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DLC: The Silent Killer

DLC, "Downloadable Content", a promise and danger combined into one. The thought of an add-on coming to a game that already kicks major ass is so amazing that some people cannot contain themselves, but sometimes, it carries unforseen consequences with it.

Games that seek long playlife from their loyal fanbase or even from people who are just picking it up because it seems cool, use downloadable content or DLC to keep fresh material on the plate for the users. Games like Halo 2 and 3, Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band try to keep their fans happy and extend the shelf life with new songs, new levels, new weapons or items and the promise of these things wets the appetites of the gamers. The first few downloads in the case of Rock Band or GH3 seem pretty cool, eliciting a, "That's cool, can't wait for better stuff", out of the gamer in question. However, as time rolls on, the songs get no better, the maps and new items become commonplace and the wait for what you really want becomes longer and longer.

I am not speaking or all games mind you, as some games cannot deliver more than expected as is the case with the Halo's. You can only create so many maps and really how much originality can a new map deliver from the old ones? The prime spreaders of the DLC disease are Team Fortress 2, GH3 and Rock Band. With TF2, the promise of new upgrades for character classes brings a foam to the mouth of the competitive multiplayer gamer, but they only give them to 1 or 2 classes, and not for the classes anyone really uses. The Medic achievement is decent, but the game has been out for 8 months and little more than an upgrade for 1 class out of 7 or 8 has come.

Secondly, GH3 and Rock Band have the ability to deliver songs, new songs to the users playing the games at a decent price. The problem is though, that they release crap over and over again, or too much of an okay group, but in need of better music in general. 14 songs from the Pixies? Was a whole album really necessary Harmonix? Songs from the Smashing Pumpkins and damned Weezer over and over again, but when does the classic stuff roll in guys? Bust your ass to get good music from the three decades where music meant something, the 50s, 60s and 70s and if the licensing is hard, keep trying, but don't keep putting the same crappy bands out there from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. True, there is 70s stuff in there, and some of it is really good, like Boston, but a whole Cars album Harmonix, really?

DLC is something that works its way into your system, lays eggs of hope and promise in your mind only to have you waiting and waiting for what was expected. These would be upgrades for used characters, good music and even more multiplayer modes such as an, I don't know, ONLINE BAND TOUR MODE HARMONIX! DLC is truly a silent killer, bringing up hopes, but slowly killing the enthusiasm over time from broken promises and crushed expectations.