you should when eating. You fill yourself up completely and then eat a little bit more. That's the best feeling in the world. And there is no better place to top-off than Chipotle. Their burritos fill me up and top me off. I can't explain what that does to me.

But I guess Taco Bell didn't think it would've been a good idea to use the phrase, "I'm topped off!"

I've become an icon wh0re

"Once a tear fell off my cheek and into the ocean, the day I find it will be the day I stop loving you."

Cliche, but true.

I wish I had gotten a picture of it before it was erased.

It was beautiful.

Why am I so emo tonight? Only one more day of school.

Ok, no more enigmas. I know why it is. By yourself, it's hard enough to endure the tough times. But when you're alone, it's even harder to enjoy the good times.

Christmas is coming. Whom will I share it with?

There was a time when I would have put this in my xanga. But too many people read it now. Then again this page is only one click away...


I feel terrible. I didn't make region band and I know I could have done better. One person that I know did better than me and now she has power over me. There are no reasons for her to like me.

I put so much effort into my music only to be thwarted by the chromatic scale.

Have you ever performed so badly you wanted to kill yourself afterward? I feel that way after every algebra test. But after tonight, I fully understand the potency failed expectations.

I think I might try to duplicate the picture at the top on my own piano.

updating for the hell of it

I am simply updating to push events farther away from me and this page so only those who know it exists can find it....

I got my permit last week. I don't like talking about it though because I'm 17 and most other kids already have their licenses. I feel inferior.

People really piss me off.

I am normally an accepting and tolerant person. But these people at my school are really pissing me off. Although I won't have to deal with it anymore, it really got me at the time. On the bus, they wanted the people up front to sit 2 to a seat so they could sit with their friends. I had been quite aquiescing for the longest time. But finally I had it. I was literally on the verge of saying "f*** you!" I don't know what stayed me. These people think that just because they are more popular, or more beautiful, or more deserving, that they can enforce their will on the "little people." It is a form of socialistic imperialism.

I don't care if I am a selfish bastard. And why should I be anything else when it would go unnoticed? If we did sit 2 to a seat, would these elites thank us? Hell no! They would be like, "Oh good, now I don't have to worry about those fugly **** holes up there in the front."

I'm not going to do what you tell me to do just because I am an inconvenience to you. And just because you are more popular than me doesn't mean you get to dictate the world.

We all need to learn a few lessons from Rosa Parks.

I don't mind sitting 2 to a seat. But when you start b*tching at people and treat them as an inferior, it will piss people off.

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