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Wilfred_Owen Blog

Got some new music.

Its been quite a while since I bought a new album, or to say one that was released within the last few months. Well at least from 2010-2011 time frame. But recently I've been listening to Kno's Death is Silent.

I've listened to it mulitple times on on youtube and finally decided I wanted to get it. Its probably one of my favorites now. I haven't been this interested in an album since I got Modest Mouse The Moon & Antarctica. I really enjoy the sampling thats been done. An its not to bad lyrically. Heres my favorite track off itRhythm of the Rain. Just thought I'd share.

Not Much....

I just feel like writing this. I put up a new banner. Its so creatively cropped through paint. Playing some 360. Your welcome world. Oh, its my birthday to.

Been a while......

I haven't done a blog since January 31st. Whats happened since then? BMT. Horrible as it's supposed to be. Tech school. Fun. And now I'm at my first duty station. I fell pretty far once but I picked myself up (with ahelp from the parents of course)(and a little bit on this board)and now look where I'm at. I'm not a success yet. Don't know if I should share with you all what I do in the Air Force but I might one of these days. Its gonna be a fun job to learn.

Goodbye......for now.......

Well its come that time that I must bid you a fond good bye for now. Don't worry I'm not going to do anything crazy now. I'm shipping off to basic training and I won't be able to access my favorite place on the web. Yea its gotten dull but what am I going to do now? Your like a legalized version of cocaine. Don't deny it now, some of you come here just as much as I do. Even if it is lurking. At least its for only two months though and I'm sure its probably going to go by fast. least I hope it does. Hold the fort down now all of you and keep your crap clean. I'll be back, hell, everyone comes back at some point and time to this place.

Well....I better get on with it. Good bye for now my friends....yea....your my pals. Hugs galore and all that jazz. See you in a few months. And if you miss me to much just give this a spin. Later everyone!

One Week Left

Only one week left till I leave for basic. Lets just say if I was an ass I'd totally be the Bill Murray of the Air Force. I'm sure the TI's would totally appreciate someone with a sense of humor but the more intelligent side of my personality tells me this a totally stupid idea. I think I'll follow my intelligent half this time. I know I'm ready for this.


So no mentions of it. I normally see a floated thread making mentions of it.Does that mean its dead? Or just the users that normally run it are no longer with us? Or has the board spiraled so far down into the gutter that it no longer has any relevance? Not that it had any to begin with but it was an interesting little tradition that was always happen since I've been here. Perhaps it is for the best though. The board has really taken a nose dive this year in quality. I mean I've seen it bad but its so boringgggggggggggggg now. Oh well. Just a thought that breezed into my mind.

2 Months to Go.....

In just two months my posting will dramatically decrease for a while. Why? Well its not like I'll have access to this in basic. Then theres tech school. Well I'll probably have plenty of chances there but should get back into the whole social aspect of life. Its been to many months since I've really been out again but I'll be glad when I start getting a paycheck. And I love to work so I hope it goes well for me. The only problem I have right now is the decrease in working out this month so I got to start getting back into that game again. Lets just hope this isn't a very eventful two months so I can relax. I'm out!

Need some advice....

On buying laptops. Actually I'm looking at the best period of when to buy one cause as some of you know black friday is coming up soon. But I'm conflicted on whether I should buy one that week or wait for the weekend after Christmas when they have sales again. I heard that these two periods are the best time to buy electronic products. Also some suggestions on good laptops would be of enormous help to me.

Oh yea forgot to mention, yesterday was my birthday, so yea take that.