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A friend recommended this in passing, and I finally have sometime and money to spend so I figured it might be worth it.

I read somewhere that due to some digital rights...legal thing that there is no single offline mode. I tried searching for clarification in google/the forums, but I was met with a bunch of jargon that only muddled my perception further.

Would someone mind breaking this down in terms for a person who doesn't really have experience with competitive playing and such if my following perceptions are off?

Let me know if I have it--you need to pay for the gold membership or whatever so Mr. and Mrs. Diablo know that you have a non-pirated copy via interwebs. You can only play this game when you are connected to the internet...and I'm guessing playing this used isn't an option either because if someone else had this registered, Mr. and Mrs. Diablo probably won't like me playing it on my console.

Since video games are expensive as is, paying an additional 20 on top of the price of the game is unattractive. But the bits I've seen in my internet travels are enticing. I might just bite it and give it a shot in the interests of doing something new--and I do love co-op type play (and boy is it rare for me since I rarely do online play to begin with).

Although, if there is a less expensive option, I definitely would like to give it a test drive first before dropping like 80 dollars on something that may not be fun for me.

Thanks for the advice and, hopefully, I'll look forward to enjoying this.

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thats odd, the thing says seventeen plus, i thought i would be included in that bubble

anyway then how do i remove the "child status"

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i have an xbox live membership and yadda yadda yadda

im trying to download the trailer for dantes inferno, when i click download a box comes up and says that im not allowed to download stuff with this rating. i go to the family settings and find that the all games rated m and below are allowed to be downloaded, for good measure i change it to all games to be safe despite dantes inferno itself being rated M

anyway ive tried it again and it wont work, i get the same message, i tried doing it thru my sisters account with the same settings and it still wont work, also im seventeen years old, its not like im trying to lie or anything why am i being stopped

thank you in advance

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thx for all of ur advice ill look into all of these website, but i still dont understand the whole blockbuster deal, its possible to download games to the hardrive?

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ok so i bought a used tales of vesperia game and i didnti got it recently, it has sctatches on it, i was able to take care of most of it but there is like a soft horizontal dash/scratch on the far side of the disc

also the weirdest thing is that the back is discolored anybody know what this means, is like there are 2 shades of color on the back and its weird for its wavy and irregular, not even a perfect circle

so when i put it in most of the time it just says "open tray" but sometimes it does work, i really dont want to have another ebay war, ive had bad luck recently, im alright with it not loading half the time, what my main fear is that halfway thru the game(im only like 2 hrs in) it will freeze and stop because im thinking this guy copied it illegaly somehow and did a bad job, maybe the reason why its muticolored is because not all of the data is on there

please help me out and confirm some of my speculations, what to do what to do


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sorry i cant put up a pic b/c i dont have microsodt paint but yeah if i set up a topic it will say x number has replied but when i go to the screen i see nothing but my original post is ithis a glitch, i have no idea b/c the url isnt broken or anything im confuzzled thx for helping :)