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to dang pricey IMHO. factor in 250$ to 300$ for the OS and alot of people will need to build a new rig & buy the OS...... Thats alot of cash for people who have to work for it and pay bills ect. looks nice and sleek but with window blinds and a few other FREE programs you can make XP look just like vista and have alot of the same "new" features. I'll eather wait a year or so or just buy a 360 for my gameing habbit. I would hate to have to give up my flight sims ect but hay. And people wounder why the PC gameing is shrinking while consoles are growing. fewer people are willing/able to shell out the big bucks to play PC games :( and thats a shame to me i think as far as the games go PC gameing is the bomb lol.