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Jobs lead to gaming PC's.

Few things to update you on.

First off, school is out and has been for a while, I'm glad to be rid of that. I've got a job for the summer, I'm working at the local "Books-A-Million" the second largest bookstore in the US. That job isn't bad, sure there are a few things that I dislike but I'm only there for the money :P. I'll either keep this job through the next semester, or I'll switch over to an internship. Time will tell.

I got a new laptop, the goal was to get something powerful enough to play game on. I got a Dell XPS L502X, since you probibibly don't know, it looks like this:

It's got a i5 proccessor, 1GB graphics card, 4GB or RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. Works well enough for me :D. I can play most games on max settings, which is quite nice.

Go ahead and leave a comment, it would be nice to catch up with some of you again.

Special Agent Will47.

I'm a tried and true E3 Special Agent, having grabed every achievement offered at Gamespot E3.

E3 2010 Special Agent

Please, just call me York. That's what everyone calls me. These insatiable GameSpot members saw every press conference, caught three episodes of Tonight on the Spot, and were there for all three days of the LiveCam Tour and E3 Stage Show when they were all live! They're true heroes, right, Zach?

It wasn't easy, it took many a late night, many a infuriated moment, and a letter to the Gamespot tech suport, and some photographic proof, but I did it.

Honestly the Tech Suport wasn't needed in the end but oh well, just shows how hard I was trying right? So, if you feel like rejoicing with me in the awesome acomplishment then feel free to help your self to the cake.

P.S, for those wondering of I'm hanging out in any unions, no I'm not. I manly can be found in the Nintendo DS forum and by PMing me. If you send me a PM I should reply within the day.

And for my final act...

I shall raise Will47 from the dead!

*gurgling sounds*

Hmm...he dosn't looke quite the same. What do you think?

Jokes aside, hows it going guys? I haven't been on here in ages, to bad really, I'm sure I missed alot :P.

Update on what's happend to me while I've been gone:

First, I found out I'm going to be an uncle for a thrid time :D, woot woot.

I've added some new games to my collection,

If you havn't figured it out by now, I'm a big fan of the Nintendo DS ;). The awesome thing about five of these games is, I got them all for $50, with GameCrazy shuting down they had a huge close out sale, and I came out on the high side of that. Out of the new games I have to say that Pokemon Soul Silver and Suikoden on the best. Everyone knows why Pokemon is awesome so I'm going to skip talking about it, but on the other hand Suikoden. That game is one of the most awesome games in my collection, if you ever have the chance to pick it up I highly suggest it.

I have hit that wonderful summer time again, I'm trying to get a job, it's just complicated. I'm trying to get a internship, so I don't want to be putting in applications at the local places before I get some word back on it. Right now I'm trying to figure out what the fine line is between waiting for the internship and giving up on it to get another job. Still things are looking positive right now, hope it stays that way.

Resently I downloaded ijji's racing game Drift City, been playing that quite a bit. Best thing about that game is that it's a open world game, so while you can do all the racing other games offer, you can also just hit the city and buzz around :P. Oddly enough a huge part of the game is the single player story line (which you preform online), I haven't ever seen that in a MMO before, unquie experience.

Well I won't bore you with any more, glad to be back. I've missed quite a few of you (and not missed quite a few more :P, jk jk). So tell me what I missed.

A new me :D

Yes, I am becoming an all new me :D. This new me reads books, because the old me did not. This new me buys books, the old me did not. This new me spent three hours shopping for books today, the old me did not.

Yes this new me got Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Gulliver's Travels, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Star Wars: I Jedi, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. This new me has already done a good bit of reading today. When I got out of the car after book shopping I dropped my DSi and scratched up the front of it on the drive way :cry: . The main scratch is over the front camera but luckly off to one side so the camera dosn't see it.

I can't wait for Pokemon Soul Silver to come out, I've been looking forward to those games (like so many other people) since they where first mentioned.

'Tis The Season.

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas :D, I know mine was was. I got the Juggling Clubs I have been wanting, they are a high dollar set so I had to plan the whole thing out. I got my parents to get me one club, my siblings to get me one, and I bought the last one as a Christmas present to myself :P.

Me, my younger brother and sister all got Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands. I asked for it and they each thought it was a great idea so they ask for it to :P, I'm a real trend setter :P

There were many other presents namely clothes, but also a very nice new knife :D.

As for the week between Christmas and New Year, I doubt I'll be around much...we have the whole thing planed out and it's going to be very busy. So don't expect to see me much till the new year :D.

Marry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Religion and Pokemon???

Ok I'm a Christian, I'm all for religion. Unforchantly there are some real losers that give religion a bad name, because of these losers there are a lot of annoying stereo types that go along with Christians (or religious people in general). They latest guy I've seen making a fool of himself and cementing in these stupid stereo types is this guy.

You can watch the video here.

I quote the next part from Paul Tassi:

This video shows a TV pastor (anyone know his name) educating his flock on the demonic powers of Pokemon and the choking evil grip it has over our nation's children. In one fell swoop he manages to express his complete lack of understanding over not only Pokemon, but also his own religion. All of this is in the video, but let's summarize.

- Pokemon means "Pocket Monsters" in English. Monsters are evil.

- Pokemon get more powerful and evolve in better versions of themselves. Evolution is evil.

- Children form relationships with the Pokemon and command them to fight each other using elemental powers. This is somehow witchcraft. Witchcraft is evil.

- Kids have STABBED each other over Pokemon cards. I think this happened one time. Stabbing is evil.

- The devil has nothing better to do than to use Pokemon to turn your children into little witchcraft practicing demons. All of this is evil.

He also makes the brilliant analogy that "You'll say that this is JUST A GAME, well Russian Roulette is also JUST A GAME!" and then goes on to say that with Pokemon, children won't be able to distinguish between that world and reality. This is probably true if you have the world's dumbest children, but most kids will understand that their house cat does not have the ability to shoot electricity out of its cheeks.

*back to me* ;) So put this guy on cable? If you find out tell me, I'm hunting the moron down. Not only does he make religion look stupid...nobody messes with Pokemon while I'm around...unless they want to mess with this...

The final is...today.

Well my last class's final is today *looks at clock* ok in one hour it will be today :P (It's only 11:00 now). After this I'll be done with my first college semester. the final is an in class essay, I have already basicly got down what I'm going to write, so the only trick will be re-writing it in class :P. So wish me luck, I'll tell you how it goes.

Oh ya, I'm buying Zelda: Spirit Tracks as a gift to myself for finnishing my first college semester :D

New Theme, check it out.

Well I have been meaning to make a Cowboy Bebop theme for a long time. Since it has become one of my two favorite shows, the other being Firefly (which is not an anime). I think one of the things that has been holding me back is that I've been afraid that it wouldn't turn out good since I havn't used Gimp in a while. Well after a few trys I think I got it how I imagened it.

So tell me what you think of it,

BTW here is the Sig:

Did I miss anything???

Been to long since I was here last. Sorry for not showing up like that...not that anyone cared. Been really busy with school, since right beforemidterms I just kinda got swamped. Still I should have got on from time to time. So what did I miss?

I got Phantasy Star 0 today, let me tell you, of you have a DS you need to get this game. There is nothing else like it. The multiplayer seems as ifit ought to be fun, but I haven't tried it out yet. Although my brother is getting it tomorrow for his Bday (wish him a happy Bday way don't ya), so I might wait till then to try it out even though it has wifi multiplayer.

I resently got to try out C.O.P for the DS, also a really cool looking game that I'm going to have to get some time or an other. Mainly for the fact of just buzzing around the streets of the city in the random cars you can hi-jack "in the name of the law"...right. Still, loads of fun.

One last thing, I'm looking for a union to join, I want something that's not loseing activity but isn't WAY active either. Some place easy to keep up with you know? Anyway if you know of such a place go ahead and tell me.

Missed you guys, though I doubt I was missed...glad to be back.

For the love of all things good...

...Gordon Freeman had better win the greatest gaming hero of all time.

All in favor say "Aye"!!!

Besides that, have any of you been keeping up with the movie "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"? If there is one movie I want to see before I die, I swear it's that movie. If you haven't watched the trailers then click on the link. What's really cool is that Heath Ledger died before he was done with the filming (that's NOT the cool part) and his three of his friends, including Jonny Depp, steped in to do the rest of the filming (that's the cool part). From what I have read they fit it together really well, still we will see when it comes out.