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Ps3 network settings test please help

If anyone that reads this could do a test for me on your ps3 in the network settings set it up using the custom option use your usual settings for wired or wireless but under the MTU section set it to manual and use 1492 as your setting, when you run the connection test it should take a little longer specially at the NAT test and it wont give you numbers for the download or upload speed test and will mention something about router not supporting data burst...etc

once you do that download something from the psn store and let me know if it seems faster to you, also if you have netflix see if videos reach the highest quality quicker, I'm using this setting my self but I wanted to know If it was successful for others.


Why I don't use metacritic ever...

Forget the fact I love Dust:AET the simple reason I don't use metacritic is this.

Eurogamer, Eurogamer italy, eurogamer Germany.
All 7.0, let google chrome translate? and you get almost the exact same review same terms used, even at times remarkably close paragraph usage. How is it that what amounts to the exact same review is allowed to count 3 times?

Continueing to sell games

On my quest to continue to beat games get through my 360 backlog and then sell them Sadly I had to close down my glyde account because of an issue with their database that kept me from deleting certain games from my collection, I'll reopen a new account though.

Currently have sold on glyde.
Fable 2, Army of Two, The Gathering storm *book*, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, Psychonauts, Jet Set Radio Future, Towers Of Midnight *book*, Transformers Revenge of the fallen, gears of war 2 special edition, Halo 3:ODST, Gears of war 3, Grand theft auto VI complete, Mario Kart Double Dash, Brutal Legend, and Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts.

Currently in the process of selling.
Unreal tournament 3, Qubed, Gundam Crossfire, Gundam Encounters in Space, XBLA Arcade compilation, Frontlines Fuel o war, Perfect Dark Zero special edition, Sneak King, Big bumpin, Pocket Bike Racer, Plants vs Zombies retail release *includes Zuma and Peggle*.

Currently watching Twin Peaks, The Dead Zone, Mighty Max, Auther and the Knights of Justice.
Currently playing Plants vs Zombies, Xbox Live Arcade unplugged vol 1, Pop cap arcade vol 2, Sonics Ultimate genesis collection, Namco Museum Virtual Arcade, Call of duty 3.

Selling games

Officially stopped trying to get gamerscore sick of Microsoft so I'm trying to get through all the games I have in back log shrink wrapped cause I was working on achievements for other games *and being lazy* Once I beat em I sell em on glyde just sold gears 3, gears 2, odst, gta 4 complete, and brutal legend.

Finished up Xenogears perfect works, son of neptune...etc

Finished up Xenogears perfect works It cemented till the end the concept of playing disc 1, ignoreing disc 2 of xenogears and just reading the translated perfect works.
Purchased and read Son of neptune and am trading it into amazon, Been watching Deep space nine from the begining I'm currently on episode 11 of season 5.

Stopped playing Arc the lad got a little bored of it gonna go back soon, I also downloaded like 30 seperate theme packs and gamerpics on xbox live as well as a free car for forza 4, a free plane for Assault horizon, Griffin for gears 3 and a avatar shirt...And cows claim there is nothing free on xbox live.

Just about done with Xenogears Perfect works

Been taking it slow but I'm just about done with Xenogears perfect works on abotu page 190.
For those wondering Xenogears perfect works is a compilation of writing, explaination and such of the games plot and characters with lots of pre production and production images released exclusively in japan I never had a chance before to read it.

But your american Americans dont speak other languages specially japanese...yes your right we don't but I found an excellent translation online, and while its a direct translation *some of the words lose their meaning* its shining light on alot of the concepts in the xenogears game...I can recommend only one thing...Play disc 1 of xenogears, Ignore disc 2 get the perfect works translation and you will have a far better time with the story and plot then you would if you actually played disc 2.

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